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  1. I’m planning on a ARB 50 size unit in the truck. No reason to worry about keeping food cold. For our family of four I’m sure it’ll pay for itself on the first trip, eating out can get expensive!
  2. @RV Newbie The 12v and 120v circuits are isolated in the trailer. Your xantrax inverter/charger will use your generator/shore power to charge the batteries and provide 120 to the rest of your trailer. You can set the incoming current limit so it does not overload your generator. It’s your responsibility to limit 120 usage (microwave, AC, etc) during this charge cycle so the generator can provide continuous clean power.
  3. I do feel the buyer of a 3/4 ton+ diesel pickup is less concerned about mpg and more about power and towing capacity. They are paying an additional $10k for the capability vs the $1k upgrade on the Tahoe. My guess the small duramax is a low profit margin option and might be replaced with a hybrid in the future, but I sure hope not.
  4. My guess is they might do a Truma package upgrade…meaning the AC, tankless water heater, and maybe a new Truma furnace (wag). Something like this (or just the AC) might be an upgrade above what the price increase is for the 2023 model year. IMO I wouldn’t wait if you’re only talking a couple of months later to order.
  5. I spotted it and overlander recognized it on their Facebook page. Info is not released by them yet…probably so they don’t get blasted by request before it’s officially released. *If* they allow us to upgrade I’m sure we’ll pay the full list price on the truma and a separate full install labor fee. Probably a $3k service center install with a $0 trade in value on the Dometic…
  6. One positive thing is they are willing to retrofit older trailers with the Truma unit. Unfortunately the fridge upgrade will be long after ours is delivered.
  7. Nice homes in our area are commanding a premium and moving quickly. New car lots are still pretty empty. RV dealerships are trying to return to normal inventory levels. If I was trying to sell a used Oliver I’d wait a couple months until they announce the 2023 pricing for future orders. That fear of inflation and the 10 month wait is what drives up the used value of these trailers. Everyone knows the quality is consistently good and they last a long time. One thousand trailers produced is still relatively nothing in total RV sales so demand will probably remain pretty high. Only way almost new trailers start to come down in price quickly is a big downturn in the stock market and multiple buyers pull out giving up their deposit. This would allow future buyers to step in, buy at the previous years price, and not have a long waiting period.
  8. Beyond hitch height I would also research if your vehicle has a 7 pin trailer connector and a integrated brake controller. These systems can be installed on most vehicles but it won’t be a quick trip down to Walmart to get the parts. I’m not familiar with Ascent, 4 cyl CVT like the outback?
  9. Well I have a growing stack of Victron boxes in my closet and will probably be the only delivery this year without solar. So I will be working hard to make my trailer the way I want it. Still can’t understand why they won’t install the solar panels without forcing two more indicator panels cut out of the interior… I’m going to beg the service department to help on some of the upgrades, hopefully they’ll have some extra time to assist.
  10. I’d personally run a 4 gauge wire bundle out the front with an Anderson connector. This could be used to attach a dc to dc charger for charging from your alternator, an external solar panel (with its own controller), or an an external 12 volt power source for possibly a powered cooler in a truck bed.
  11. My guess is those portable panels do not come with a controller attached. It appears they are designed to interface with the portable power station. I’d suggest installing a quality MPPT controller near the battery bank vs having it attached to the panels.
  12. Does the fan run continuously when your trailer is plugged into an outside power source? With the batteries turned off the inverter is acting like a transfer switch and IMO the fan should be off.
  13. You need to talk to @SeaDawg, no reason you can’t do both 😉!
  14. Very interested to see what your sticker shows for payload. I’ve been surprised by the large variance reported by reviewers/owners. That location seems too far away from the engine. Normally I see the cats closer to the headers vs tailpipe. Are you sure it was the catalytic converter?
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