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Bathroom ceiling exhaust fan hack

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Someone else had posted this magnet idea and I don’t recall who, but thank you for the idea!  I’ve had an issue in the past with the bathroom ceiling fan cover popping open while traveling after Oliver had replaced the gasket on the cover during service a couple years ago.  Oliver had used a thicker gasket so the cover didn’t seat fully down in the closed position.  I had been stuffing a piece of foam into the handle when on the road to prevent it popping open and that worked, but I wanted something that looked a bit more professional/a bit nicer.   I replaced the gasket on the cover with a thinner gasket material, so the cover seats now seats fully in the down position.  But I still wanted something to secure it when down, and the previous magnet post came to mind.  Two of the door latch magnets fit perfectly on the metal sides of the handle while traveling to prevent the cover popping up. 
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A short piece of pipe insulation cut to length, (the tube type) works great, the type Home Depot sells. My wife just wedges it in between the handle and the cross bar when closed, never fell out, or vent pop open again.  


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4 minutes ago, John Dehne said:

I use a piece of 3/4 white PVC about 8” long. Works great


Looks like Oliver has changed suppliers for your model year Elite II bathroom fan.   Is the black button on the left of the handle the fan on/off switch or is it supposed to be a latch to hold the cover in the down position?

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