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Lake Greeson Catfish Camp Slide Show


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Photos by Chris Young of the Off Road Camping Club. This is a well captioned & put togather slide show that gives a great over all look at the fishing and surroundings. Maybe it will entice a few more to fit this event into their schedule for next year !


Here is one of the great pix:


A 12 pound blue catfish being landed by the deck crew of the morning, Jeff, Alan & Betty.

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Your friend did a marvelous job with the slide show. Please thank him for us. What a beautiful spot.

I loved the photos of Haw Creek Falls, and the spring wildflowers. Unfortunately, we're missing all the spring wildflowers in NC this year, too.

If this is an annual event, you'll be sure to see us next year. Would have been there this year if any way possible.


PS So glad to see Chelsie wearing her life jacket. Small dogs can all swim, but they tire easily, especially on cold waters. It's a great idea to get them used to the jackets when they're young, and think they're "special" in their formal on-the-water wear... :D

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