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  1. SeaDawg: You might want to try a newer RAM 1500 truck just for the fun of it. My 2018 drivers seat is very comfortable and very adjustable. Not so much on the passenger seat but still good. My truck has the air suspension system so I can adjust the height of the truck off the ground. This suspension (so I am told by people at the dealership) provide for a real softer ride than the standard shock assorbers, even in rough pavement conditions.
  2. We use: 1. Harvest Host for free camping sites at breweries, winerys, farms, golf courses, etc. This is a web based site and there is a membership fee for this site. 2. Rvparky which is a web based site and free. We plan out our trip before leaving home, add in our anticipated stop locations and it will tell you the miles and extimated travel time between locations. At each stop you can click on camping locations and there is a list of a lot of camping sites listed, including Walmarts, Costco's, TA locations, rest areas, etc. 3. A Garmin 890 GPS which has camping sites and points of interest that can be accessed at each location.
  3. Albert: Interesting information, thanks for posting. My 2018 RAM with the 5.7 Liter engine has a max payload of 1,889 pounds and a max towing capacity of 11,610 pounds (with the 5.7 liter engine). Mossey - what kind of mileage does your Land Cruiser get with and without towing the Ollie?
  4. Mossey: i owned a couple of Toyota 4-Runners and love them before my present RAM truck which I bought prior to buy my Ollie. What Toyota SUV are you referring to that you pull "the dog house" with?
  5. I know one person with an Elite II that bought his Ollie 2 years ago and brought it from the factory to Maine with his Ford F150 with no Anderson WDH. He still does not use a WDH and seed no need for it. My Ollie came with a Anderson WDH so I use it with my RAM 1500 and it handles the Ollie like it is not even attached. The RAM fits into my garage and I have 3 feet of the back of the garage as a bench. They all fit fine. My insurance is not more than my 4-runner was. Try out some trucks to see what you like and can handle and see if it would fit in your present garage. I agree with SeaDawg about being very very sure you want to sell the house prior to listing it. In this market selling is easy and fast but finding a suitable replacement house will be hard and expensive.
  6. Although I do not have a Norcold, with my refig it cools down faster when running on propane.
  7. The garden hose check valve is not sufficient to protect the public fresh water system. If you are going to continue this practice, you should add a back-flow protector valve. If there is every a drop in pressure in the public water system, you could be syphoning your black water contents back into the public water system. A VERY UNSAFE PRACTICE, and if someone from the town's health department every saw you doing that they would take you to court and fine you. As alternate to your system, you could buy a Camco Rhino Heavy duty Portable Waste Wholding Tank which you can buy on Amazon. Please be careful with out public water systems. As a retired sanitary engineer, I think your practice
  8. Great Photos. I am a fan of your photography.
  9. Ralph Thanks for posting the link. The story of Hull #50 was amazing. I guess I would have to go to TN for the work to be done, as I guess they do not come up this north.
  10. Great post and pictures. Your post kind of changed my mind on lithionics, I also see a new way to use the front storage basket. Never thought of that as a wine cellar. Thanks
  11. The second annual Tri-State Oliver Owner’s Meet and Greet (formerly the Maine Oliver Owner’s Meet and Greet) was held from June 5 to June 12, 2022 at a campground bordering the Maine coast with owner’s from Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont in attendance. Matt Duncan, Oliver Travel Trailer Company Marketing Manager, was in attendance and brought his father as his tour guide as his father had been to Maine before and had friends living in Maine. The weather was generally nice with temperatures in the 70’s during the days and the high 50’s and low 60’s at night. Below are some pictures of the event. Meeting with Matt Dinner at Archer's on the Pier in Rockland, Maine Ocean View from the Campground Lobster Rolls at McLoom's Lobster Pound Ocean View at McLoom's Lobster Pound Picnic Area at McLoom's Lobster Pound Proud Owner's of a New Elite II - still had the temporary paper license plate on the trailer Notice the Gnome in the front trailer basket
  12. Now wait a minute. I do a lot of road biking. I will have to be more careful when I know you are around my biking adventures. Ha Ha. I am sure ScubaRx was Just kidding.
