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  1. As a previous Airstream owner, I found more value in the Oliver. The $20k increase includes improvements and upgrades. But if price is a problem for you, there are used units available from time to time - just be aware that unlike other TTs they don't lose value very fast. Here's hoping all your retirement plans go as planned. Charlie
  2. We've been HH members since early on. We don't think it's necessarily a bargain as we only use it a few times a year - BUT we have never been disappointed in our stays, which are mostly at wineries. Frankly it's great way to drink and NOT drive. We'd recommend them. Charlie.
  3. We've always closed all openings when towing. Airflows over/around the towed Ollie can create all kinds of unwanted airflows from other places (window slider seals, drainage openings, black/grey tank vents, etc.) - JMO from a forensic engineer. Charlie.
  4. Many of us (including me) left Airstream for Oliver superiority.
  5. Dusk in the San Juan National Forest in Colorado last week. The string of lights are Jackery Camping Lights on low. They are 2.5 watts. Charlie.
  6. Our Arizona to Colorado trip found us paying in the area of $4.50 for 85/87 last weekend. 🤑
  7. Arron and Chris on the Irene Iron videos got a Ford Tremor to pull their heavy Outdoors RV. You might check out their experiences with it. As an FYI, we looked at their RV choice and veto'd it as the interior wasn't what we wanted. We liked the heavy frame and very large holding tanks designed for boondocking. But the interior was dark, dreary and cheap. The one we looked at was "ready" for delivery but there were screens in upside down, drawers with the wrong finish installed in the wrong place, an overhead light that wouldn't come on and moldings that were coming loose. Made me wonder why they had a 9 month backorder issue. Charlie.
  8. I don't see where anyone mentioned filling the frige too full as to not allow the air to circulate well within. Charlie.
  9. We use a foaming silicone spray for this and so many other things that needs a lub that doesn't pick up grit and grime. Charlie.
  10. I think it is the reason it's not in the book, but frankly an addendium should be provided to the owner specific for their Hull. Charlie.
  11. Consider taping the gel coat surface in the area of cutting. Charlie.
  12. Be sure to check the dimensions and weight of portables. I have two 100's from GoalZero. They are heavy! Charlie.
  13. We had the same problem - a crew cab truck would not fit in our garage. We ended up with a 2021 Ram 1500 eHemi DUAL cab - same as other's extended cab. The pedals are adjustable. The gas V8 Hemi engine is plenty powerful. We average about 14 mpg. We use the factory tow/haul option and we have pulled our E2 more than 5000 miles without an Anderson hitch. We had no sway problems - BUT we just added the pesking hitch (as John calls it) because of porpoising on overpasses, etc. Charlie
  14. We had a 3500 MB Airstream Sprinter - we never towed with it - it had a 5k tow rating. My concern would not be the power of the sprinter - but its wind issues are a problem without towing. If you select the shorter E towed by a 2500 - I'd think there may be little problem if using an Anderson hitch. If you select the longer E2, I'd give some serious thought about wind issues. Charlie
  15. With a 2021 Ram 1/2 ton eHemi pulling an E2 with a camping load in the bed... A recent 5000 mile trip through mountains and flatlands got as good as 16.5 mpg and as poorly as 11.5 mpg per tank of gas. The best day was with tailwinds - the worse day was climbing elevation from 1200 ft to 7000 feet. We typically average around 14 mpg at 65 mph per tank on days without head/tail winds. The Ram has lots of pulling power and the tow/haul function holds the cruise except on VERY long 6 degree down grades. Charlie.
  16. I understand Discount Tire now owns Tire Rack... Charlie
  17. Has a factory reset been done on the inverter? I think there was fairly recent post about how to do that. Memories can get scrambled... Charlie
  18. Trainman, Glad to hear it as I have a similar set-up (dual cab as the crew won't fit in our garage.) 🙂 Charlie
  19. As previous Airstream owners, we too felt the E2 ticked all our boxes - and eliminated so many problems with other designs. The idea of the cabinets molded into the unit meant never having to reinforce screw holes. When you analyze the many things - so many things - that Oliver has built into their design, it makes one smile. And, as production continues, they seem to listen to those of us commenting on their product. Good choice! Charlie
  20. We too use the Champion 2500 dual, but only use it with LP, which makes it an 1850 watts unit. It runs our AC with soft-start without a problem. Love it! Charlie.
  21. We have had Solis Skyroam for a couple of years. We bought the device, but found Skyroam simply would not connect in some areas (like Lake Powell, AZ). We can see using it oversees, but frankly, we don't use it much because our $45 a month 5G T-Mobile hotspot works almost everywhere and it's 100 GBs a month. Charlie.
  22. Karin, John told you correctly and most likely you are not getting a full charge on the lithiums from just the solar panels. If you add up the wattage for those items you'll see CPAPs can be pretty energy thirsty over a sleep period. I'm assuming the inverter is running and that, along with the parasitic draws occurring all the time... like your smoke & LP monitors discharge additional amounts. Like ScubaRx said, a shunt answers all you questions about battery useage. Charlie.
  23. Alerts? We don't have the Lithionix upgrade. We have self-installed Battleborn with Victron equipment. The Victron apps can alert/alarm via software settings. Charlie.
  24. 2021 Ram eHemi & E2 - We just completed a three week 4500 mile trip from Arizona to Michigan and back... Had wind everyday! We got as high as 16.5 one day with tailwinds and as low 11.5 with headwinds - averaged 12.6 overall running mostly 65 mph (some 70 toward the end of the trip as I could tell the barn door was open.) FYI, we were loaded - took waaaay too much stuff with us. My bad habit! Charlie.
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