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GLUT of Used RV's and Trailers For Sale

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Oliver is the exception.  The reputation of Oliver is survived by those who own and owned an Oliver.  I have only touched an Oliver II for less than twenty minutes south of Ouray, Colorado three or more years ago. This impressed my curiosity and interest in the Oliver Brand.

Plenty of Airstreams being reconditioned by Airstream Dealers and not local dealers.

Locally on Craigslist there are 321 listings... although some are Dealer multiples.  There is a lot in my town with Boats, RV's and Trailers... no Olivers or Airstreams.

Even though Oliver Trailers are among the hard to find for resale, they are still being manufactured and evolving to modern technology and the demands. SOME but not ALL Trailer Customers are interested in Full Electrical RV's or Trailers..  

The market of Trailers will be seriously impaired by the cost of Gasoline and Diesel fuels for the tow vehicles.  It may be temporary.  Or not. This may continue or change as fast as the Oil Market was altered to favor 'clean electric sources of power'.  Even Lithium Batteries have a very interesting transition from Ore Deposits to Lithium Battery. I was very surprised as to the Lithium supply system.

Some percentages of buyers of Airstream and Oliver Trailers discover that there is more to owning, towing, maintaining and expenses traveling. RV Sites will be charging more, especially for those needing high amperage electrical hookups. This will come as a 'surprise' to New Trailer Owners... that never considered incidental costs, insurance, license plates and tow vehicle needs.

Have you noticed FULL Other Brand Dealer Lots?  I have.  Used and New. Some Dealers are buying late models and cleaning them up for sale on the lot to get TOP Prices for used trailers.  Dealers seem to be buying their own brands from the public to resell on their Lots.  There now seems to be a Glut for sale.

Has anyone else experienced or noticed? I am in the Las Vegas, Nevada area.  Much like the rush to pay top dollar for a used home today... I have seen this before.  You sell, but what you pay for replacement... is higher.  Then the market is... flooded with homes for sale. The Glut. Will this be the fate of only Some Other Brand of Trailers? Will Airstream and Oliver demand and prices drop once production resumes... in record numbers?  Your guess is as good, if not better than my expectations.  Living through the 1970's was an eye opener for a young family buying BEFORE the hype and bust.   Will the RV and Trailer Industry discover that the market has changed?

 No Oliver 1's & 2's... but anything Else... plenty to go around.




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I haven’t been looking much at other trailers.  We do have a couple of nationwide mega dealers close by and I saw their lots were pretty empty for a while but seem to be filling back up.  I’ve also noticed prices for houses in our area are going up and I keep getting calls from “realtors” that want to buy my home, for a good price.  But, then I would either have to full time in my Oliver or buy another home at equally inflated prices!  I think Oliver (and some of the other fiberglass makes) and Airstream will continue to do well.  Used models of SOB stick and staples will sell for cheap and probably won’t be in use long.  Mike

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Nice homes in our area are commanding a premium and moving quickly. New car lots are still pretty empty.  RV dealerships are trying to return to normal inventory levels. 

If I was trying to sell a used Oliver I’d wait a couple months until they announce the 2023 pricing for future orders. That fear of inflation and the 10 month wait is what drives up the used value of these trailers. Everyone knows the quality is consistently good and they last a long time.  One thousand trailers produced is still relatively nothing in total RV sales so demand will probably remain pretty high.  Only way almost new trailers start to come down in price quickly is a big downturn in the stock market and multiple buyers pull out giving up their deposit. This would allow future buyers to step in, buy at the previous years price, and not have a long waiting period. 

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