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power wont shut off

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We have our 2020 Ell parked at home under an awning. We turned the solar off at the driver side upper cabinet, and turned the battery switch off to our lithium batteries. The power button on the inverter panel to the right of the pantry doesn't seem to be working so I turned the inverter off under the driver side bed. I'd think there would be zero power to anything electrical however the lights still turn on. What am I doing wrong? My intent is to store my trailer for a few months without draining the batteries.

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We have an older trailer without any factory cut off switches.  Our inverter gets no power unless we’re connected to shore power.  When we replaced our AGM batteries with lithium, I installed a battery cut off switch which basically interrupts the ground side of the circuit.  You could disconnect/remove the main ground cable on your batteries and that would cut all 12v power to your trailer (lights).  I don’t turn off the solar, we store under shelter too.  Mike

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2 hours ago, Firecat918 said:

I'd think there would be zero power to anything electrical however the lights still turn on.

You didn't mention shore power.  I presume shore power is not connected, right?

The lights are 12V.  The inverter inputs 12V and outputs 120V.  The inverter cannot be powering your lights.  The lights are getting 12V power from somewhere.

Are your lithium batteries the Lithionics brands now being installed by Oliver?  If so, are all of the blue on/off buttons dark?

More details of your 12V electrical system would help diagnosis.  That includes brand of lithium batteries (which I presume are LiFEPO4), number of batteries and total amp hours.  A photo showing their current condition would be really helpful.  If you have three 130Ah Lithionics batteries, is there a red switch mounted on top of them?


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If you have a Xantrex unit, there are two things going on in there. The Inverter converts battery power to household current to run your outlets when you're not connected to shore power. That's what the round button on the Xantrex panel turns off/on. BUT... the Xantrex also has a Converter that converts shore power to 12 volts to charge your batteries. That will be on whenever you connect to shore power and is probably what's powering your 12v lights if you're plugged into shore power now and your batteries and solar are off. 

If the blue buttons on your lithium batteries are off nothing external can drain them. However, if you have the Platinum Package, those batteries contain internal heaters that could drain them. You should definitely check your Lithionics manual for the correct storage procedures for your specific batteries.

Not sure what you turned off under the bed...

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