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Furrion Vision S Cameras


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I'm considering getting a new back up camera, and would like to hear from anyone with experience with the new Furrion Vision S camera. How well does it work driving at night? My old Voyager camera was terrible because of the glare from cars headlights. Also, how wide is the field of view? Does it stream reliably, or are there occasional stalls in the picture before it catches up with what's actually happening?

Thank you for anything you can provide.

Duane and Donna

2018 Elite

TV - Audi Q5 3.0 TDI

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I’m interested in options too.  It might be a good safety upgrade.  I’ve never had a back up camera on our trailer since I never camp alone and Carol is a highly proficient backer-upper guide for me.  Mike

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I was forced into installing a Furrion a few years ago. The night before we were to leave on a trip someone broke into my truck and stole the monitor to the old Voyager that Oliver was installing at the time. FWIW while we used that device I also hated its gangly mess of wires and terrible picture quality and bulky size. The only available cameras locally were the Furriions so I bought that as a replacement and installed. Sorry I don't recall the model name or number so it may or may not be the Vision S. It is marginally better than the original Voyager but comes in a much smaller package which I appreciate.However the monitor itself is not very bright which is a problem when wearing shades while driving, its quite dim. The connection seems to be better however than the Voyager and can't recall too many times where the signal was lost but it can be jittery on occasions. Installation while not too difficult does take a bit of time, syncing was easy. 

Cutting to the chase if I had it to do over I would have purchased something different and may still do at some time in the future. There is another brand, sorry I don't recall the name that receives a much better review than either the Furrion or Voyager. My recommendation is do your homework before jumping in. 

Not sure this helps much.

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