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  1. Waiting another year for the 2023 model will only cost you more money (and time). Before making that decision, check with sales to see if you could special order the quieter AC unit for the 2022 model year.
  2. It would be nice to have some reliable way to measure the amount of propane in the Ollie propane tanks. (another new toy). I believe I have seen this topic on the forum in the past, but could not find it when I did a search. My present procedure is to put hot water on the side of the tank and look at where the frost forms on the side of the tank to indicate where the propane level is in the tank. Short of that my general procedure is when one tank is empty switching to the other tank and getting the empty one filled. For longer camping trips, I like to start with 2 full tanks, but am sick of taking the active LP tank to be filled when it is only half empty. I would like to have a more scientific system with some type of device to actually measure the liquid level without having to cut in gauges in the feed lines. I could then easily monitor the amount of LP being used each day and project when to get the tank filled. One device I have found onlline is the "AP Products 024-1001 Propane Tank Gas Level Indicator" which connects via a magnetic to the bottom of the tank with the level reading shown on your smart phone. The reviews of this device are mixed with some saying they are great and others say the device works at first then after awhile the sendor does not work. What does Ollie owners do or have bought to reliabily measure LP liquid in your LP tanks?
  3. I presently have a 2018 RAM Rebel with the 5.7 Hemi, 8 cylinder engine. I also have the factory air suspension, which I love. It makes for a smother ride and can be adjusted (lower) for better mileage, so I am told. Question for You: I am considering the 2022 RAM with the eTorque Hemi engine. The RAM salesman discouraged me on this engine saying it was not as good as the 8 cylinder Hemi in the mountains. What has been your experiences, both postive and negative. Thanks Richard
  4. On my Solar Charge Controller when the solar panels are actively charging the batteries, the display shows 14.5 + or - volts. When the batteries are fully charged the Solar Charge Controller shows 13.6 volts.
  5. Who replaced the refigerator; you or your RV shop or Oliver? Did modifications to the refrigerator opening need to be done or was it a simple remove the old and slide in the new? Thanks
  6. Jim: BTW, Forgot to say that my Dometic Refig is also a model RM 2454. I wonder if this startup issue is just inherent to this model even when the controls are new. (I am the second owner.) Please post any new results you find from your trouble shooting.
  7. Jim: I have the same issue on getting my frig to start up. I also need to hold the start button in for awhile before it starts and the board lights up. Also sometimes it will not stay "on" the first time, so try again until it does. Mainiac had the same problem and told me how to get the frig going this way. Be patient and keep trying and it should work and continue to run. Good Luck
  8. I had Sign Concepts in Portland, make my front graphic utilizing a 3M type of product. Any sign shop should be able to make whatever design you want. If you provide them a pdf of a imagine you want and tell them the size, it will be easy for them and not expensive. It was easy to install but you need to apply it so you do not get air bubbles underneath. I was going to have a lobster on the front of my Ollie but could not find a imagine that I like so I decided on a imagine of our local Portland Head Light lighthouse. The Portland Head LIght lighthouse was commissioned by George Washington in 1787 and he hired Jonathan Bryant and John Nichols to do the construction. (a little trivia FYI)
  9. Mike & Nancy: Thanks for the info. That web site is great. Appreciate you adding that to your post.
  10. Oliver would probably sell you one (and the hardware) if you are inclinded to install it yourself.
  11. I have the Tire Minder system and do not use the repeater. I found as long as I have the monitoring device by itself (no other devices next to it, like phone or GPS) I do not need the repeater. I would suggest you try it without the repeater hooked up at first and see for yourself. A number of other people on the forum also do not use the repeater.
  12. A shot in the dark with this statement- Your original picutre on the Sea Level II Tank Monitor shows 12.1 percent. I assume you pushed the Batt button to get that reading. If not it was a reading of one of your tank levels. SeaDawg's post is very good. You could PM the people she suggested to get their input.
  13. Matt Did you make reservations at all those stops? How far in advance did you make the reservations?
  14. Looking for stray current being used in the winter is important. For instance, if you have a composting toilet there is a fan that stays on all the time unless you disconnect the power cord at the toilet. Do not store your batteries on a concrete floor and charge them a couple of times throughout the winter.
