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Zero fossil fuel/zero emissions campers...


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If you want to read about an impressive bike adventure...


My friend Steve Roberts was the original technomad - on a bicycle! In the mid-80's he sold his house and moved onto an uber-geeked out bike that is now in the computer history museum.


The final version of his bike had several computers on board, heads up display, GPS, enough radios to power a taxi service, and more. All with mid-80's vintage technology, much of which he invented himself.


He even wrote a book (Computing Across America) while underway with his handlebar mounted chording keyboard.


Steve has been one of my nomadic inspirations, and he is also a good friend. He's now working on the ultimate geek sailboat, in large part because there are no hills to pedal up at sea... :-)


You can read about his bike and small boats here: http://www.microship.com

And his new boat and blog is here: http://www.nomadness.com




- Chris

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Definably a "Must Read and Explore” is "Steve Roberts's" website pertaining to his adventures. I stumbled across his site while following Chris and Cherie’s “Technomadic Adventure’s”. (Love the “You Tube” clip’s by the way!)

I think that one of the more interesting aspects of his adventure’s on the bike (or was it a Trike?) too me is that the computers, cell phones, GPS, batteries, charging systems etc… were of the “Tech Age” when it probably weighed 100 times more then as it does now. The cell phone had a cord!! How long ago was that?

Today, everything he had integrated into his ride would be covered by a mid priced cell phone from “Wal-Mart” weighing 8 oz’s. I’m sure that we owe him credit for his research work relating to what we now have in technological communications.

Anyway, I recommend cruising this site for

“Those that want to know more…”

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Thanks for the link. We'll take a look when we have more bandwidth.

Sailboats being near and dear to our hearts... for all our adult lives. The wind is the fuel, the journey is the adventure....


2008 Ram 1500 4 × 4

2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12



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