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  1. I am not sure where to post this; couldn’t get the search feature to pull up the right thread. We have the Dometic furnace- works good with the exception of the sail switch frequently collecting bits of hair (we are traveling with a cat) and lint and consequently not allowing the unit to ignite until we take the switch out and clean it off. As noted, the unit works well when it runs. I am wondering if anyone else. has encountered this issue and what they do about it. I thought of putting a foam filter over the intake but worried about impeding air flow; apparently Dometic does not recommend filters for the unit. Thanks.
  2. Thanks Frank; I don't think your attachment came through.
  3. Kim and I want to replace our discolored white window gaskets with the black; has anyone else done this? I wanted to make sure the part number and size was correct before ordering, as mentioned in the posts above. Thanks.
  4. Thanks Steve. My wife is a jeweler so this would be right up her alley.
  5. Thanks Sherry. Looks like a good lead. I’ll call them tomorrow.
  6. Hey Everyone-we are having ongoing issues with our Dometic fridge. We are working with a local RV repair shop who has diagnosed the issue as a faulty eyebrow circuit board, as mentioned above in the previous posts. When I wrote last, we thought the issue was resolved with Dometic sending a new board to the repair shop. Well, unfortunately, Dometic sent the wrong board and is now saying that they are not sure when they can send a new board. We are trying to figure out how to proceed, and have looked at replacing the fridge with a different brand. We are not keen on this, since the board that is faulty is only about 100 dollars and a new fridge is quite a bit more. Seems wasteful to just replace the fridge. We have: looked online, checked dinansour, looked at RV salvage yards and are simply unable at this time to locate a replacement eyebrow. We looked at the Norcold but that would require quite a bit of modifications to our Oliver. Oliver Service has been great, of course, and has helped us in trying to locate a replacement circuit board and could replace the Dometic with a Norcold, but it would be quite an expense. All of the above leads to 2 questions: in the absence of a replacemnt Circuit board, what fridge could replace the Dometic, without major modifications to our Oliver in other words is there a replacement fridge that is simple and easy to swap out? In the absence of a fridge swap, does anyone have any ideas about how to get an eybrow circuit board? For reference, we are looking for a Dometic Eyebrow Circuit board model number 4450007134. We were hoping to go ahead and replace the lower control board number 4450020612, if we can get it. Our Oliver is a 2018. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks everyone for help with this issue. We just got a call from the RV shop we deal with and they finally got an eyebrow panel from Dometic. So we won't be buying Mountain Oliver's old Dometic fridge after all!
  8. Maniac-no it doesn’t work at all. We can’t get any of the buttons to engage. We took it to an RV shop and they determined that the eyebrow board was not working. Mountainoliver- I definitely don’t want a whole fridge but might be interested in the eyebrow if we have a match.
  9. Thanks Sherry. I did pm ScubaRx, and he gracious offered me the board, but it appears to be missing in action! I called Dinosaur, but their message system told me to email, and I got no response from an email. I plan on trying again to contact Dinosaur since I hear good things about their boards. I have not tried Adventure RV; I’ll call them tomorrow. I also plan on contacting Dometic again to see if I can get a ship-by date; Dometic is helpful once I get through to them, but they won’t budge on replacing the board under warranty and are vague about shipping dates. I actually like the fridge, when it works! I’d like to fix it, it’s not very old. It would be wasteful to not be able to fix the fridge because of a relatively low priced circuit board.
  10. Hey folks...we have confirmed that the Dometic refrigerator eyebrow is not working on our refrigerator. We have been unable to secure one through Dometic (working through a repair shop) and unable to find one else where ( we checked with Dinasour electronics, and have looked online). Our repair shop is unable to give us a clear date on when Dometic can ship one. Any ideas?
  11. Thanks for the responses re negative terminal on battery-the picture was helpful as well. David
  12. Do you mean the stiff cable that connects the 2 front batteries?
  13. We are having a bit of trouble with our seven pin pigtail connector; usual issue with moisture in the housing. I want to take it apart and clean it out with air and a brush. We were advised to disconnect the negative terminal on the battery when we did this though though; we have the 4 AGM battery set up with solar. Do I need to disconnect each negative terminal on each battery or just one? Thanks in advance.
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