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  1. I just bought Tire Traker TPMS system but have not installed it yet on the Ollie. I got the six sensor group so I could also monitor the spare tire on the Ollie and the TV. Those that have the Tire Traker brand, have you needed the amplifier? Where did you install the amplifier and how did you connect to the 12DC power?
  2. I can remember back some years ago when I owned by 34 foot Luhrs sportfisherman boat installing a cover on the boat in the fall. I had a plastic coated tarp similiar to the tarps that tuckers use. It was lighter than canvas covers but it was still very heavy and took 2 people to install with a lot of effort. I can not imagine trying to install a Sunbrella or Weathermax Calmark cover now that I am older and then have to worry about not damaging the solar collector and the antennas. I am hoping waxing the Ollie in the spring and fall (before winter sets in) will be sufficient. My fall back
  3. The previous owner (in Michigan) kept it outside. This is my first winter with the Ollie and I kept it outside as well. It gets snow on the Ollie and on the solar collector but it seems to melt guickly on the solar collector and if not I have taken a brush and cleaned off the collector. Even this winter, the sun has kept the batteries charged up. I also plan to wax the Ollie, spring and fall, so hopefully that will be sufficient instead of installing a cover. I haved also debated if I should cover the Ollie in the winter with a cover or a temporay shed but then I would feel I should plug
  4. Patriot: I was suprised I could not find it on West Marine. Try Google to find the 3M Ultra Marinewax. Amazon was one of the hits I saw. I like Meguairs Flagship premium cleaner wax as well. They also have their regular Meguiars wax. Used them on my sportfishing boat for years. https://www.meguiarsdirect.com/meguiars-flagship-premium-cleaner-wax-32oz.html
  5. I am consider purchasing a CalMark Cover for my Elite II for use in future winters. I went to their web site and they did not list Oliver Elite II trailers but listed those other fiberglass trailer manufacture's. Has anyone purchased the CalMark cover for an Elite II? How is their quality? Any idea on what they cost?
  6. I also am a avid bike ridder. I agree with John's comments: I have purchased the rear receiver from Oliver and will be installing it myself. I plan to use a bike rack on the back of my Oliver. I will be using a tarp to cover the bikes, as I expect the back of the Ollie to accumulate a lot of dust and dirt, which I do not want on the bike, chain and gears. (I do not want to put a roof rack on my pick-up) TPaulE, I have a couple of alternates to your idea. 1. Roof rack on your TV. 2. Bike rack mounted on the front of your TV 3. If you really want to put the bikes inside,
  7. Be aware that both the Oliver Elite and the Elite II mostly sell very quickly on the Oliver Classified page. If you see something you like, investigate it quickly. There is also a Facebook Oliver Sales group that has Olivers listed and they sell quickly on the page. Good Luck
  8. I agree with topgun2 comments. I think that the omni-directional antenna comes with a signal booster located in the attic (upper cabinet at the back of the trailer). I have a push button on the cable plate. At my home, I got zero channels with the booster switch off. Once I turned on the booster the signal improved so that I got 6 or 7 channels.
  9. Galway Girl, Your axle Serial # is also on the label attached to the axle that you included a picture of in your post. Richard
  10. Backand Beyond- You second guessed what I did. Bought bearings for all 4 wheel and 8 seals. Galway Girl - Below is what I found in my research for part numbers. Universal Part# Timken Part # Outer Bearing Cone L44649 SET4 Outer Cup L44610 Included in SET4 Inner Bearing L68149 SET17 Cup L68111
  11. Thanks All - Very Helpful For those interested, here is the pricing I found from the below vendors for the Timken Bearings for our Dexter 3500 pound axle: Bearing SouthShore Bearing Summit Racing Equipment Motion Industries Outer Bearing & Cup $11.50 each $10.99 each $26.19 Inner Bearing & Cup $12.00 each $9.99 each $28.41 Seal
  12. I want to buy Timken US bearings for my Oliver Elite II and have not had any luck in find a supplier at a reasonable cost. I do not want to buy through Amazon because I am afraid they will be selling Timken Chinese knock offs bearings, not real US Timken bearings, as I have seen mentioned in other Oliver forum threads. I spoke to Timken direct and was able to confirm the bearing and cup part numbers along with a part number for a National Seal but they would not sell to individuals, It seems I have been getting the "run-around" from Timken on where I can buy their bearings. The
  13. Camco Sewer Hose Adapter - Attaches to RV Outlet Connection , Extends connection for Easier Hookup- Transparent Adapter Allows You to View When Tank is Cleared - 3.5" (39562) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B016V2JMBS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_NNAP7JSFTAYMD3C1KDVR?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 I have seen in other forum threads a suggestion to have a elbow at the end of the hose at the dump site, whihc sounds like a great idea. Has anyone found a clear elbow similiar to the Camco Sewer Hose Adapter to use (noted above) so you only have one special fitting?
