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  1. Agreed! I’ve done that ride and would highly recommend it! Also, a day trip to Captiva Island and lunch at Key Lime Bistro.
  2. What Bill said. Worst case scenario is waiting in place for a day or two. The sun will come out and the roads will melt.
  3. Wooop! 🥳 Thanks John! Claiming my new installation this year!
  4. The manual states 104 to 132 for the cutoff points but that seems like a large range. I’ve never checked voltages so I don’t know the real world ranges that exist. Say you are running the a/c and want to warm up supper in the microwave, is that a problem on 105 volts? ps- I’ve never checked voltages but I will starting Friday when my Amazon order gets here! Thanks folks!
  5. Oh knowledgeable and experienced people - When checking voltage, what is the tolerance range? How low/high can our systems tolerate?
  6. Per the new Girard awnings - Fact: to use the awning, you must turn on the switch inside the Oliver door. Then (for the pro model) you turn on the light or manage the awning(s) via the remote. The awning light can be used with the awning out or retracted. You cannot control the awning light with the switch inside the Oliver. You can only turn on the awning light bar with the remote. Opinion: the awnings are beautiful! The light bar on the awnings is not quite as bright as the porch lights which can be a good thing. Also, the porch lights cannot be used individually per side. Th
  7. Meanwhile - back east, here's some swamp love. This is a Harvest Host at Breaux Bridge, LA. We stayed there last week on our way to SETX. Give me a couple of years to catch up! Love your out-west pics! By the way, to get a gator to smile for the picture, you have to tickle them underneath their arm - now THAT'S and adventure.
  8. And a great big howdy from Tennessee.
  9. With 10 days under our belt, I’ll give you a slightly different view. I’ve had 3 standard water heaters and this is our first Truma. We love it and wouldn’t go back to the standard. We can get up from eating, turn on the truma and start washing dishes with immediate hot water. When we are done, we turn it off. I believe that is much more efficient than our other water heaters. Then, after being off-grid, it’s nice to schedule full hookups for a night with a nice long shower. When we are in freezing weather, I plan on turning the bypass valve and dumping the truma which takes a
  10. Jason and Sherry, Many thanks for getting mine changed! Jason if you are around tomorrow, look me up. I’ll be the guy with a perpetual smile as we pick up hull #686! Dave (formerly known as dcdude)
  11. We all hear/read/learn of places to go through contacts, forums, podcasts, magazines, etc. Does anyone know of an existing app that would quickly and easily record a name or location? It would need to be shared data and work across multiple platforms. Ideally it would allow more in depth info such as site number, contact info or . . . .? I’m wondering about RV Trip Wizard or something else that I’ve not heard of. We have an app like this for groceries. Both of us can add items and the other can see it. However, it is meant for temporal data and not a lot of information depth.
  12. Ok, Ok. But his real friends called him Davy!
  13. Ahhh! Good choice! I would not want to discourage a visit to Nashville but even though I grew up there and love listening and playing live music, it’s way too crowded for me. One of my favorites of mine in the SP system: Cumberland Mountain SP in Crossville - that would set you up to take one of the prettiest spring time drives on Hwy 127 south thru the Sequatchie Valley then hit I59 to I65 to get back home. This would logically be done after visiting the factory and would be the long way home. If you want something quicker, the Natchez Trace Parkway runs close to Davy Cro
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