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We recently purchased Hull #617 from the Nau's and are personalizing it before heading out for the first time in it.

We have been in a MB Airstream Interstate for 6 years and while we love it - it's time for a change.  We have decided to sell it and take up the Ollie experience.   We first contracted for a new 2022, but the wait for the promised May, 2022 delivery date was just too much.  The late model 2020 had most of the options we wanted and was pretty appealing when compared to the all too distant May delivery date.

I'm a project guy, so now it looks like there are plenty of mod projects in my future now.  You'll find me chiming in occasionally on some of the future posts - just know that I frequently just cut to the chase so don't be put off by my short answers 🙂




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Arizona | 2020 Oliver Elite II Twin bed Hull #617 | 2021 Ram 1500 e-Hemi 4x4

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