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  1. You’re probably going to be at 100% capacity for both payload and towing. IMO that’s marginally ok for driving a boat 20 mins to the lake or bringing home some sand for the kids. However, for towing a camper a reasonable distance I would not recommend it. I’d recommend a half ton… Please take a picture of the sticker on your drivers side door jam, I’m almost positive it will not show a 1600 lb payload.
  2. I was told Oliver did not add a Victron Multiplus when they switched to the solar controller because of space constraints. However, one huge advantage Victron has over the competition is the ability share the sources of power at all times. It can pull from the generator, solar, and batteries to easily power the AC. This would allow a small generator to be used while shallow cycling the batteries.
  3. This sounds like a great package to me. I’d op for a 2500 w/o the plow or camper package. Rides a lot smoother unloaded or with a smaller trailer and still has a lot of available payload. Costco just started the extra $1k off Silverado HD pickups. That will stack with the employee discount and any other available rebates. Around these parts contractors et al are always looking for HD work trucks for their crews that are in good condition. Used trucks demand top dollar.
  4. I talked with a Honda rep this past week regarding the 3200. They used stronger magnets and a higher rpm to get the output numbers. The fuel burn is very impressive, it could run forever on 6 gallons of gas. I might give it a try if it drops below $2.6k.
  5. I’m curious if a similar mod could be added to the recpro units?
  6. Your GVWR is 8,750. You need the empty weight of your truck as optioned to subtract from that number. I think you made a great choice for the TV. Larger brakes, higher payload, etc. Also the color will match perfectly with your new Oliver!
  7. We purchased a new trailer this spring and wanted the newer panels, solar controller, and different charger/inverter. I tried to get Oliver to just mount the brackets but they were still unsure (at the time) how the upgraded panels would mount. I want to say the price was around $2k for them to pull the wires and mount the panels (you provide). The newer panels and victron controller is around $600ish. Still haven’t upgraded our trailer, too busy this year.
  8. GM started using the eco (tech) name around 2000 ish. All diesel engines over 25ish hp have some sort of filter on the exhaust. Those that are above 75ish hp are also required to have def.
  9. Wow, that was hard for me to watch. I could almost feel the residual stress as they rolled in late at night with 8 or 9 percent left. That equates to less than 10 miles of range… Stopping every 80-100 miles for well over an hour and close to two if everything doesn’t go perfectly? This was under ideal conditions weather wise and no other charging traffic. Very enlightening, not something we’re going to try any time soon.
  10. Currently in our area diesel is about 15% more expensive than regular. Seems reasonable given the higher stored energy. Normally I expect 25 to 30% better mpg but higher maintenance costs for sure. With our one ton pulling the E2 we get just over 15 with the cruise set on 70, higher on the backroads. I’m curious what a gas 3/4 or 1 ton would get with the cruise set at 70…
  11. I’ve had a cyclo unit for over a decade. It’s nice but heavy. I’d probably go with a smaller unit like the PC…I’ll have to look up the exact model.
  12. My A&P has one, it’s really nice looking and he reported 28 ish mpg. I absolutely would get that engine over the gas option which I’ve been told is gutless with a trailer. Carefully check the payload as I think the oil burner is only available on the higher (heavier) trims.
  13. Along with different tires I noticed Oliver changed the wheels recently. I’m not a huge fan so far but I’m sure they’ll grow on me.
  14. The link that John posted above has this Plug Adapter referenced. It basically uses one of the 120v legs to power your camper through your normal cord RV power cord. The two legs of 120 power (in your truck) are 180 degrees out of phase with each other. They cannot be combined (spliced) and I doubt many/any RV’s utilize appliances that require 240v. The 50 amp RV plug used in larger trailers just distributes each leg separately to different appliances/outlets in the trailer. Ideally generators would like the two 120v legs used evenly as far amp draw is concerned. I’m not sure if this is an issue with the ford truck outlet.
  15. A little late for @Trainman but I’ve had very good luck with Odyssey batteries. Incredibly long life and good storage capacity for an AGM. A single pc1750 might make the perfect battery for an always connected trailer.
  16. Probably the best idea to quickly get back on the road is buy a spare hub with a new bearing installed. With some simple tools and a torque wrench you could easily be back on the road in short order.
  17. I don’t think we’ll see the $675 again during the sale. BB recently increased the price by $75 on the 100 amp versions. My guess is $750 during the blemished sale…
  18. My 2002 1500 is rusting to pieces…however I still use it to bash snow piles during the winter months. I just can’t kill it and prefer to take the abuse out on it vs the 2021 one ton that replaced it. I have to say in your shoes I’d sell the 2018 and let the dodge pull the Oliver full time.
  19. @Minnesota Oli did a nice install a while back…Link I’m probably going to go with three BB batteries or one of the 315ah lithionics units.
  20. The pro looks nice but at almost 70k for a half ton I’m not sure the value is there (IMO). It’ll be interesting to see how it compares to the raptor. Slightly disappointed the $3.5k hybrid option is not available on the SR5, looks like it starts on the limited and up.
  21. Interesting, with the higher cfm capability of the 13.5 it might move the same air on low as the small does on high. That would be a 7db difference which is substantial.
  22. I’m not sure what the actual numbers are for the two units. The screenshots below are from the user manuals and probably represent worst case scenarios…
  23. Any updates? Curious how the new Tundra behaves with an Oliver behind it.
  24. It’ll fly on one…you just need a strong right leg for the rudder/gas pedal.
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