  14. John: Your idea has merrit. I was able to find my 2018 Oliver this past December by having access to the forum Classified section. It would be a shame for non-Oliver owners to be shut out to the Classified section and would limit how present owners can sell their Olivers after they no longer want to own. The forum is an excellant tool to be able to maintain your Oliver and how things operate. I only wish it had a spell check function. RB is correct that people need to read their Owner's manual (paper copies or on the Oliver University forum page) before asking questions.
  15. I am trying to get a handle on keeping the refigerator cold during traveling and when boondocking. I have 30 gallon propane tanks. I know it is somewhat dependent on temperatures but on average how much propane does the refigerator use in a 24 hour period (or on a hourly basis)? Do people have the refigerator running on propane while traveling? When traveling if the refigerator is on 12V power, will the TV keep the batteries charged through the power connection between the Oliver and the TV ? Thanks Richard
  16. Pat and Molly: If you decide to not make the Teak items yourself, attached is a catalog from Foy Speering who is a Oliver owner in Florida. I purchased the shower mat, cutting board that fit over the sink and the silverwear organizer. Foy does a wonderful job in his wood shop and ships them to you. Highly recommended and you will find him on the Oliver forums. Richard Foybles' Catalog V2.0f (1).pdf
  17. rideandfly: Is the Night Stand somehow attached to the floor or side of the twin beds? What did you have to do to remove it?
  18. I know that the subject of tire pressure on Oliver's trailers have been discussed on other threads in this forum and as a new owner I am trying to decide weather to keep the Oliver recommend tire pressure of 80 psi (when traveling major highways) or maybe reducing it to 55 to 60 psi. what are other Oliver owners doing. You can respond to this post of complete the above survey. Thanks 1. Are you maintaining the tire pressures at the 80 psi, as recommended by Oliver, or have you reduced the tire pressure to something lower and what reduced pressure have you chosen. 2. For those t
  19. My night stand has AC recepitacle, 12V and USB connectors on both sides.
  20. Pat and Molly As I said on the phone congradulations. Since you looked at a few used Oliver's it should make your choice of options easier. Richard
  21. RB: Is your bike rack on the back of the Ollie a receiver type? It looks a little different then what Oliver provides now. also I noticed that your parked Ollie tires are not directly on the grass. Is that plywood or something you purchased. Thanks
  22. I just purchased a Oliver rear receiver and had Oliver ship it to me so I can install it myself. The Oliver receiver is a very solidily built unit. It is mounted to the top of the rear bumper with 4 bolts (2 on each side). Yes it is a 1-1/4" receiver so you will need a bike rack to accomodiate that size. Oliver took a 2" receiver and welded a insert into this receiver to make it a 1-1/4 receiver. They did that as they do not want more that 150 pounds (as I was told) mounted on the back of the Oliver. RB - Thanks for the reminder about the dirt and trash vortex. I will plan
  23. Wool - sounds very itchey to me. I stay away from it.
  24. LL Bean sells sleeping bags with flanel inners.
  25. Portland, Maine is warmer than Dallas Texas!! Crazy seeing people in Texas using sleds and skating in their yards (including the vehicles on the roads) Be safe in your travels and do not push delivery dates until it is safe. I do not want to see any Oliver's on the TV reports of traffic pile ups. The weather will change and be more normal next week.
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