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7 Updates for Making Your Travel Trailer Efficient


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7 updates for travel trailer efficient

Living the free life and communing with Mother Nature all seem delectable until you are swarmed with mosquitoes, run out of fuel or fresh drinking water in the middle of nowhere, permeated by the pungent sewage smell, unsure of how to make it to your destination. With deliberate planning and forethought, you can customize your travel trailer to your liking and outfit it properly before hitting the road. The prospect might be disconcerting for a newbie and that’s why here’s a list of 7 renovations you can incorporate in your travel trailer to glean the most out of your excursion in comfort:

Installing LED Lights in the Travel Trailer

Incandescent bulbs burn out the fuel’s supply in the travel trailer and thus need to be replaced with their energy-efficient counterparts, which uses 5 times less energy. In addition to standard interior lighting replacements, there are even LED light replacements for the porch, trailer marker, storage bays and rear brake lights. This allows you to boon dock using only the travel trailer battery and reduces dependence on generators.

Making the replacements is hassle-free and requires you to remove the lenses since they are snapped in place with plastic clips. Use a flat headed screw driver to get them loose. LED lights would either require a bayonet type holder or just pushed in. Make sure you scrutinize your travel trailer requirements before you purchase the lights.

Oliver Travel Trailers come standard with LED lights for the exterior and interior lighting.

200 Watts Solar Power System

The tech-savvy campers have installed solar panels on the roof of the travel trailer to make use of solar power and reduce dependence on the generator. The cost might seem hefty at a glance but once you take the plunge and install a few solar panels, you would justify the cost in no time. On a sunny day, you would be able to charge laptops, mobiles and myriad devices without firing up the generator. When boondocking with no “hookups”, make the most of your trip without fretting over dry batteries or fuel costs. Add batteries to supplement your power bank when off the grid.

Oliver Travel Trailers offer an optional 200 Watt Solar Packages on their Legacy Elite travel trailer and a 320 Watt Solar Package on their Legacy Elite II travel trailer.

Installing a Vent Fan

On hot torrid days and humid nights, a vent fan helps keep your travel trailer cool and wards off excess odor, steam, smoke and moisture. Travel trailer fans could be boisterous and annoying in the quiet of the night. Look for a vent fan which is soundless and uses little amperage to stir a ton of air. This would be a perfect addition for off the grid adventures. Additionally you can purchase a model integrated with a thermostat feature as it regulates temperature on its own, even if you are asleep or if you need to leave your pet inside the travel trailer.

Both travel trailer models from Oliver Travel Trailers feature a MaxxFan Deluxe Remote Control Ventilator System.

Improving Roof Seals

Nothing can dampen your spirit more than a roof leakage on a rainy day. In addition to the health concerns related to hidden mold, the repair costs could certainly weigh you down. As your rig ages chronologically, the inherent silicone sealants on the roof seams and gutters would start to show their age. A roof leakage could cause extensive damage to your travel trailer and be costly to repair. Use roofing tape over the roof seams to supplement sealing and avert a dripping dilemma for the next drizzling session. Clean up your sealant and remove any impurity before you tape it back up. Apply pressure on the tape to enhance bonding and this can be achieved by using your fingers or a seam-roller.

Oliver Travel Trailer’s unique design helps eliminate the possibility of roof leaks and the need to improve roof seals on their travel trailers.

Remote Headphone Jack


The confined spaces of the travel trailer might get uncomfortable for one inmate if the other one wishes to watch TV or listen to music. Headphones are the only saving grace and can help maintain peace in the travel trailer. The long cords running from your TV to your ears could clutter the rig and get caught up in the way. Wireless headphones are one solution but they run on batteries and the last thing you want is more battery draining equipment. Instead, find a path to run wires and install a headphone jack at the back of your recliner.

Both the Oliver Legacy Elite and Legacy Elite II travel trailer models come standard with a Furrion Stereo & Entertainment unit that allows you to connect with both wired and Bluetooth connected headphones.

Utilize Travel Trailer Storage

Every inch of storage space is prized when travelling in a travel trailer and should be prudently utilized. A travel trailer is jam-packed with cupboard spaces but the top half of each cabinet is used frequently. You can install wire baskets of assorted sizes on the top half of the cabinets to augment the otherwise wasted storage space and hold fragile items in transit.

Another predicament which plagues trailer campers is that there is no place for shoes inside the rig and they end up with several pairs strewn across the floor haplessly. This could be a big nuisance. One idea is to explore under the kitchen sinks and find a void and install a few bunny holes to stow away your shoes in. Grab a handful of screws, wood and paneling, and get to work to make you own DIY shoe shelf.

You can also make your travel travel’s bathroom homely by installing a towel and shower rack. Looking for a place to hang towels while showering could be annoying and thus you can grab a nice set of bamboo wood and metal units and drill a towel rack yourself.

The Oliver Legacy Elite and Legacy Elite II travel trailers offer adequate storage space. Both travel trailer models feature galley drawers with dovetail joints in the kitchen, under seat storage, overhead storage, a closet and exterior dry storage. The Legacy Elite II also comes standard with a kitchen pantry for additional storage of kitchen items and food.

Extra Battery Capacity

Most travel trailers come with a 12V battery with 85-105Ah total capacity. This is adequate when setting up in campgrounds with adequate hookups, but if you are an adventure stricken soul who wants to run untamed in the wild, the battery capacity would soon run off!

A feasible solution is to add 2 or more 6V golf batteries to power up while boondocking and keeping the original battery as a backup. If you have installed solar panels, you can add more batteries for an extensive power bank at night. With prudent forethought, you can completely wean yourself off the generator nuisance and make boon-docking fun and enviable!

Oliver offer optional 6V battery upgrades on the Legacy Elite II travel trailer model to help handle solar packages and boondocking. Depending on the battery upgrade configuration, you can have up to a 400Ah total capacity.

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