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  1. I think raising the front is a must; not excessively but just a bit higher. Then, second most important item for us is a clear elbow in the line so we can do the dump/flush/dump sequence until the water is clear. For daily treatment, we use some calgon and borax in the tanks. Finally, it does take patience to make sure everything is drained. After the first couple of times, we have had no issues
  2. Thanks! I did NOT know about the motorcraft site! That’s great info.
  3. My scanner came in yesterday! Tomorrow, I’ll be braving the weather to start downloading backups of the modules. My main purpose is to toggle the dash power points to “on”.
  4. If you want chain motels, 2 possibilities exist 45 to 50 minutes away: I-40 exit 172 in Dickson, TN I-65 exit 46 outside Columbia, TN For those coming from the west, a cornucopia of chain hotels exist in Jackson, TN (I-40 exit 80). It's possible to get to Hohenwald in 90 minutes from Jackson (i.e. the morning of your visit).
  5. Shoot! I just spent 4 days in Nederland. Wish I could have helped you.
  6. This came in today. Love it! Puts off enough heat for 4 appropriately distanced people. The only downside is that it's something else to put in the truck.
  7. After being out on 2 cooler weather trips now, we see the advantage of a portable propane fire bowl! We went to order one and this amazon deal came up - $40 off the regular price! Several folks have posted they have them and it's been on our (well, mine) list for a while. FYI if you are interested. Dave
  8. A great big howdy from west of Nashville! Welcome.
  9. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/thor-announces-acquisition-of-luxury-rv-manufacturer-tiffin-motorhomes-301196360.html Interesting and totally unexpected news in the world of mega-rv.
  10. FYI - We picked up hull #686 Nov 11th. About the third week, of course around 2:30 am, the CO/smoke detector started chirping 3 beats every minute or so. The MaxFan was running and it was very foggy outside and about 45 degrees so, I figured it was “seeing” the fog or humidity. Since then, the chirps are more frequent. The manual is pretty plain - 3 chirps per minute means your unit needs replacing. But, it’s how could that be? It’s new? I finally gave up and called First Alert. A new one is in the mail! Mine was a First Alert model SCO5RVA dated 6 months before our production
  11. I had posted this before but, I love the Pocket app just for that reason. I can save anything to pocket right from the browser from any platform. It enables keywords so all of my Oliver topics obviously have the keyword “Oliver” followed by some other keyword. I use Chrome browser on all my platforms but I’m sure it works with others. Besides the usability, I have opted to get their daily feed which is always diverse and interesting. Dave
  12. Bill, thanks for the write-up on the dash rack mount by BuiltRight. I’ll be buying one to install after the holidays! Dave
  13. In the above thread, the source is linked to: https://8020.net/3075.html The table mount is not something I can use but, I remember the 8020 site because I never knew that place existed! D
  14. The awning was the only color my wife let me pick on our recent order.😶Now I understand why.
  15. I certainly agree with everything above. I would reiterate what I believe is the most important point made: the width of the OTT is narrower or near the same width as your truck. This makes towing much less stressful than most other trailers. As far as traveling down rural roads or even in traffic, I constantly remind myself that 40ft school busses use the same road and they don’t bend in the middle! For what it’s worth, I took mine through a Hardee’s drive through line the other day. I ordered, then pulled into the parking lot so I didn’t go under the canopy for the delivery window.
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