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Propane detector under table


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With the help of Jason was able to acquire a new propane and co detector, the latest models were manufactured in 2018 so you are two years behind the curve from the get go. It is my understanding that you can expect around 5 years of service, even though the paperwork that came from the unit stated 7 years. As with most RV parts qualify in manufacturing is poor. Because of that I have installed quick disconnects to our unit. I figure I will be changing it out in a few years.


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Thought I would follow up on this thread.  Our Oliver Elite II is #104 manufactured in 2015.  We have a SAFE-T-ALERT RV propane alarm under our dinette.  It just began to alarm last month at approximately 5 years of age.  The End of Life (EOL) signal began to beep and I reset the alarm which silences it for 3 days.  After 3 days it occurred again and the the EOL light once again came on.  Per the front panel the EOL will not mute after 30 days.  I was able to find a replacement alarm (30-442-P) on Amazon with a manufacture date of March 17, 2020 (so they are shipping new alarms).   I removed the old propane alarm during my winterization process and will put the new alarm in the Ollie when I dewinterize this spring.  My plan  (hope) is the 5 year clock will start at that time.  I also plan to install quick disconnects as Yukon did for the same reason. Here is a link to the new alarm https://www.amazon.com/MTI-Industries-30-442-P-WT-Propane-Alarm/dp/B000AMBHG4

I have also attached pictures of the old alarm (front & back) and the new alarm in original package.  


New propane alarm.jpg

Propane Alarm - old back.jpg

propane alarm old front.jpg

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Walter & Rebecca| 2015 Oliver Legacy Elite II | Hull #104 | "SoGo" | Nissan Titan SL 5.6L w/ Tow Package


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We had to replace ours this spring; I purchased a replacement at a local RV dealership.  In five years we will need to replace them again.

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Horace & Dianne

Chesapeake, Virginia

2016 Toyota Tundra Crewmax 4x4 Limited

2015 Oliver Legacy Elite II - Hull # 93

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