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8 Reasons Why RV Vacations Are the Best


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Why RV Vacations Are the Best

Taking a trip in the twenty-first century is relatively simple. You can quickly head on to Google and search for flights and accommodation anywhere in the country or even internationally. However, if you own an RV, you could have the same benefits of traveling in your free time, and it'd cost you a lot less. Not to mention the flexibility of locations and where you can go to. As long as there's a road headed there, you can get there with your rig. Sometimes, especially in dirt road tracks, even if the road isn't headed there, you just need to be smart with your driving.

With the recent health crisis that has the entire world panicked, the price of flights to destinations and the cost of staying there have plummeted. Now you can get a leisurely vacation in any number of tropical getaways for about half the price you'd pay for one if there weren't a global pandemic happening. But here's the thing - even with the hugely discounted cost of traveling and staying somewhere else in the world, you'll still end up with a cheaper vacation with an RV. Motorhomes and campers even offer one of the most critical benefits during this particular time - the ability to stay away from large groups of people.

Exploring the Road Via RV

If you've ever vacationed in an RV, then you already know that there are a ton of ways for you to enjoy your time knocking about on the highways and byways. Not only is there a lot of things to explore out there, but there are always brand-new vistas to entertain you. You won't ever get bored staying at the same spot for two weeks, because if you do, you can just up your stakes and move.

You're never too old to start camping. With the cities full of people, and work probably suspended for a few weeks, there's no better time to leave civilization behind and come out into the wilderness to see what the rest of the world has to offer. Aren't you tired of just sitting at home, surrounded by the fears and threats of a hugely populated city while the whole, vastness of creation sits right outside your door? The only thing you need at this point is an RV that suits your needs.

RVing the Right Way - Taking Advantage of the Camping Trip

There are a lot of different things that RV camping brings to the table that makes them a better option to traditional vacations. If you know anyone who RVs regularly, they'll tell you how much more cost-effective it is to use their camper to go somewhere. There's no need to plan out an AirBNB beforehand or worry about not having a place to sleep. There are no hours of layover times in airports, or TSA people searching through your bags. Camping in an RV is flexible, gives you back your privacy and freedom, and is probably one of the best things you can invest in when the world around us is coming to grips with a virus that spreads with a touch. So, what exactly does RVing offer to us that makes it better than booking a flight to anywhere?

1. Learning About the World Around You

Woman learning about nature and the world around her in the forest

I'm sure you remember back in grade school and high school how vital field trips were to help you understand your local area. With an RV, you get the benefit of having a field trip anytime you'd like to. Since you're in control of the RV, you can plan what sites you want to visit on your journey. The entire continental United States is awash with history, culture, religion, and political figures that all come together to form a tapestry that is uniquely American. While you can comfortably sit on your couch and watch these sites on TV, don't you think it'd be a lot better to just hop in your RV and go see them yourself?

National parks and forests are a perfect place to head out to see what the country can offer. Carry a pair of birding binoculars, and you can witness nature around you unfold. If you're not that much of a birdwatcher and prefer fishing or hunting, there are a lot of places that allow you to do that to your heart's content. Want to teach your kids a few necessary survival skills that could come in handy? There are tons of dispersed campsites in many states that allow you to do just that.

If you're less of an outdoor person, there is a wide range of educational activities that you can access in more suburban and urban areas. Museums, libraries, and historic townships are among the best hands-on experience you can have with history and culture. Setting up a tour schedule that takes you between the points of interest on a route makes for a uniquely exotic getaway. At the end of each day, you don't even need to go back to a hotel. You can just find the best view possible, park your camper and enjoy the sunset wherever it might come.

2. Unplugging From the Connected World

Unplug from the rest of the world

One of the most overwhelming things we have to face in our day-to-day lives is dealing with constant connectivity. Cell phones have taken a connection to new, unbearable heights. While they are useful tools, they can invade your personal time, and freedom like no other utility has ever done. Not to mention if you work at an office, the thousands of emails that you have to deal with daily might be enough to send you insane. Social media is the twenty-first century's version of keeping up with the Joneses. It's mentally tiring to have to deal with all of your friends and their associated drama like that. The only way to truly escape the mire is to unplug.

When you're RVing across the country, you don't have to worry about connection. In fact, a lot of campsites on the road don't even have an internet connection. Some of them are also lacking in cell reception, making the unplugging more effective. Additionally, if you're traveling to a location that doesn't have an electrical hookup, your electricity is limited by what your RV or your generator can provide. Unplugging is good for your mental state, but it also helps your body. Sleeping under the stars without any artificial light to distract you is a relaxing feeling. Additionally, being able to let the stresses of the modern world go if only for a little bit, can help give you perspective and re-center you to resume reaching for your goals. Everyone needs a rest now and then, and RVing in a disconnected campsite might just be what you need.

3. Meeting New People

Meet new people while on vacation

The RVing community is pretty close-knit. Thanks to how unpredictable life on the road might be, many people who travel from town to town in campers share a sense of bonding with other trekkers on the roads. It's not uncommon to get helped out of a jam from another RV wandering by when you're at your wit's end. You'll also find that online forums that outline where to stay by RVers tend to have a lot of people commenting on each other's' posts and correcting them in a friendly way. While you'll find the odd man or woman out who's a loner and prefers to do things to his own beat, most of the folks who do RVing regularly are very friendly, and that feeling is contagious.

