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You don't want to get one in the trailer. . . . . one found its way into our camper van when it came in on a box we brought in from outside.  We had quite a time locating it.  Found it in the enclosed shower that we were using as a closet. . . . . . the fiberglass walls magnified the noise ten-fold . . . . . . I expect the result would be similar inside an Oliver!

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Ray and Susan Huff

Elite II Twin "Pearl" - Hull#699; delivered December 7, 2020

2013 F350 6.7l diesel Super Duty 4x4 long bed crew cab

1UP-USA Heavy-duty bike rack

2017 Leisure Travel Van Unity Twin Bed (sold)



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Just back from walking the dogs and the bugs are making a racket in Lutz.  Don’t know if it is Cicadas or not but it is not the usual noise at dusk.  It was coming from the trees, not the ground and seemed louder around the oak trees.  If I heard them 17 years ago I don’t remember and if I’m here in 17 years for the next Cicada event, I won’t remember what they sounded like this year.

Oh well,


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Mike and Krunch   Lutz, FL  
2017 LEII #193 “the dog house”



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