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Norcold 3-Way Fridge

John Dorrer

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Hull #1045, 2022 E2, In March temps weren't holding when plugged into shore power and the fridge on AC. It would be fine in the early morning around 34°/1°, but by 5pm+/- was at 42°/20°+/-. 3 straight days. Switched to LP and by 3am temps were back to 34°\1°, so I switched back to AC.


I contacted Norcold. I then contacted a mobile RV guy that was approved by Norcold. He came by and tested the fridge and found the AC heating element was bad. We had to wait until we got home, and it was set up locally for replacement. We have had several trips with no problems. On the way home from the Rally the fridge was at 34°/1° when we left Lake Guntersville, ran on DC for 5 hour trip (lithiums were at 96%. Switched to AC when plugged in and the temps started going up. Got home Tuesday and plugged in. Temps in fridge have been around 33°/1° from Tuesday PM until Saturday afternoon. Outside temps were a low of 45° overnight and 75°+/- during the day. This morning fridge was 31°/1° and by 1pm 38°/20°. Maybe a dozen water bottles in the fridge and a couple in the freezer.


We leave Friday so I just turned it off to defrost until Wednesday.


I can always switch to DC when on shore power or just use LP. Any ideas what might be happening? Thanks

 John & Susan Dorrer, 2013 F250, 6.2 gasser, 4x4, 2022 Legacy Elite 2, twin beds, Hull #1045, Jolli Olli


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Sounds to me like your mobile RV guy is correct - there still could be a short or loose connection that is causing the on again off again operation.

You certainly don't want to continue guessing if it will work or not.  I'd still have it thoroughly checked out - these things simply don't turn themselves on/off for no reason.


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Near Asheville, NC

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Anything under 41 is probably foodsafe. Where is your thermometer?

If it's on the door,  move it to the interior. Imo

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2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12

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400 watts solar. DC compressor fridge. No inverter. 2 x 105 ah agm batteries .  Life is good.




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