  15. Check that you have all the valves in the winterization mode. Did you turn the valve on the hot water tank/truma hot water heater to the correct closed position? Check that the hose connection to the trailer is tight and that there is a gasket in the trailer connection, as it sounds like you might be pulling in air. Also check that the hose is at the bottom of the antifreeze bottle. Note: From the rear hose connection and the valves in the correct position, no anti-freeze goes into the fresh water tank. You should have the inverter shut-off at all times except when you need the inverter on to change DC (battery current) to AC current (electrical plugs and microwave) while camping. Yes, leave the trailer plugged in and I suggest you have a dehumidifer in the trailer since you are down south where it can get humid. Others with lithium batteries can advise you on that question.
  16. I also could not open the videos. It looks like the picture is of the Truma Instant water heat. My 2018 Oliver with the Truma instant water heat has run without any issues. Let us know what Truma says happened and what the fix is. Good Luck and Stay Safe
  17. I checked and unfortunately my Furron model DV3300 radio does not appear to have a weather channel capability. I check the owner's manual and there was no mention of that capability. If someone knows differently, please let me know.
  18. The previous owner of my Ollie, did dent in his truck bumper when he did a sharp turn (jack knife) when backing and mentioned to be careful. His truck was low to the ground. I have not had a problem when backing even turning sharply but I am careful. My truck is higher off the ground than the previous owner's truck. The tail-gate of my truck does not hit the storage box when connected to the trailer. That could be a problem for trucks that are closer to the ground.
  19. Two Stooges Welcome to the Oliver Form. Retirement is great, but I am actually busier than I was when working. This is a great place to learn from the experiences of existing Ollie owners prior to your purchase. Also check out the Oliver University forum prior to purchasing for more information. As a former boat owner, I do miss sleeping to the sound of the water/ocean. Never-the-less, I no longer have any boats and now have a different toy, my Ollie, for us to go camping in. The decision to only have a land boat was the right decision for me. Just remember that presently there is around a 10 month wait from the time you order a Oliver to when you take delivery. Getting the Ollie prior to retiring gives one time to see what you need for traveling after retirement.
  20. I am looking to bring the Ollie to a campground near Southpoint, Florida for a week and visit with friends that moved there. I am looking for a camp site with water and electricity. Coastline RV Campground is one site I found. Has anyone stayed there and what did they think of the campground? Does anyone know of any other campgrounds nearby? Thanks
  21. Try putting a adjustable wrench on the knob and then putting a open end wrench on the adjustable wrench (near the knob) to be able to twist the adjustable wrench/knob. Good luck
  22. All those pictures make my mouth water. They all looked great. We cooked Lobster and shrimp for our Christmas eve dinner. Cooked two extra lobsters, so we had lobster sandwiches this afternoon. Chocolate and cheri cupcakes with ice cream on top for desert while play cribbage.
  23. I assume that your Elite Hull #12 is not in Florida in that picture. Merry Christmas to All !!
  24. Before our pop-up tent trailer days, we used to have a stand up tent with 2 cots that allow us to sleep off of the ground. Now with the Ollie, I am looking for a new similar tent (still got the 2 cots) so the grand kids can go camping with us. We have square sleeping bags that can be unzipped so they are almost like sheets. We do not have the issues here in New England that out west has with bears. No posion snakes and after spring passes little bugs (somewhat). We use a tonneau cover which was purchased before the Ollie. If I were starting new, I would consider the cap with racks and side opening windows and carry the bikes on the cap roof instead at the rear of the Ollie. Happy Holidays
  25. Like csevel, I have a rolling cover that I had installed at the RAM dealer. It works well for me as it rolls up to the cab where it is secured via staps when not needed. This cover provide me with a waterproof cover so I can keep my tools dry in the back. I made a bike rack out of PVC tubing that I saw on u-tube. When carry my bikes, I roll the cover up and place the bike rack in the back and use straps to hold the bikes in place while in the bike rack. Work very well and I can use a cable and paddle lock if I need the bikes to be secure. John Davis - That go fast camper is nice but very very expensive. I would just carry a tent and set it up on the ground for a lot less cost.
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