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External Beeping Sound?

Ralph Mawyer

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We’re away for three weeks and my friend was checking in on our property. 

He noticed a beeping sound near/above the door.  It wasn’t louder inside, but unless the awning has a battery and low power notice we’re not sure what it is. 

My first thought was fire or monoxide sensor, but not local to each. 

Beep about every three to five seconds.  

I guess it could be in the hull and resonating to the outside,  but that seems like a stretch. 


2020 Legacy Elite II Hull 625 - 2013 Lexus LX 570

San Antonio/Boerne - Texas Hill Country

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There is a sensor module for the awning wind retraction system that has a battery that needs replaced every so often.  When the battery gets low the sensor starts chirping.  Not sure which power awning you have so check your owners manual for the details.  The sensor on ours is mounted on the inside surface of the outer extruded rail of the awning, around the midpoint of the rail. 

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Finally back at the house. It was the awning battery. The freezing weather killed the original Alkaline batteries I'm sure. Will use Lithium this time.


For future quick reference: 

Wind Sensor
If awning is equipped with a wind sensor, it is
located on inside surface of lead rail.
P1. Slide sensor cover from sensor base. Then de.
tach sensor from sensor cover. See (FIG. 😎 &
(FIG. 9).
2. Remove old alkaline batteries and discard. See
(FIG. 10).
Do NOT use rechargeable bat-
teries (NiMH, NiCD, etc.). Disposable Lithium or
Alkaline type batteries are recommended.

Install new batteries (size AA) in wind sensor.
See (FIG. 10).
Make sure battery polarity is matched cor-
rectly to battery compartment.
An LED will light momentarily (on circuit
board) when new batteries are installed.
See (FIG. 10).
4. Reattach wind sensor to sensor cover, and in-
stall onto sensor base securely. See (FIG. 😎 &

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2020 Legacy Elite II Hull 625 - 2013 Lexus LX 570

San Antonio/Boerne - Texas Hill Country

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