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  1. Could you provide a picture of the new inverter and charger or inverter/charger? One possible problem if you have an older charger is sometimes the inrush current is too high with that charger. This will momentarily cause your voltage to drop and trip off the EMS. With a cheap 2k watt generator like a powerhouse (or possibly a lower wattage nice gen) eco mode cannot be used.
  2. 2021 Chevy 3500 diesel
  3. Just an FYI for those looking to buy a battery from Epoch. They had a 15% off discount during the holidays which is done now. However, you can use the code ROLL10 for a 10% discount right now.
  4. Please understand that the limit of 200amps (really 400 amps because you’re buying two batteries and wiring them in parallel) will never be an issue. That is a massive amount of current would never flow through the 7 pin wire. Any dc/dc charging off the tow vehicle will require heavy gauge wire to be added from the truck battery/alternator back to the trailer and a dc/dc charger.
  5. Epoch recently had the 460ah battery at $1700 and it appears they have sales on them fairly often. One advantage of the 460 model IMO is the included external battery gauge and on/off switch. If you’re looking to keep the rest of the equipment the same in your trailer the extras might be beneficial. Having said that, with the current pricing I might be tempted to buy just one 300ah battery. It will likely provide more usable power than your current setup and is a very economical option. Many on here have gone with 3 100ah BB units and find that capacity works great.
  6. Quality trade ins would be a huge benefit. Oliver trailers are made to last a long time and could provide an amazingly healthy second hand market. Does anyone have the updated (after Jan 1st) price sheet?
  7. I would not switch from a 3 way to 2 way fridge unless you have a large lithium battery setup. Sometimes you can’t find a sunny camping location to feed the solar. For extra food capacity necessary for longer trips I would consider a portable cooler set to freezer mode. For the health of the lithium it might be nice to run the fridge on 120v and bring the SOC of the batteries off the stops when using shore power.
  8. WOW, I think I found my next purchase for the trailer! That is exactly what I want with every feature I need. Almost bought the battle born 8d in November, this unit looks massively better.
  9. That’s a picture of the old battery. The picture that had one new battery installed was the one in question. However, the important thing is he now has four good quality batteries that are wired correctly and charging properly!
  10. The lower left battery does have a red cap on the neg terminal which is not an issue. However, the new battery was installed and either the caps were swapped (neg for pos) or the battery has the positive on the right side (they make batteries both ways). The picture does not show the terminal identification but with the weird meter readings it might make sense (trying to wire the old batteries in parallel with the new one in series - however, connecting in a loop would destroy all the batteries).
  11. Cort, I hate to say it but to me it looks like you reversed the polarity with the new battery you installed. I would strongly suggest having an RV shop install the new batteries. They might need to make up a new jumper cable or two depending on how the new batteries fit.
  12. I’m not sure what generator he’s using. Some have a separate switch/breaker for power output even if the engine is running. Was just spitballing ideas, not really applicable now since he is getting power to the trailer. I agree that @DonnaDuane needs to plug the trailer in to shore power using the main side power cord. If everything works then plug the generator in using the same cord. If that works move to the front power input and see if that works. The transfer switch could be failing or the new wire added might have caused a problem with how it functions.
  13. Most of the new wet cell batteries sold now, including the ones Oliver uses, are non serviceable “sealed” batteries. I would personally pay a little extra and have the RV shop install the batteries and check to make sure everything is ok. Make sure none of the wires have chafing that might be causing a short. Watch the voltage closely on the monitor and try hard not to discharge the battery bank below 12.2 volts. Fully charge whenever possible and have a great trip!
  14. Looks like 4 12v batteries wired in parallel. If you know which battery is bad remove it and continue on. With the batteries over 4 years old and if you are not sure of the history I would replace them all with a couple lithium units or new wet cell batteries if you want to keep things the same.
  15. One disadvantage of using an adapter like this the direct connection to your smoker will not properly protect it (the cord or unit) as well with a 30amp breaker vs 15/20amp unit. Otherwise it sounds like a good idea. I’m curious what the voltage difference would be inside the trailer using the adapter. Will there be a voltage drop in the camper because of the adapter, especially if something like the AC or Microwave is used? Or will the voltage remain higher in the trailer when the smoker/adapter is being used because the shore power cord is not being stressed as much?
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