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  1. Thanks Bob and Mike. Since we will be at the CG for 2 months, full hooks ups are desired. I think the wife wants to stay closer to Albuquerque as she will be going to the Son's home daily. What do you all think about the CG's close to ABQ.
  2. We are traveling from Maine to Albuquerque with Ollie to help our son in November and December. Any suggestions on a nice campground around Albuquerque would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. That a lot of food on the grill. How many people are you feeding?
  4. I bought a 2018 Elite II, which was used very little. I did purchase new mattresses (the old ones had a little bit of mold on them so I trashed them) and picked them up before our first trip this spring. My wife is very much effected by smells and she has not have any issues with smells this year. In the spring you can flush out the RV antifreeze and disinfect the water system which will take away any of those type of odors. I would recommend that you purchase the under mattress (or under cushion) hypervent matting. It allows air on the underside of mattress so they do not get moist and allow mold to form. Also use a dehumidifier in the Oliver during humid times to keep any humidity low so mold does not grow on any cloth used for the mattresses or cushions is a prudent item to purchase. I use the dehumidifier all summer even when parked in our driveway. It keeps thing fresh. I think with a little bit of prevention you should be ok.
  5. We have both the Furrino TV and Furrino radio. Not sure if the TV is a smart TV or just a standard TV. We get radio reception ok in the Ollie, similiar to the reception in the RAM truck. As far as TV reception, we have to turn on the booster switch that is in the attic (and get the TV to scan forchannels) in order to get any TV reception. We usually watch DVD's movies and have a Amazon Firestick but of course need internet services to be able to use the firestick.
  6. Ralph A: Check out the Oliver Classified section. If you see one you want, move fast as the Ollie's sell in that section fast. In the Oliver Classified section there is a used 2015 Elite Ii for sale now and someone is selling their 2022 slot for a new unit. Good Luck
  7. I see that some owners use a cover on the Electric Tongue Jack. For my first winter owning the 2018 Elite II, I did not cover my jack. I do not think the previous owner did, as he would have given it to me. Do you Ollie owners recommend a Tongue Jack cover and why? Does the cover promote moisture forming on the inside of the cover? Is see a number of manufactures of jack covers when I googled it. Is one better than the other?
  8. A friend of mine has a 2018 Oliver Elite II with the Xantrex 2000. His Xantrex fan comes on very often at might when he is plugged into electricity (even though the batteries are charged) and the noize bothers him. At night he turns off the power breaker to the Xantrex so he does not hear the noise.
  9. Whisky! Interesting idea but I think I will use bottle water instead if I mix the whisky at all.
  10. I pull my Elite II with a RAM 1500 with no problem. A very easy pull. On the straight away it is almost like it is not there. Get the kids a tent and they can set up in your site if big enough.
  11. I just unplug the Nature's Head fan connector cord. Why mess around with a switch. Go camping instead.
  12. 2008RN: My Natura's Head Composite Toilet (NHT) was installed by the factory when the Ollie was built in 2018. This first picture is showing the vent pipe from the NHT going into the sink vanity. Although I did not take the sink vanity apart to see the interior piping, It must travel up to the top of the sink vanity as it crosses over to go into the closet, as the vent pipe in the closest is even with the top portion of the sink base. The vent connection to the toilet is removable so you can remove the toilet base for cleaning. The DC power line is zip-tied to this vent pipe. This next picture shows the vent piping coming into the closet, using a 90 degree elbow and running horizontally to the front of the closet. This last picture shows the vent piping going vertically and out through the roof. Hope this helps. Have fun with the install.
  13. Since this is a "Emergency Window" how does that work in regards to the screen? Does one simply open the two latches on the side and the window and screen opens so you can get out. I plan to try this soon before our next trip.
  14. Pat: I have seen discussions in the past on single exterior windww awnings on the forum but could not find it to send it to you. I remember that SeaDawg was in that discussion. They can probably sent you a link for the supplier of those awnings if you contact them.
  15. Thanks John. I did not notice that.
  16. I was reading an article on my phone that I think was from an article in RV Travel on July 23, 2021. The inventor, Darryl Abts, has develped a way of silencing a RV's AC unit. The company name is WackO Products. "The silencer has some sound-deadening material but also has a vastly superior filter to the one the AC likely has now". "The existing plastic cover is taken off on the bottom of the AC unit and replaced with the WackO RV AC Silencer, which has the air intake on the opposite side of the AC unit from where it typically is" This forces the air through an "L" channel and past some insulation and sound deadeniing material." (Quotes from the article) Has any Ollie owner seen this converstion done or has anyone done it on their Ollie? Would be interested to hear what people think of the conversion and how quiet it makes the Ollie AC unit.
  17. When I bought my Ollie last December, I wired the funds into the sellers account. A few hours later the seller verified that the funds were in his account and then signed the title over to me. Pretty and safe transaction.
  18. Probably too late now but putting a WD-40 or rust remover on the balls and moving thme with a screw driver or other tool would loosen them up so they work fine. Try it and save the pins for spares.
  19. I tow my LE 2 with a RAM 1500, 5.7 liter Hemi engine. The RAM tows the Ollie with no problem. When not towing (in the summer) I get around 18 mpg on the open road. When towing the Ollie, mileage drops to around 13 mpg.
  20. I have polished my past boats with Starbright wax and now the Ollie with Meguiar's wax; both very similiar products. I find that them to go on very easy and once dry only needs to be whipped off. I have never tries paste wax which I understand needs to be buffed off with many use a power polisher. Does past wax really do a better job? Does past wax stop the dark water stains from occuring from water draining off the roof?
  21. People sometimes do not like to change to something new to them, like a composting toilet. Being somewhat of a nature person, I am glad to have my composting toilet. 1. Saves empting the ugly black water tank contents and using rubber gloves during that operation. 2. Empting the pee tank is not a problem for me. There is always a CG flush to pour it in or the CG dump station. 3. If you remember In the old days outhouses were the norm and the composting toilet is a outgrowth of that technology. 4. Saving fresh water is important. Look at those folks in the west desert areas. With the drought, they will be running out of water at their homes. 5. Only problem I have is using up the natural resource .... Peat Moss. I am glad I have the composting toilet. To make the wife happier (and myself), I purchased a wooden squatty potty step (which I modified to get it closer to the toilet) it is easier to have your feet on this instead of farther down on the shower floor.
  22. When I first got the Ollie, I used to raise the RV, when attached to the TV, with the trailer jack to put some slack in the chains as others have said above. This did not work all the time and I usually had to loosen the chains connected to the whale tale and then retighten the chains after hooking up. Now before hooking up to the trailer, I raise the trailer bull dog up high enough so I can back up (the 2" ball) past the bull connector of the trailer. This gives plenty of slack in the chains so I can hook up the whale tale with no problem. I then slowly drive the TV forward enough to when the chains are tight and I can then lower the trailer onto the 2" ball.
  23. I have a 7 pin plug holder mount on the front of the storage box which I do not use. The previous owner told me a no cost option. Tuck the 7 pin plug in between the fiberglass shell in front of the propane tanks and the frame of the trailer (the fiberglass shell is the one you can see in FrankC's picture.) This location works great, the plug stays in place and no moisture or water gets into the plug.
  24. I just found the classified ad. It is presently on the second page. Called Bits and Bobs, or something like that.
  25. If you are talking about the fiberglass cover over the propane tanks, someone was selling his. I thought it was on the Classified section but could not find it just now. You might check with one of the moderators to help you find it. Good Luck
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