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  1. I was going to order a weather radio for our Ollie before Christmas but after reading about the various Midland models, wasn't sure how easy it would be to program the current location every time you are in a new place. I ended up not ordering because I wasn't convinced it was what we need and am still looking. There are some good phone apps that will do push notifications in the event of severe weather but without always having coverage at sites that isn't a complete solution either.
  2. It was nice to meet you. Glad you made it and all is well!
  3. We've been to 15 Texas state parks so far this year and the majority were booked up at the time of stay. I would definitely recommend reservations. You can book 5 months in advance.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Let me know if you end up with enough interest to have that happen. 🙂
  5. Hi. Any chance you made an extra pair of these brackets we could purchase? We've had that same screen door bar for months and haven't installed it because we also really didn't want to drill into the screen door.
  6. We will definitely try this! Ours has unclipped many times although not as often after having it adjusted during annual maintenance at Oliver. Unfortunately, today it unclipped and snapped the antenna socket off the back of the TV. 😒 Thanks for the idea for a simple solution. Now, to figure out how to fix the TV...
  7. We, too, are in the minority and are traveling with an almost teenager in our Elite II twin bed model. The dinette conversion has worked very well for us and has proven to allow enough space. I've found there is the feeling of a bit of division when in the trailer from front to back and we all have our own areas. You could also easily put in a curtain on a tension rod to create even more of a separation if wanted. We generally leave the dinette converted for the duration of each stay, use it as a sitting area during the day and only convert back to table when needed or packing up to leave a site. While a sleeping pad on the floor works OK when there happens to be more than the three of us, it isn't ideal and I've wondered about securing some sort of foldable bunk platform on the dinette base that could be completely removed. The fiberglass Parkliner, which is no longer in production, had a removeable bunk above the dinette in one of their models that you could search out and possibly try to replicate in some way. Interested to see what your solution is if you decide on an Oliver.
  8. We decided on an Oliver because, quite honestly, I am very particular and have high expectations! After spending many hours reading through posts on forums and Facebook, I felt confident that this is one of the best-built products in the RV market. As soon as I saw one in person, I felt even more confident. People seemed to be pleased with their purchases -- sure, there were a few complaints, as with any product, but VERY few. Of course, as already stated, there are the components manufactured by other companies that may leave something to be desired but we have been pretty satisfied so far there as well. Some of the key points for us were the 4-season and boondocking capabilities (we love winter camping), the fact that we could tow with our existing Infiniti QX80 SUV, that we would be able to fit in so many campsites, the dovetailed nicely-built wooden drawers, the latex mattress option, the amount of interior storage, the clean aesthetic, the lack of wood subfloor, and the fact that I could find no accounts of rodents inside (as silly as it sounds, that was a big one for me!) As newbies to towing, we did NOT want to have to maneuver a huge trailer. It was the right decision for us but definitely find one to look at so you can spend a little time and make sure you are comfortable inside. The ceiling height in the bath will be tight for you when standing and you may prefer the king/standard floorplan for the sleep space. We still have a kiddo at home and every trip has been with at least 3, sometimes 4, people. While small in comparison to many trailers out there, I have not once felt cramped.
  9. Except for the being retired part, this sounds exactly like how it all unfolded for us a few months ago. I love the nostalgia and aesthetic of Airstreams and, after ruling out teardrops, thought that was what I wanted. Nope...turns out I wanted an Oliver!
  10. NICELY DONE! I can come up with ideas all day long, but seem to have a hard time making them materialize.😅
  11. I knew you all would have some good advice! I didn't realize there was that much air space in between the hulls. We'll consider how to proceed. Thanks much.
  12. I asked this on Facebook a few weeks ago but has anyone installed the bracket for a Lagun table in an Elite II under the pantry at the end of the street side twin bed (on the area that backs the battery compartment?) We have the basement door so can't mount it in the normal location. I've seen the mod here in the forum for installing below the street side twin bed, which was nicely done, but don't know where we would get the piece needed for that fabricated. We looked in the battery compartment and it seems the support piece needed to secure the bracket could go behind/above the batteries if we could get back there. We would likely store the table in the closet when not in use but we travel with kids and would like the option for having a larger table inside for dining and playing games (but wanted the twin beds as well so didn't go with the standard floorplan.) It also seems like a Lagun table could possibly serve as additional kitchen workspace when needed if mounted there. I realize the size Lagun table top Oliver supplies may not be long enough to reach everyone if there were four people seated on the twin beds but if we had a longer table top made and slightly offset it on the arm, I thought it may work. There very well could be reasons for not putting it there and I'm trying to determine that before ordering the bracket. Thank you for any insight!
  13. We are also in North Texas and will be using our Elite II throughout the winter so would prefer not to winterize with antifreeze. With this being our first winter as RVers and temperatures this week having dropped below freezing, we made several trips to our storage facility to check the interior temperature and take steps we thought were appropriate...but didn't feel 100% confident in our plan! We ran the furnace a couple of nights with the thermostat set in the high 40s (we purchased a small electric heater but were concerned about running it unmanned.) We turned on and let all the residual water run out of the interior faucets and outside shower. We put fabric around the outside shower controls/nozzle. We drained the water heater (and learned after the fact we should have done that differently instead of with the pressure release valve.) For air circulation, we opened the interior door to the basement, the closet, bathroom and cabinet doors, and turned the curbside mattress on its side and propped open one of the hatch doors above the water heater. It looks like there are a couple of things we should probably do in the future (or do differently) but hearing from you all is reassuring! Thank you.
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