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  1. We’re confident that the folks at Oliver are doing their best to keep deliveries on schedule. When we initiated our order in February, we were told our LE2 would be ready for delivery December 15. By the time we put down our production line deposit in September the delivery date had been moved up to November 29, so we made our travel plans accordingly. Oliver contacted us about a month before our trip with the news that #969 wouldn’t be ready until January 3 due to supply chain issues. We have to plan ahead for time off from work, so we hope this date is firm.
  2. King Moon posted that he took delivery of hull #948 on November 11. He said his was the last 2021 to be delivered. Has anyone taken delivery of a 2022 Ollie? Two weeks ago our planned November 29 delivery was moved out five weeks later to January 3, the same relative delay as Coach and Jojo's but offset by one week. If early January deliveries like Jstones's have only been moved a couple of weeks instead of five, then there might be more deliveries at the end of December and early January than normal. While many seasoned owners are currently winterizing and storing their Oliver, us newbies may get to test its four season capability. Another positive with this delay is that the campgrounds may be filled with new owners while the factory catches up with deliveries, a kind of mini-rally. I hope the weather is nice enough to get out and mingle. January is the coldest month in Tennessee. My biggest concern about the change of delivery date is the increased chance of icy roads.
  3. We're keeping the GMC. It's a 1975 Glenbrook that was refurbished in the '90's by Clasco. The exterior paint and interior cabinets are in dire need of a refresh. The Onan 6000 is also a bit of a temperamental beast. The mechanicals are solid, with low miles on the engine and transmission, both rebuilt less than 10 years ago. It will be a long time before it's where we want it be. That's where the Ollie comes in. Our camping plans are no longer going to be determined by the the state of the GMC.
  4. Steve & Mary Allyn in San Antonio here, introducing ourselves to the group. Delivery of our LE II is just a few weeks away. It's supposed to hatch November 29. We had been considering an Ollie for a couple of years when last January we saw one by chance up close during a rest stop on a road trip. Its build quality and design aesthetic sells itself. We placed our order in February. As owners of a classic GMC motorhome we're not new to RV'ing, but this our first travel trailer. The LE II is a bit smaller inside than our GMC, but we're already familiar with a wet bath and small walk around space. We've enjoyed following this forum as our egg has been incubating. Thank you to the many contributors of the interesting and useful posts on this forum. The collective wisdom is awesome. We hope we'll soon be adding our experiences and ideas to benefit the community.
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