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  1. Except for the being retired part, this sounds exactly like how it all unfolded for us a few months ago. I love the nostalgia and aesthetic of Airstreams and, after ruling out teardrops, thought that was what I wanted. Nope...turns out I wanted an Oliver!
  2. NICELY DONE! I can come up with ideas all day long, but seem to have a hard time making them materialize.😅
  3. I knew you all would have some good advice! I didn't realize there was that much air space in between the hulls. We'll consider how to proceed. Thanks much.
  4. I asked this on Facebook a few weeks ago but has anyone installed the bracket for a Lagun table in an Elite II under the pantry at the end of the street side twin bed (on the area that backs the battery compartment?) We have the basement door so can't mount it in the normal location. I've seen the mod here in the forum for installing below the street side twin bed, which was nicely done, but don't know where we would get the piece needed for that fabricated. We looked in the battery compartment and it seems the support piece needed to secure the bracket could go behind/above the batt
  5. We are also in North Texas and will be using our Elite II throughout the winter so would prefer not to winterize with antifreeze. With this being our first winter as RVers and temperatures this week having dropped below freezing, we made several trips to our storage facility to check the interior temperature and take steps we thought were appropriate...but didn't feel 100% confident in our plan! We ran the furnace a couple of nights with the thermostat set in the high 40s (we purchased a small electric heater but were concerned about running it unmanned.) We turned on and let all the residual
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