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Discobed Duvalay. A bedding alternative?


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I ran across this item on Costco's website the other day. Covered memory foam mattress pad, connected to a duvet with a midweight comforter. Rolls up neatly and small for those who like to use the beds as benches during the day, and need extra padding on top of the cushions.

 Unlike a sleeping bag, the duvet is big, almost full size, and open on all but one long side. Guessing warmth could be increased by replacing the comforter with a thick down throw for winter.

I haven't seen one yet, but thought it was interesting, and had some good reviews. $119 for the xl adult, 30 x 75, for Ollie twins. (169 on the discobed site, or amazon.)

Smaller sizes available on discobed or Amazon. 





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