  13. I do not use a buffer. After washing in the spring, I hand apply the Maguire's 67 Compound Buffing/Polish to the Ollie to remove any black water stains. It is a easy rub on application and whipping off after drying. After the Maguire's 67, I use the Maguire's Premium Marine wax. It is also an easy application and whipping off after it dries. I do the same in the fall before putting the Ollie to rest for the winter. After owning a number of fiberglass boats and cleaning and waxing them, I find the Maguire's products very easy to apply and whip off with a clean rag. No need for a rotary buffer as it is over kill, in my opinion.
  14. If you contact Oliver, they can set you up to see both the Elite 1 and Elite II somewhere close to where you live. This is recommended if you can not make it to the factory.
  15. I am thinking of traveling the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway sometime soon with my Ollie in tow, maybe this fall. I am wondering if people that have done this route find it ok while towing a Elite II? How is the condition of the roads? I see on another post about the Mount Pisgah Campground. Does that campground get booked up early in the year? Is there other campgrounds along the route? Thanks
  16. I have been a owner of a Nature's Head toilet in my Ollie for the past 2 years, For 20 years before that, I had a portable toilet in past popup campers. Emptying a portable toilet is gross in itself. I have never had a odor problem from the urine tank or the Nature's Head toilet smelling. I do empty the urine tank when 3/4 full and rinse it out. We do have a vinegar and water spray bottle in the bathroom and do a small spray on the inside of the toilet after each use. I do believe that Hature's Head recommends a vinegar spray bottle. With myself and my wife using the toilet, I usually have to empty the urine tank after 5 days of use (longer if a toilet is present at a campground). At the end of the camping season, I thoughly clean the tank and toilet and scrub everything clean. Emptying a black tank or a portable toilet tank at a dump station is a lot less desirable then a couple of spirts of a vinegar bottle. Just my opinion.
  17. You might want to consider the convection oven if you do not anticipate using a microwave. I think having an oven is of more use.
  18. I like and use the command strip products also in the Olie. Somewhere on this forum lst year, someone posted about silicone pockets that stick to the interior of the Oliver without any command strips or glue. I think that Mossemi may have had them on one of his storage posts but I bought them on-line somewhere not where Mossemi bought his. I have a couple in the bathroom to hold tooth bushes, tooth paste and comb and have one in the main cabin to hold my reading glasses, pen and flashlight. They are made either in white or black. I tired to find them on the forum Search feature to post it here but could not find the post. If anyone knows what I am referring to please post it as I want to buy a couple more.
  19. I install one of the round screens on my furnace vent. I tried to install the hooks with no sucess and final gave up since the screen fits tightly by itself without the hooks. The only trouble I forsee is having to remove the screen if I ever need to get into the area for maintenance. Any ideas on how to remove the screen without damaging it our the flange it fits on?
  20. Welcome to the family. If you have any questions, someone or a bunch of people here will likely be able to help you. Additionally, you might want to contact Oliver and tell them what hull number you have and to give them your contact information. The picture you provide looks great. Nice green lawns. What City are you in?
  21. Congradulations. You will have lots of fun with Luna. Where are you taking Luna after leaving the factory?
  22. Viola: My trailer had the tail light issue being on whenever moisture got into the 7 pin connector (could also be corrision in the plug as John indicated). Keep this trailer connector dry by tucking it up behind the fiberglass body at the front metal frame or buy a device to keep it dry. As far as the shore power - Are you plugged into a 30 amp circuit? If not, you may have a ground problem in the house circuit. Is your house circuit a 3 prong (grounded) outlet? As mentioned by Jim_Oker check the EMS readout to see if you are getting any error codes. My Oliver likes a 30 amp RV trailer receptacle the best. When I plug into a house 3 prong 15 or 20 amp house grounded receptacle sometimes I have to unplug it and replug it in for the EMS to not show a error message. Below are pictures of the EMS messages. It will flash between E-0 for zero error codes; line voltage, RV amp draw and Line frequency. If you are getting a error code (not a zero), thee is something wrong with the incoming power and the EMS is (protecting) the RV from getting unreliable power coming in. Hope this helps. Good Luck
  23. You might want to open a service ticket with Oliver. They may be helpful.
  24. cevel: I bet if you contact Foy Sperring, he might be able to custom make a cabint that could just be slide into the opening. You would have to anchor it somehow, but Foy could give you some pointers on fastening.
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