If you set up your camper on a site, you might actually find other campers relatively nearby. Making nice with neighbors when camping can be a lot easier than trying to talk to the people you live next to. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to form a bond with someone you meet while camping. You already share an interest, and you'd be surprised how much more you have in common the more you talk to one another. A lot of strong friendships have been formed by meeting fellow RVers at campsites across the nation. If you'd like to see the kind of people that the US really has to offer, RVing is a great experience to do so.

4. Avoiding New People

Couple planning road trip for RV vacation

For each one of us who enjoys meeting others, there's at least one of us who hates anything to do with people. The camping community is made up of both introverts and extroverts. You can usually tell them apart by how they choose to set up their campsites. While extroverts are less likely to be bothered by neighbors, introverts might go to another campsite miles away just to stay away from other people. If you're the second kind of RVer, then you shouldn't worry too much about what others will think about you.

Being sequestered from others is actually a serious concern these days. With infectious diseases hanging around populated areas, being out in the wide-open spaces can help you with avoiding a contagious health pandemic. There are enough campsites throughout the continental US so that you can find a spot that's far enough away from other people, so you don't have to worry about catching anything. This kind of self-quarantine is far better than being stuck at home and slowly getting cabin fever because you can't go out.

5. Increasing Family Bonds

Strengthening family bonds

I'm sure that, if you ever went camping with your folks as a kid, you have some timeless memories of your time with them. Camping opens the door to one-on-one time with your family and helps you to increase the bonds you already have. Activities like fishing, hunting, and hiking aren't just character building. They offer you a chance to impart what you know with your kids. Not having to worry about the rest of society also makes for a great way to re-establish a connection with your significant other as well. Living in close quarters and being dependent on just that one person can make you appreciate them in a completely different light.

With modern life offering us so many distractions from bonding time, there's very little chance for us to connect to the people close to us. Distractions make it difficult to find time to sit down and enjoy each other's company. We tend to miss out on the little moments that shape each other's' lives. Sometimes, because of how caught up we are in our own reality, we miss the significant changes that happen right within our own family. It's surprising how much a night in front of a campfire exchanging stories, and roasting marshmallows can accomplish. RV trips to dispersed campsites are the ideal way to re-establish this connection with your loved ones.

6. Returning to the Outdoors

Friends enjoying the night sky and stargazing

Humans living in houses is a relatively new concept in the grand scheme of things. Civilization is not where we evolved to be, and it shows. Hitting the road in an RV gives you a chance to experience that rough-and-tumble life of your ancestors. While we're not really hunter-gatherers anymore (unless you count shopping at Walmart "gathering"), we still retain a lot of our primal instincts. However, the longer we live in a safe, protected home surrounded by neighbors, the more we lose that competitive edge that established humans as the dominant species on this planet. Roughing it is probably the only way you can reconnect with your primal spirit as an outdoorsman.

If you're less of a primal hunter and more of someone who prefers the wide sweeping vistas of pine, spruce, and birch, getting lost in national forests of wildlife preserves are just as good for your free spirit. Humans aren't meant to live in locations that take them out of nature for too long. At heart, we're still part of nature, and it calls to us, even though most of us choose to ignore it. Connecting with the outdoors revitalizes your spirit and relaxes you in a way that nothing else can. When the outdoors calls you the next time, you should probably answer. You might be surprised by how different you feel after a visit.

7. Convenient Travel

Convenient Travel Vacations on the road

Like we mentioned earlier, avoiding a health pandemic means limiting your international travel. Local travel also has its own risks, because flying from one state to another means entering an airport that has already been hit by people who are suffering from the virus. You don't have that same problem when you've got an RV. Additionally, you don't need to plan ahead, book a hotel room, worry about if you'll get transport to your destination, and worry about missing your check-in time. All you need to do is gas up the camper, get some supplies, and hit the road looking for almost anything.

Naturally, one of the best things about RV camping is that you can get some of the best sights in the US for free, just by locating the best place to park your camper. These views range from majestic vistas where acres of forest roll out like a carpet between the alpine slopes of hills and mountains to uninterrupted seaside vistas with the waves rolling in to wake you up each morning. The variety of spots you can visit and the amount of time you can spend there are both crucial considerations for vacation travel. Carrying your "hotel" room with you makes it easy to change the backdrop, so you never get bored with what's around you.

8. Cost-Effective

Cost Effective RV Vacations

Travel to anywhere and paying for a stay can have a HUGE impact on your pocket. It doesn't even have to be an exotic international destination. Sometimes, even places in-state can cost you more than you're willing to pay. With an RV, that's not much of a concern. You can just choose a spot you want to visit, drive up there, and camp out then drive back home the next day. There's no need to pay for airfare or a hotel room. You do need to pay for gas, though, but the cost is a pittance compared to other types of vacations like cruises or all-inclusive resorts.

With an RV, you can make your own meals, meaning you don't have to pay for overpriced restaurant meals. Even if you decide to take advantage of an RV park, the affordable ones don't run more than forty to fifty dollars a night. As for paying to stay, there's a load of free campgrounds we've covered previously that you can pull up and stay that doesn't cost you a cent. RV camping gives the power back to you where you want to spend your money instead of forcing you to pay for a place to stay.

Simply The Best Way to Travel

Anywhere the road takes you, you can get to. It's travel like this that allows you to fully appreciate the country around you and the people you meet on the way. If you're not a fan of meeting people, there's enough opportunity to avoid them as well. Never before has a vacation method been so affordable, yet so flexible. If you haven't looked into getting in RV camping as yet, then you're missing out on a great thing. Ask anyone who does it regularly, and you might be surprised at how little their long weekend getaways cost compared to yours. RV's are simply the best way to vacation.

RVing is like an adventure that you're fully prepared for.

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