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  1. If it were mine, I'd clean the surfaces and use VHB tape and give it 48 hours to set. The industry has been using this stuff for years and I have, too. One of the major solar installers uses it WITHOUT screws to secure solar panels to the roofs of RVs. They claim they've never lost a solar panel, yet. NOTE: For that application, I used it WITH screws 😉 VHB = Very High Bond Charlie.
  2. And you'll probably have to throw the fuse switch for the solar panels - at least you do on ours. Since my post yesterday I have found it's our garage door opener being used in the proximity of our Ollie with the fan on that causes ours to go crazy ðŸĪŠ Charlie.
  3. Resetting the fan is the trick. Not sure why the control board forgets who and where it is BUT all energy has to be taken away to reset it - that includes the energy from the solar panels. You could do that via the resettable fuse below and near the pantry. Charlie.
  4. Which is another reason why we are reluctantly selling our Ollie 😒
  5. Discount Tire isn't the old Discount Tire of decades ago - since the founder died. I'd go with Les Schwab and then compare with Costco. I find they all will honor the more competitive price. Charlie.
  6. Art, I cleaned and used industrial double-sided tape on the battery surfaces. Charlie.
  7. Well, our first and our second Victron 712 monitors were not Bluetooth enabled, so we had to drill and mount the thing in a manner that allowed us to monitor it and make changes. Neither one of the mounts were especially attractive - even to a techie. We found the digital monitor screen hard to read unless you readily understand the abbreviated language of digital displays. And, making program changes were a real challenge. No, you don't need Bluetooth, but with it, one can mount the unattractive 712 monitor where the sun doesn't shine. It's easy - our third and present 712 monitor lives under the Ollie's dinette seat. Monitoring it via Bluetooth is quick, simple and can be done from anywhere nearby - that's important when you're switching things on/off to see how much energy it draws. Most importantly, making edits to the program via Bluetooth is Sooooo simple. So, while it's true that you don't need Bluetooth, anything and everything I buy will probably have it. The Ollie is an exception, but that too will soon have Siri, Google or Alexa integrated into it's systems. Ask ChatGPT what it thinks 😉 Charlie.
  8. Most use the 712 to monitor the total flow to/from their batteries. You only need BT - no cell or WiFi. It's the easiest way to know what's happening in your Ollie. Turn on something and you can watch the flow from the batteries change. Soon, you'll be much more knowledgeable about your energy use. I wouldn't want to be without a 712. Charlie. Note: it's the black thing in the picture with the negative leads running through it.
  9. And I'd have no wife 😜 Charlie.
  10. Seriously, I'm not an "expert." But at first glance it appears they are mixing watts and amps. In our real world, we use about 120 amps a day and on most sunny days our 340 watts of panels keeps up with us. That's with frig, furnance, water on LP and minimal use of microwave, coffee pot and 120 TV for movies at night. Charlie.
  11. Because their answer is not "real world?" ðŸĪŠ Charlie.
  12. I simply reversed the +/- leads within Ollie - it's now matches my non-Zamp portables. Charlie.
  13. Good choice! I too would like access through that area if you can find it. Charlie.
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