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New Competitor for the Elite I?

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Hey, SeaDawg:  I'll pass on that paint job for awhile - there's way too many items on our "punch list" before a 2-tone job get's to the top of the list...  Know what I mean?  

Regarding previous comment about "driving through sub-freezing conditions to get to warmer WX":  We were winter camping in Death Valley at Furnace Springs (about 15 years ago) - I couple pulls in late in a brand new massive Class C coach on a Fruehauf chassis; water draining from multiple points beneath.  Terrible sight.  They had departed Kalispell many hours before and didn't understand their holding tank heating system (or maybe they didn't know they even had one).  In any case, a half dozen or so plumbing fittings freeze cracked enroute and they didn't know there was an issue until hooking up next to us in DV.  A nightmare for sure!

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Art, Diane, & Magnus (Aaarrf!)

  • 2022 TUNDRA/2017 LE II; Hull #226 "Casablanca", Twins; 3x Battle Borns; HAM call-sign:  W0ABX
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18 hours ago, SeaDawg said:

Cortes built their (imo goofy floorplan  trailer) unabashedly by copying/cloning/creating a mold plug  from  a used Casita , creating an "unusual", unfriendly,  and weird floorplan. 


Wow! Have to wonder if this is even legal..

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2010 Elite II, Hull #45

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