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Possible Storage Modification


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I traveled solo in my Elite II and was always a bit disappointed in the amount of storage inside the Oliver.  I've sold my Elite II and purchased a Conqueror 490.  Here's a YouTube video of the camper (its a much earlier model--mine is different in a number of ways).  Take a look at the amount of inside storage in very small camper.  BTW, the woman giving the tour is a little ??  You be the judge. When I watched it, I thought about how much space the closet in the Elite II takes up and how unnecessary it was for me to have a place to hang clothing.  I'd much rather have space to store rolled up pants, shirts, etc.  If I still owned my Ollie, I think I'd find a way to install shelves to fill the closet and to make it a great place to store all of my clothing, etc.  What do you think?  Has anyone done this?  Picking up my Conqueror next Monday. Photos below.







2020 Kimberley Kruiser T3



2019 Ram 2500 Diesel



States I visited with my Ollie (Sold October, 2019)



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Don -

Bet you can't wait for that new camper.  Certainly one does get a bunch of space on the interior when you move the kitchen and the bath from the inside to the outside.  However, one also gets a much smaller foot-print.

It appears that once the beds are deployed you will be sleeping under canvas.  If that is the case, be sure to take a look at a product sold by a company called "Popup Gizmos".  This product is basically a tarp with one side being reflective and is held on via bungee cords.  It greatly helps in both reducing interior heat transfer (both in and out).  If you decide to purchase this product - get the "wind proof" (most expensive) version.  This version is both stronger and easier to put on.

I have never stored many cloths in my closet - perhaps a jacket and a decent shirt/pants for use in the event I needed something a tad nicer without wrinkles.  However, given the amount of "stuff" I've got in there I can certainly see where the addition of shelving would allow for a ton of cloths.  In my case, I still am not using all my closet space, nor the storage space under the street side bed, nor the space aft of the furnace, nor the space in the back of the truck. 


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Years ago, I compromised in setting up our closet. We wanted more shelves, but we often have a need to hang some clothes, as well. 

I bought a Skubb hanging organizer, and a bunch of fabric skubb boxes at IKEA.  It takes up maybe a third of the hanging space in the closet, and I can roll tshirts, underwear, etc. and keep the in the fabric boxes on the fabric "shelves." Works pretty well.

I also use larger Skubb boxes in the overhead cabinets to corrall lightweight items ( plastic containers, cracker boxes, etc) to keep them from shifting around. The fabric "boxes" are light, collapsible, and easily removed and rearranged. 




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2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12

Florida and Western North Carolina, or wherever the truck goes....

400 watts solar. DC compressor fridge. No inverter. 2 x 105 ah agm batteries .  Life is good.




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