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The 7 Best Trailers for Retired Couples


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Congratulations! You’ve just retired and are deciding what to do with your golden years. All your kids have moved away, and you want to visit them more often, do some traveling, and stay active. With those goals in mind, you might consider buying a travel trailer.

Whether you decide to live in a travel trailer or buy one for vacations, you won’t regret your decision. There are amazing RV parks and places to stay all across the country, and you can see more of the world than you thought possible from the comfort of your home on the go.

The 7 Best Trailers for Retired Couples

Of course, you will want to get the absolute best trailer for your adventures. All of the trailers on this list are excellent and will pull behind a moderately sized truck or SUV. As a couple, your specific needs, both for mobility and ease of setup, might vary. It’s crucial that you research each brand before making your decision!

Oliver Legacy Elite II

Oliver is one of the most solid trailer brands available (and we’re not just saying that because it’s our brand). The Oliver Legacy Elite II is a great trailer because it has everything you need but is still small enough to tow and set up easily. There are multiple floor plans available, so you can choose a convertible dinette or a built-in bed.

The Oliver Legacy series is an excellent choice for new camper owners or those who want a small and compact camper. It will prove to be durable and last for many camping trips with the grandkids!

Jayco JayFlight

If you’re interested in living in a trailer full-time, you might be looking at something a little larger. Jayco Jayflight offers a full-time compact trailer that can be used as a temporary getaway or a permanent home for the best of both worlds.

Jayco is one of the most trusted names in travel trailers, and Jayflights are some of the company’s best-selling trailers. There are multiple floor plans to choose from, so you can pick your bed size, trailer length, and how spacious you want your living area to be.

Coachmen Spirit

The kids may be out of the house, but the dogs aren’t! An important feature of many travel trailers is how pet-friendly they are. In this category, the Coachmen Spirit is one of the best on the market. With various floorplans ranging from 24 to 40 feet, the Spirit has built-in spots for pups of all sizes.

There are multiple items you can customize with a Coachmen Spirit, from the color of the awning to the size of the bed. This trailer is an excellent option if you’re looking for a place to live and travel with your spouse and your pups.

Venture Sonic Light

The Venture Sonic Light provides the flexibility you need for more active adventures. Although it requires more legwork to get up and running and features a Murphy bed, this trailer fits a lot into a very, very tiny space.

If you want a spot to sleep, eat, and get ready for the day but want to spend the rest of your time outside, the Venture Sonic Light is a great, lightweight trailer to suit your needs. It has several floor plans and options for heavier or longer trailers.

Forest River R-Pod

If you want a travel trailer that is compact, extremely light, and comfortable, the Forest River R-Pod is a great choice. It’s not as light as pop-up trailers or true pod trailers, but the R-Pod is the lightest trailer on this list and weighs well under 5,000 pounds.

Like many pod trailers, the Forest River R-Pod has a teardrop shape to help navigate windy conditions and reduce gasoline usage. Unlike many pods, however, it has a full kitchen and bedroom and is suitable for longer or shorter trips.

Airstream Sport

If you are looking for a classic look, Airstream trailers have that iconic silver gleam. On the inside, they are just as classic and beautiful as on the outside. Although Airstream trailers don’t have slideouts and won’t have as much floor space, they make up for it in design choices.

With an Airstream Sport, you get all the classic beauty of an Airstream in a much lighter trailer. You can live in a Sport or save it for vacations. Either way, it’s a great choice for a retired couple on the go.

Winnebago Minnie Drop

The Winnebago Minnie Drop is a small trailer by one of the most famous trailer makers in the country. Winnebago has been making motorhomes and travel trailers for decades and specializes in mobile homes that are comfortable and easy to move around. 

The Winnebago Minnie Drop is one of the smallest that Winnebago offers (other than their pop-up trailers) and is perfect for a couple looking to get away for a weekend. Under 5,000 pounds, this trailer can be pulled by an SUV or small truck. 

What To Look for in a Travel Trailer

Before buying a travel trailer, you should consider some key factors. You should look at your budget and whether your car can tow the trailer, of course, but consider these factors as well:

  • Which trailers fit your budget
  • What kind of trailer do you need for your lifestyle
  • How active or stationary will you be
  • How long will you be staying in a trailer
  • Whether you’ll use the trailer for camping or living 
  • Where you’ll park the trailer while using it
  • The accessibility and ease of use of the trailer
  • How well will the trailer travel 
  • Whether the trailer needs extra fuel

Final Thoughts

To choose the right travel trailer, you need to know a little bit about trailers and a lot about what you plan to use them for. However, with this list and your own goals in mind, you should be able to find the perfect trailer for you and your spouse once you’ve retired and are ready to explore the world.

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