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What temp does refrigerator fan run?

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Though it's not been terribly hot yet, at what temperature does the refrigerator fan sensor need to be at for the fan to turn on?  

Yes, the switch is in the on position. Today will be the hotest we had the Ollie in, so we'll see. 

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My understanding is that in these very early numbered hulls, if there is a manual switch, you don’t even have a temp sensor. When the refrigerators started arriving with a built-in fan and sensor, Oliver decided to eliminate the manual switch entirely. Some Dometic RM2454 fridges have cooling fans located between the upper and lower coils, in an area that is completely inaccessible without removing the unit entirely. Jason in Service told me that they started receiving these units in mid-2017 (mine was delivered in May '17), and that previously there was NO Dometic fan installed. On those units Oliver added their own fan, positioned high above the upper coils where it was easily reached, and I believe these fans also had an inside On/ Off switch. Yay! Good thinking.

I can’t tell you how hot it has to get for the sensor to work, mine would turn on the fan on a blistering hot day (100 degrees plus) in full sunshine all day, and the fan would blow non-stop far into the (hot) night. In 2018 the fan bearings went out so It was squealing and keeping us awake. I eventually disconnected the power wire to it since accessing the fan on #218 requires removing the fridge entirely. So far the fridge works fine, but if it seems to struggle I will just remove the louvers. (It has not been in those extreme conditions since I took off the fan wire.)

The lack of a manual switch (or an accessible fuse) when there is an INACCESSIBLE fan and sensor seems like a bad concept to me…. FYI, if you have any specific comments about how yours is setup, could you please add them on the following page? : …. https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/topic/3296-how-to-dometic-refrigerator-cooling-fan-noisy-disconnect-the-power-wire/

If I ever pull out the (functioning) fridge I could install a new fan up high, with a manual switch….. but most likely the aging (five seasons)  fridge will get scrapped in favor of a DC compressor one and an extra lithium battery to deal with the additional electrical load.

John Davies

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