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B&W Tow and Stow TS20037B


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Is anybody using a B&W TS20037B hitch? (2-1/2 inch shank, 5 inch drop, 2 and 2-5/16 balls)
With the 2 inch ball up and the ball bracket in the top position, what is the vertical distance from the top of the ball to the top of the shank? 

I want to replace this:


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This dimension will be the same for all Tow & Stow models regardless of shank size or drop length. WIth the shank installed in the drop position, the highest bracket position is equivalent to a zero rise. Therefore, the height of the ball above the shank will be 2-1/2" for the  2" ball or 2-3/4" for the 2-5/16.

Somebody with a digital caliper can make a liar out of me. 

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And remember that the height of an Andersen ball will vary a little, depending on how worn the friction sleeve and steel shaft are, and whether it has been just assembled or it was used for a while. It does settle a fair amount with use. So if you are looking for precision, this is kind of an apples to oranges comparison.

Is there a specific reason you prefer this over an Andersen Rapid Hitch? At 1/2 the weight (17 pounds), and no rust issues, that can just be tossed into a plastic bin when not needed. Or just put the head itself in storage and rotate the mount 90 degrees in the receiver for clearance and to use it as a step (drill a new pin hole). Thanks.

John Davies

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