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Dogs and Traveling Options for 'Dog's Best Friend': Human Beans

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We travel with two Blue Heelers.  They travel in Pet Porters on the back seat, with a blanket folded on the seat to protect wear and tear.  When loading our Heelers, I extend the Petstep to their Pet Porter and each Heeler is happy to walk up the ramp and into their Pet Porter.

The Petstep is also convenient to use for access in and out of our trailer. We raised our trailer with a 3 inch lift and swapped out from the stock 15 inch tires to 16 inch Michelins. This raised the first step higher and the Petstep is good for Human Beans, as well.

The Petstep was purchased some years ago, so you will need to search the Internet.  It is 72 inches long unfolded, 36 inches folded at the hinge and 17 inches wide.  I keep it in the back of the tow vehicle and pull it out at Service Station stops and anytime have traveled some time and we all need to get out and stretch our 8 legs.  It will take a few prompts to push the back of your dog to get the idea... and they catch on quickly.  I did, myself when adapted the ramp into our trailer.

When using the Petstep as a ramp access to your Oliver, I place a small footstool support near the middle of the ramp to reinforce it.

If you dog(s) jump out of the Pet Porter, they will step onto the edge of the door frame, first.  Then quickly go forward with their front paws to the ground. We do not want to injure the shoulders of either of our 'working dogs'. We may walk miles when we hike to explore areas we chose on a map as a 'places of interest'.

Your Dog will quickly adapt and it even works for us.

You may notice we have two Solar Panels mounted on the roof of the trailer and I added a portable from Costco (100 watt with Controller included for $99.00) for EXTRA charging.  When our AGM Interstate batteries are fully charged, the remote shuts off the power to the batteries... all... by itself.  Just a FYI.

I am posting this for your Dog.  This is not some kind of advertisement.  Your dog will lick you when you least expect it... and a ramp.





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Baxter, our 16 month old Australian Labradoodle, travels with us in the back seat of our Tundra.  We have a hammock that covers the entire back seat.  He has a dog bed on one end and blankets and toys.  He has a harness that is buckled in.  Today he stayed in the Kennel a Carlsbad Caverns for a couple hours. Then he joined us at a brew bub.  We had dinner. We brought Baxter's dinner and drink with us.  He's been to the groomer in Naples, and walked Bourbon Street inNew Orleans.  He makes friends everywhere.  Here he is as first mate in our summer camper!  He is the best! Still learning but just an awesome companion!!



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First let me say here, I like dogs and cats, but do I want one, NO. For us we are too independent and just don't want to have to deal with them at home, or camping. When camping if your dog if friendly to use we pet them and comment to there owner how nice there animal is, but when we walk away I tell my wife what a nice animal, but do I want one, NO. I will say here we live in the country and have a lake on our property and we have all the wild animals we want, we feed them and enjoy watching them, it pretty much takes care of or animal needs. 


2019 RAM 1500, 5.7 Hemi, 4X4, Crew Cab, 5'7" bed, Towing Package, 3.92 Gears. Oliver was sold.

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