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  1. I have a 2019 Elite I (purchased Oct 29,2019). Would the bearing/seal numbers be the same for my model year? If not how could I find them? many thanks.. tom 2 Each Bearings Dexter # 031-029-02 or Timken # 15123 2 each Bearings Dexter #031-030-02 or Timken #25580 2 each Seals Dexter #010-036-00 seal or CR #22532
  2. Hi Don, this is good to hear. Do you have the Andersen hitch with you Touareg/Elite II?
  3. Welcome! You're going to love it; are you taking it back to Abu Dhabi? If so those are pictures I want to see!
  4. There are a lot of them, this is the one I use. It's called Bubble Level Galaxy
  5. Congrats! Let me know if you figure out the bubble disappearance. Mine did too.
  6. Hello, My Elite I was winterized when I picked it up in March. I'm ready to de-winterize but the video here does not seem to be working. Is there another place I can find this video or a similar one? Many thanks . Tom
  7. On my trip back from Hohenwald from picking up my new Elite the main front driver's side window shade/frame fell off and broke. My first experience with Oliver service was amazing. The channel that holds the frame to the window had cracked and split so it would not grip the brackets that hold it to the window. The Oliver service technician I spoke with said a new frame would be sent out. A few days later it arrived. This kind of service is unheard of in the RV industry, thanks Oliver.
  8. Picked up our Elite (Hull 412) on March 18. The trip back to Vermont, 1,200 miles, was good. I did not get an Anderson anti-sway hitch and the Oliver towed perfectly. Waiting for spring to fully kick in here in the north country before our first trip.
  9. Congratulations, I'm also taking delivery of a Legacy Elite (Hull 432) three days before you (March 18). I loved the size of the Elite and wanted a trailer that would be easy for me to tow. Long drive from Vermont to get it, but I'm excited.
  10. Hello neighbors, there aren't many of us up here yet, but I'm across the river in Bradford, Vermont and pick up my new Oliver Elite in two weeks. I didn't do the factory tour but spent time with an Oliver owner in northern Vermont. Would love to hear of your experiences as they unfold.
  11. Sorry if I missed part of this thread but what exactly is in the Duragloss mixture? Sounds like a good idea — wait, sorry I just found it.?
  12. Hope you love your new Ollie. I'm scheduled to pick up my new Oliver Elite on March 7 and am very much looking forward to it. Curious to know what you think of the size? I was torn between the Elite and Elite II, but went for the smaller one mainly because it will be easier to tow. I would love to hear what you come up with for a cover/protection system as I am wondering the same thing. Happy travels!
  13. Hi John, my new Oliver arrives in late February; I've been thinking of spending some time in Florida as well. Are you staying in a single campground for three months or moving around some? Trying to see what other people recommend.
  14. Best of luck to you. I don't have mine yet (it should be ready in late February), but I bet you're going to love it. I don't think there is a better trailer out there, not even Airstreams. I'm with you on hotel rooms, something about them makes my allergies kick up every time.
  15. I have a 2013 Touareg TDI (which has had the modifications) and I plan to drive down to Tennessee from Vermont in March to get my Elite I. The Touareg is an amazing tow vehicle and it should do just fine. You could argue that if a Touareg can tow a 747, it can handle an Olie.
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