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Needing Advice - Twin Bed Rail Creaks


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I am in the process of modifying our standard floor plan to a modified twin bed floor plan (pictures to follow when complete).  I ordered the twin bed rails and installed them as directed by Oliver.


The bed rails were installed with nothing in between the rail and the hull and the rubber gasket, on the ledge the table sits on to make it into a bed, removed .  I used eight rivets on each rail and the rails seem very secure.


The problem is when you sit on the edge of the bed, there is significant gel coat to gel coat creaking.


I reached out to Oliver service and Jason suggested using double sided tape between the rail and the hull.  I have put a 3/4" strip on either side of the rivet holes, on the hull, and one on the vertical ledge surface.  I did not remove the backing from the tape and tried a test fit.  The creaking is significantly diminished but still present.  Is this normal?


Thank you for any insight anyone has.





2019 Legacy Elite II  2018 BMW x5 35d 


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We had the same issue with the port side bed. Used thin gasket like material between the interior access door & interior hull over wheel well area under mattress and between the bed rail where it contacts the battery box enclosure under the pantry.





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Bill & Debbie / 2015 LE2 #75 / 2024 F-150 5.0L / North Carolina


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