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A very simple and amazing cookie


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We are fortunate to live in a neighborhood like the old days. Borrow an egg, a cup of flour. Air up tires, if you have a compressor.  Etc. We share .

One of my newest neighbors dropped off cookies on our doorstep today, Christmas eve. 

We had lost my mother -in-law's recipe for spritzen cookies, though I  had saved her 50s  press for my daughter. My new neighbor's cookies tasted just like the cookies my daughter "helped" her  gramma Zizi make, so many years ago.

My neighbor, Beth has offered not only her recipe, but lessons for my daughter. Which is wonderful,  because I never was much of a baker. I  depended on my mother-in-law for cookie exchanges , among so many other things. She was amazing, and I miss her so much.

This may seem silly, and a small thing, but small things do indeed matter. 

Spritzer cookies are small, but big in memories in our family. 

Merry Christmas. 





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