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  1. I’m looking at models from a FR mini lite 2509s to a AS flying cloud 28. Both, from opposite sides of the price spectrum, have a better layout for our family. Just trying to get a durable relatively trouble free unit that will provide an enjoyable vacation experience. Also planning on sharing the trailer with my parents and in-laws so it will be used as a (retired) couples trailer some of the time. I’d rather not maintain another engine and running gear for something that could sit a month or two between uses. Thanks for all the suggestions so far. The disc-o-bed looks nice and gives me an idea of adding the cradles to the sides of the trailer (making custom brackets). The bed could easily be deployed and stored when not in use and with a thin foam topper might be very comfortable.
  2. My mission for an Oliver is probably different from the normal demographic buying these units. My guess is the pending/recently retired group along with the Dual Income No Kids couples make up a big chunk of the owners. I’m looking for an RV that… keeps us together as a family unit for the next six ish years. allows us to comfortably push 750-1.5k miles to get to the destination (quick night stops along the way). allows the adults to relax outside with a beverage after the kids go down. facilitates me slipping out of the camper a few hours early to capture first light. In all of those situations I don’t want to be tripping over one of them or dealing with negotiations before or during the trip with who’s on the floor. I push hard on my time off and need a trailer that can keep up with my schedule.
  3. You should be fine with those specs. However, when ordering your unit you’ll probably want to avoid the front basket and go with the rear hitch carrier instead. Resist the urge to fill the back of your tow vehicle and instead pack it into the camper.
  4. With the longer wheelbase, high base curb weight, and the probability it’s based on a half ton truck chassis I think it might make a great tow vehicle. I wouldn’t give up on it too quickly. What is the payload of your EL?
  5. That’s a really good idea. Do you happen to have the inside measurement from sidewalls? I’d like to keep the dinette set up as a couch during the day just for extra space on rainy days. Probably all sleeping surfaces will have a foam topper cut to size and stored on the raised platform bed during the day.
  6. Both kids are currently under 5 so ideally I’d like to keep them inside for awhile. Also I tend to push hard on vacations (to the mountains/beaches/parks) and it would be nice not to set up camp every night while in transit. I was curious about the hatches to provide access to mounting hardware from the underside of the benches.
  7. I need four twin sized beds or an Oliver is a no go for our family. Has anyone ever added the structure required to bring an extra family member? It would need to be removable, able to support 150 ish lbs, and be aesthetically pleasing. Currently I’m thinking a raised platform at the back of the trailer. The structure would stop at the bottom of the windows and would probably be made of walnut or maple. The extra person, my son or daughter in this case, would sleep sideways over the foot end of the twins below. Does anyone have any pictures showing the back end of an EII without cushions? What access do the porthole covers below the bench provide? Thanks for the help!
  8. Values are hard to judge right now. As you said above used cars are selling for almost new values right now. Used put away wet units are commanding top values as well. Used stick built RV’s less than 3 years old are selling for new prices. Used Oliver’s are selling for 10-15k less than current prices. If Oliver keeps raising prices like they have over the past 5 years a unit equipped like you want will cost 100k (~25% increase in 5 years). I could easily see how you could sell a used unit in the future for a profit. What will a $30k stick built be worth during that same timeframe? IMO it depends on inflation and what new units are selling for.
  9. It’s a hard decision I’m dealing with as well. Spent the past couple of weeks looking at various models. Some are dirt cheap construction that will fall apart in a few years of heavy use. Others like the geo pro and mini lite visually look like a huge step up in quality while still being really cheap. The problem I’m having is a model like the mini lite 2509s is set up much better for my usage (family of 4 w/dog) vs the EII. So I ask myself why spend 2.5x the amount for something that doesn’t work as well for the family? We’ll I’m hesitant because we’ve owned aircraft for decades and a cheap plane is anything but…
  10. I would think with the crazy high used truck values right now you could sell your taco for a song. That would go a long way to the perfect tow vehicle.
  11. Wished I could find an Oliver to rent for the week. Normally I fly over for a few days every year but this time we are planning on staying the week. Ideally I’ll rent some type of RV for the week and bring my father or son. If not we’ll fly over early Thursday morning and stay for a couple days.
  12. I like this layout in the 27-28 foot 8.5 width trailer. A dry bath would be great along with the extra convertible bed.
  13. Curious if the cost of fiberglass follows the futures values of other building supplies like lumber? Has the cost of fiberglass come back down to realistic prices again or is the demand still too high?
  14. With a young family of four I’d need sleeping arrangements for everyone if I’m hauling around a larger trailer and a smaller wallet.
  15. Great responses so far! I was being slightly sarcastic with the fast lane topic. I was really looking for a constant mpg doing 70 vs 55 ish that always clogs up the highway in Michigan. Looks like the aerodynamics of the Oliver allows this while getting really good mileage. We have a 1 ton duramax and I’m always towing 7-12k everywhere I go. Like BoB mentioned you can’t even tell there’s something back there (performance/safety wise).
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