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Cold weather rating for RVs?

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24 minutes ago, Steve and MA said:

It seems Truma is developing a rating system for an RV's cold weather capabilities.  It will be interesting to see how our trailers compare if/when they test an Oliver.

Company wants to certify new RVs as good enough to live in during cold winter - RV Travel


Interesting. Thank you for sharing. I got to test mine down to about 16 degrees on my way home from Hohenwald. We were very comfortable. I have noticed the heat "blast" issue with the vents though. My vent by the beds is uncomfortably hot, while the bathroom's tend to be enough only to break the chill factor out of the air.

I still love my Ollie!

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Dave & Terri Mazone

2022 LII Hull #1019

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It makes sense and is understandable if all of the vents are fully open more hot air comes out under the bunk.  This vent is very close to the furnace.  If I remember correctly the bunk vent connects directly to the furnace.  You can moderate some by partly closing the vent.  In our trailer the kitchen and bathroom and on the same duct.  The bathroom vent is the furthest by far.  We were in 5 to 7 degree temps in New Mexico a few months back.  We did stay warm including the bathroom.  We did use a lot of propane!!!  We have read similar feedback about the bathroom being cooler.  I suspect this is somewhat normal.  This can be improved by adjusting the vent under the kitchen cabinets to partially closed.   It seems like your system is working just fine.  For others, If you're not getting heat into the bathroom or almost no air coming in it is possible that the air duct came lose.  Start under the curbside bunk to track it down.  Believe me, if it is lose, the best case scenario is that it came lose at the furnace.  We tend to leave our bathroom door open when parked unless we are at the dinette or using the bathroom.  We like as much air circulating as possible! Even in very cold temps we manually open the big fan just a little and partially open the bathroom vent.  I know others prefer to crack open a window as the heat rises!  

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