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Dinette Sleeping?


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I’ve searched and can find nothing on use of the dinette in an Elite I for sleeping. Is it realistic for a 5’10” 220# man to sleep there? I may be traveling with a friend of 50 years and I wouldn’t want to lose a friendship over a sketchy sleeping arrangement. I’m trying to avoid a tow vehicle upgrade, so an Elite II is out of the question.

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That really depends on the person. The small dinette is roughly 24 x 72, so physically possible, yes. This is about the size of the seat (not arms) of a standard 4 seater sofa, or a standard sleeping bag. Someone who sleeps restlessly,  or starfish sleeper, would have a hard time. I'd personally be ok with it. I would, however, likely make a quilted pad and velcro it to the side of the hull at night. 

Back in the day, Oliver offered a twin bed plan for the Elite, with a slightly wider bed at the rear, and the 24" side bunk, which allowed for an additional cabinet, and a fold down table.

I knew two couples ( @ScubaRx and a couple from Texas) who had the twins. Scubarx upsized to the Elite II.  The couple from Texas kept theirs a few years, and traded for a 5th wheel. His wife was never a fan of compact campers.

A friend of mine converted her Casita (similar floorplan) to two twins to take her handicapped friend camping. She adapted the full size bed in back to a 39" twin for her friend, and took the smaller bed for herself. This opened up the cabin space a little to make it easier on her friend.

Maybe scubarx will chime in with his thoughts. 

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I toured an Elite in Titusville whose single owner has elected to use the dinette as her permanent bed, so that she can use the couch and table in back full-time. I asked her about this, as I was trying to decide between LE1 and LE2 -- and thinking about my past experience sleeping on a narrow inflated pad made me realize that I would NOT want to try to sleep on that narrow surface full-time if it was elevated. I roll frequently -- side, back, side -- a narrow surface is okay" on the ground, because there's not too much fear in falling off. But the few times I've been elevated on a narrow surface, I am constantly wide awake when I need to adjust. No bueno. 

Sorry I don't know the Titusville owner's Hull # -- or if she is on the forum -- but maybe someone else here knows. She might provide good feedback for you -- her name is Dr. Marsha Ely. 

Oliver Elite II Twin   Tow Vehicle: Chevy Silverado 2500HD diesel



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