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Big Bend

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Anyone have any suggestions about camping in an Elite 2 at Chisos Basin Campground in Big Bend NP? The road in to the Campground is supposed to be narrow and steep. I’ve noticed that several Elite 2’s have camped there-we’d welcome reports! The trails out of Chisos Campground are said to be pretty amazing, and pictures of the general area around the Campground looks really spectacular. 

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We didn’t camp at Chisos Basin but we drove through the campground.  It’s pretty tight.  Shoot a PM to @mountainoliver.  They camped there and said the big Oliver won’t fit into a lot of the campsites.  I’m sure he’ll have some good advice.  Mike

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Don't try. The sites are small, the campground road is very narrow. No place for your tow vehicle, 20' max length. Someone did try and had no place to turn around. It was a struggle. Not to mention the drive up with switch backs. Yes, delivery trucks get up to the lodge, but you have a tow vehicle and trailer. Cottonwood or Rio Grand Village are your best spots, or get a site that requires a permit. Do drive up to Chisos and hike "The Windows" trail. Can't beat the views.

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