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  1. Please explain. I get the cold water. But don’t understand the egg.
  2. Thanks to all. You’ve given me reason to at least try to fix it. The cover on this has not been right since it was new so I’ll start there.
  3. One of my under cabinet touch led lights comes on but is dim. Anyone else had this experience? All the other lights (touch or switch) work properly. Thanks! Headed to Florida for a few weeks and found this while packing. It’s certainly not going to keep us from finding warmer weather! Dave
  4. Good point about editing P28 to match your generator. With the same generator and lithium setup we only ran the generator once in 10 days on our last trip. Rather than editing that variable, I made sure nothing was running and was able to charge from 55% to 95% in about 95 minutes of run time.
  5. I recently dove into this thinking I had a problem with the wiring to the camera. To find the junction you are looking for, I had to remove the hard divider by unscrewing the 2 lag screws. My insulation pulled down easy and went back in place just as easy. As it turned out for me, my antenna had fallen off and I had no real problem. But, the dogwood beside my parking space did! It’s much stubbier now.
  6. On the qualitative scale, our 3000 is “noticeable” but I don’t think about it until it shuts off.
  7. I just called a random gas station in Guntersville. They said “We still have 93 but will be out soon”. Based on that, we are not going to make the trip.
  8. How do we know it’s raining? We just call the dog in and see if he’s wet.
  9. Ha! I finally get to contribute. I have no idea how much these cost as my sis-in-law makes these. But, I'm sure they are under the $20 limit by at least $19.50. The secret is the type of thread. I assume it's some type of polyester but it makes a great scrub pad. This scrub pad has become the center of my wife's dishwashing system. First, she goes for a walk. While she's gone, I use a paper towel to scrape any loose stuff off the dishes. Then, I simply put a dot of Dawn Liquid Soap on the pad as shown and scrub each dish. I scrub then sort/stack the soapy dishes in the sink by size; largest on the bottom silverware on top. As I'm washing, I frequently rinse the scrub pad and re-apply a dot of Dawn. Rinsing is done in groups over the other dishes and scrubbing with a clean pad. In other words, I rinse the silverware in one bundle of running water, the saucers, plates then any cookware last. This saves lots of water and of course uses very little soap. The pad is loosely woven and the "thread" doesn't hold water or food debris like a sponge. It washes clean with very little water. This was one of the first she did - she since added a loop at my request. I think they are crocheted? I'll try to get the name of the hairy thread material. My wife really enjoys this because when she gets back from her walk, the dishes are clean, dried and put away. Dave
  10. Welcome to Tennessee! Hope you can get back soon. And most of all, congratulations on your new Oliver.
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