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Small Generator sale banned in California?


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I’m for it, though I understand that the generator part of the bill is contingent on a study to see how feasible it is (mainly for construction).

I admit that there have been a few times when having a generator would have been nice, but I think both those were entirely due to having a bad battery at the time and not realizing it. Aside from that, we’ve done very well with our setup, despite having the constant draw of a DC fridge (something I would not do again).  Though of course we don’t camp in AC season.  

It seems from posts here that Oliver’s premium battery package is pretty popular, despite the premium price. I have no doubt that they would do well to offer the same tier of solar package to match those batteries.  280 usable Ah of battery storage and 500 W of solar to match is ample for anyone wanting to leave a generator at home (sans AC, natch).  That’s easily done and could be offered at a reasonable price.

Also, I think the new generation of hybrid trucks with built in generators will have a bigger effect on RV generator sales than this ban, though that effect will probably take a while to be apparent.

What’s needed next, and dearly, is a new generation of efficient AC units for RVs. Perhaps this bill and others like it will help prod that along.  

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I didn't look at the vid, but I did a quick web search on the topic.  The ban will include lawnmowers and leaf blowers as well.  Basically any small gasoline engines.

From what I can tell they will not be prohibiting the use of these small engines (yet), but will ban the sale of new ones that don't meet zero emissions.  

I am all for setting goals to reduce pollution and greenhouse gases.  However, sometimes it seems that good intentions are not always well thought out.  Modern battery  technology has made tremendous strides with equipment that has been traditionally powered by gas engines.  There is no current wizardry that will make a battery produce energy rather than just store it.  It is silly to include gas powered generators in this legislation.  The technology to replace them with zero emission equipment simply does not exist at this time.

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My point in bringing this topic to light was to warn anyone that is thinking about getting a gas powered generator to think twice before buying.  Certainly a dual fuel would make more sense even if it was only to protect oneself from laws such as this.


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16 minutes ago, Boudicca908 said:

In Florida, every time a hurricane takes the power out for days (weeks) at a time, generators prove useful. 

I’m sure that’s one of the things that they’ll have to deal with in the final set of rules, much like construction generators, etc.  My understanding is that the law that passed is more or less a statement of intent, and gives until the middle of next year to actually have the details worked out.

I ran across this old article (2011) that compares small engine emissions to those of vehicles, and it’s amazing just how bad things like generators are. That’s why I say that these new hybrid trucks are going to make a big change - a large truck V8 doesn’t just produce less emissions than a little leaf blower, it produces orders of magnitudes less. And they’re quieter too. I really think they’re the way to go for the RV world and the moment they make a hybrid Raptor, I’m in. 

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