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  1. Note X-Chocks and similar items need re-tightened as tires cool - sometimes more than once.
  2. As a past insurance agent during the 1960s and trying to remember my old business law courses in college, the phrase "care, custody and control" come to mind. I personally have always carried an umbrella policy as you never know what may happen next... like repercussions from giving advice on a site like this. Did I say that out loud? Charlie.
  3. I'd caution eliminating that factory return as it's placed in the area of least airflow resistance. Put another way, you are playing with more than just a simple sail switch - you're literally playing with fire as most Ollie owners do not have the proper equipment needed to measure the required furnace manufacturer's airflows and static pressures created by altering the factory inflow/outflows. Charlie
  4. Note that lithium batteries are not all the same as their internal battery management systems ultimately dictate how they respond to being energized. Charlie.
  5. There are basic rules that apply in almost all mechanical air movement (think physics.) You need more return air available than air supplied (think sizing of vents/ducts.) The further the return from the unit, the more resistance in that returning air (think restriction similar to water/hydraulic piping.) Supplied air that cannot return requires the unit to seek that missing air from elsewhere (shutting the bathroom door stops the bathroom circulation and if the bathroom vent/window is open it then requires the unit to suck air from around cabin windows, doors, weeps, etc.) And then the one that everyone is complaining about... "short cycling" refers to air that returns to the unit from a supply vent located too close to the return air - perhaps the simple solution to that is using a 12v fan on low to stir/mix the cabin air - that works. Charlie
  6. As a retired forensic engineer who specialized in indoor air quality and ventilation for 40 years, I AGREE !!! Charlie
  7. We purchased a three point (1000#) tongue weight dolly (manual) just to move Ollie II on level concrete-floored barn . It torqued and collapsed during first attempt to move the Ollie II over just two feet. Returned it! Charlie
  8. Ours is always up when towing. It's never came down while towing.
  9. Ours - over the stove - glows faintly when it's very, very dark. If you close your eyes, you can't see it! Charlie.
  10. From their online manual: "If used in a wet bath environment, the Villa should be protected from directly getting wet as it contains an electric fan and high humidity will inhibit the drying of solid waste." Charlie.
  11. And Arizona heat🔥 Charlie
  12. Maybe the younger ones should pay attention to the mostly retired... I find the Ollie 2 a very good boondocker with great road clearance. Just saying... Charlie.
  13. We bought a digital-powered pump from Harbor Freight (in lieu of installing a truck-mounted pump for our air bags). We set the PSI needed, push the button and it fills about 0.5 PSI beyond the setting so when you unclip the air hose it is at the right amount. Sure works well for us as we can use it anywhere - no long 12v cords - no long air hoses. Charlie.
  14. Sleeping with my peripheral neuropathy affected feet near the battery vault, I use a rechargeable USB hand warmer (aka foot warmer) to take the chill off. It's kinda like bricks placed at the foot of the bed in days past - except it stays warm all night. Charlie.
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