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Delivery Day necessities & KTT Mattress bedding questions


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Hello - looking forward to  taking delivery of Eii Twin on June 4. Interested in knowing what  were the day 1 / week 1 necessities  you found you needed. We will be camping our way back to NJ and anticipate boondocking at Harvest Host locations.  Additionally would like to know what mattress pads,  sheets etc you used. 

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Welcome PMG, this site link will get your started on linens and fitted sheets, blankets etc for your new Ollie. We have had excellent results with their products and above and beyond professional customer service. I highly recommend them. Give them a call if you have questions, 


Congrats on your delivery day, it will be here before you know it! 

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PMG - 

You might find all the information (and more) by using the "Search" function at the top of the page.  For instance - THIS is the kind of result you will find with regards to mattresses to include the KTT.

Happy reading!


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I am  going to take the minimum stance.  Oliver supplies you with a decent starter "kit" to get operating.  Sheets, dishes, and all the other stuff - is very subjective. Every one of us has stuff we purchased - and don't use (if  ever).

Take a very minimum starter set of the "other"  and pick up what you find you need as you go. One is very seldom far from a store that has the basics. 

Look at all the suggestions - and evaluate as you gain experience.

Chocks, leveling blocks, etc..,  just depends on what you like - I have found the Anderson stuff very useful, along with  some home made 6x6 blocks. But you may find other to your liking. 

Just ignore this post if you have excess $$ and like to buy stuff that looks needy - but is in fact - not.

Enjoy the process

Supersize Life - a blog that has some tried and true examples. https://supersizelife.com/



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