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Electric Tongue Jack


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I see that some owners use a cover on the Electric Tongue Jack. For my first winter owning the 2018 Elite II, I did not cover my jack. I do not think the previous owner did, as he would have given it to me.

Do you Ollie owners recommend a Tongue Jack cover and why?

Does the cover promote moisture forming on the inside of the cover?

Is see a number of manufactures of jack covers when I googled it. Is one better than the other?

2018 Oliver Elite II, Twin Bed, Hull #354 

2018 RAM 1500 Rebel 4 x 4, 5.7 Hemi, 3.92 gear ratio



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We didn’t use one for the first couple of years.  We’ve had a couple over the last few years.  I left one laying on the tongue and drove off, I’m sure someone found it somewhere.  Over time I think the sun will fade the plastic parts of the jack.  I also like to keep it dry.  Ours is one we found on Amazon, it’s fairly thick and has an elastic draw string and a Velcro strap to make sure it stays on.  I also have a 7 pin cord holder zip tied on the jack and the cover goes over it as well keeping it dry when we’re camping.  Haven‘ had any issues with moisture forming under the cover.  Mike

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I have always used a cover.  The early Ollies had a white jack but that nice white turned to a poor yellow due to the sun exposure.  The black takes longer to show signs of sun damage but virtually any plastic will "age" faster with sun exposure (kind of like us).

Like Mike I too got mine from Amazon.  Of the two that I've used I like the one that does not have stitching at the top center.  This design seems to shed water better and the thread holding it together doesn't dry rot as fast.  As Mike pointed out - get one that has some kind of fastener at the bottom so it doesn't blow off going down the road.  I never take mine off and have never had a problem remembering exactly where the up/down switch is located.  My jack now looks exactly like it did the day I took delivery.


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