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Fold up television stabilizer shocks

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Our fold up television unclips itself and falls down frequently while towing our trailer.  It's also very wobbly in general, so I was looking for a way to stabilize the television.  I decided to try a couple pieces of pool noodle as stabilizing shock absorbers and so far so good.  One will stop the television from unclipping itself, but two (one on each side) provide additional stabilization and prevent the wobble.  The television hasn't fallen off since I put these up and although I haven't put a camera on it while towing, I can't imagine the television is wobbling any more either.  The noodles don't flex much so they provide very stable support.  Because of this they had to be perfect in size, so it was trial and error.  Mine were both 3-3/8" thick.  A softer type of material like foam or sponges would be easier and may even work better. 

I'm sure other owners have developed a slew of ways to stabilize the television while towing, but unfortunately forum "search" turned up            .   🙂


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What a great idea !!

Our television has "unclipped" several times, I will be using your idea soon, Thanks

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