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  1. I would call the battery manufacuture (or OTT) and tell them your winter weather temperatures and ask them what they recommend for storage and degree of charge on the batteries prior to removing. If you do remove your batteries I recommend: - Shut off the power switch from your solar panels to the battery compartment. - Take a picture of the batteries-wires prior to removing the wires-batteries. - Mark where the wires are connected to and maybe bag the battery wire ends just to be safe.
  2. jd1923 I had the same condition 2 years ago. I used air to blow out the drain line. It has been draining fine since then. It does drain somewhat slow. Raising the front of the trailer helps drain most of the water out of the tank.
  3. Welcome to the forum and being a new Oliver owner from another Maine owner, who purchased used myself.. Be sure to call the Oliver company and tell them you have bought your trailer, so they can register you on their owner's list and to keep you apprised of any Oliver news and Oliver issues.
  4. In your picture the freshjet looks to be a lot taller than the original noisy Dometic. Is that correct?
  5. When dumping my gray tank, I discovered a crack in my discharge hose. Luckily all I had to do was turn the crack to the top of the hose and continued to empty the gray tank without any further leak. Obviously I replaced the hose after that.
  6. According to this forum in the Oliver Service Center General Knowledge section they are still listing Xantrex
  7. Rivernerd: Thanks for posting this video. For future reference, I tried to find it in the Resosurces section under Service videos of the forum and could not find it. Is it only on YouTube and not on the Oliver Web Site?
  8. I will add a couple points: - When you turn on the cell phone booster, I am told that you need to restart your cell phone so it connects to the booster. - My Tireminder booster came with alligator clips on the two power wires. I cut them off and bought a USB connector which I connected to the end of the wires. Now I just plug into one of the Ollie USB connections when I want to power up the booster. I added velcro to the back of the booster and hung it above the dinnette table and plug into the USB connector under the dinnette table when the Ollie is mobile.
  9. The procedure for Sanitizing is on the Oliver University section of the forum. I suggest that you watch that prior to doing the sanitizing (and take notes as I did). I agree with SeaDawg that you might want to sanitize twice. Make sure to drain the fresh water tank completely before starting the second sanitizing effort.
  10. My 2018 Elite II has a Atwood CO/Propane detector that has a 2016 date printed on it. Although the Atwood has not been alarming, I am going to replace it any way before that happens and have ordered the new RV Safe detector from Amazon. Hopefully Amazon does not have old detectors in their stock. I will be checking its date when it arrives next week.
  11. Thanks Bill. The switch looks like a simple toggle type of switch. What type of switch is that and where can it be bought?
  12. Bill: This sound like a good idea, but I am not sure if I follow your explaination of where/how the switch is located other than you siad it was next to the detector. Mine detector is 5 years old so I am not sure how much longer the detector will work without premature alarms. Do you have a picture of the detector/switch seen from under the dinette that you could post? Thanks
  13. After reading this post, I am even more glad I have a composting toilet and not deal with liquid in the black tank.
  14. As far as the pump running all the time. You could have a air leak on the suction side of the pump. Check all the threaded connections to make sure they are tight and put your hand on the other connections to see if you can feel a suction.. A good test of the tightness of the suction side of the water lines is to line up the valves to suction water out of a bucket using the rear boondocking connection. If you can pull in water from a bucket then your piping is tight. If not that would indicate a loose connection somewhere.
  15. Copycat Carlton - I have LT28/70R17 tires on my TV and it is now time to replace those tires. I have found that there are plenty of brands in this size. My TV manufacturer recommends A/T tires but since I travel mostly on pavement, I am going to go with new Michelin LTX M/S2 All Season tires instead of a A/T tire.
  16. SeaDawg. You are correct those direction were not in the manual. Thanks to your search and posting, I printed the directions on my printer and it is now in my o&M manual.
  17. Badger: It would be helpful for others on the forum to learn that have similiar problems that you explained to indicate what was the resolution to you not have 110 v power to the outlets.
  18. Thanks SeaDawg. The ditection worked like a charm.
  19. SeaDawg - Yes the dahlias were still in bloom but in the last stages.
  20. While out this past week camping on the last day, the rotary control switch accidently got set to the Clean setting. Since I had just decalcified (cleaned) the unit last month, I tried to Interrupt the decalcification mode using the AquaGo owners manual. I followed the directions, but the control in the Ollie is still blinking its read light almost every second. I let it run over night thinking it would reset itself after 3 hourss (time it takes in the decalcification mode). If anyone has had this happen, how did you reset the unit?
  21. Lubec Maine, Sunset Point RV Park; Most Easterly Campground in the U.S. Great Campground. In town, there is a short bridge to Campobello Island in New Brunswick where FDR had his 34 room summer cottage. Very Interesting to hear the history of the Roosevelt House and the family. Sunset Point RV Park The Roosevelt 34 Room Summer Cottage
  22. Our Ollie has been outside year round since it was new. I do clean and wax in the spring (two coats) and fall because of the outside storage. But then again, we are up north where the UV is not as hard as in the south.
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