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Tow Tugs Tow Dolly


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I purchased a Parkit360 10k force for an Elite II, to tow my Oliver into my side yard. I’ve used it three times and the device failed twice (circuit board, then battery on a less than year old unit) where it was 100% non functional. Just a friendly message to those looking for this solution. I just received my purchase of a SuperHandy dolly because I need a reliable option, so far that came with way more sturdy options and design than the Canadian company at a lower cost, while the jury is out on both, I recommend extensive research for those looking for this solution. I should have researched more sadly. Note the SuperHandy site demo utilizes an Oliver Elite II (non branded) in their own web pics…. Hope this helps others. 

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We have an older model parkit 360 (xl, I think), and I've mentioned a number of times how difficult it is to move our smaller and lighter Elite with it. 

The Superhandy looks more stable, for sure, but only rated to 7500 pounds. It will be interesting to hear your review after more uses.

Btw, I believe that's an Elite I in the company website photo. (Smaller solar array, position of max air, etc.) As a matter if fact, it looks a different cropping of this photo from the Oliver website, quite possibly photoshopped. (Look at the positioning of chains and cord, the trees in the background,  etc.) I'm unaware of any Oliver testing or endorsement of their product, but we could ask....





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Super helpful SeaDawg. The Force 10k Parkit is rated to tow 10k lbs, the SuperHandy is 7500lbs so yes it will be interesting but both should do the job unless you have a grade more than 3-6 degrees variable on the model (oddly both had different numbers here in there specs) The Superhandy came with the full frame extra wheel structure, for the Parkit it’s an additional $500 on top of a unit that costs more than the Superhandy. Parkit said that easy connect extension removes the need to tighten your connection during the tow at the hitch and better cornering capabilities, I’ve not verified this yet but it makes sense looking at the design. Basically I now have two for the moment 🤨

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Have you thought about just mounting a front hitch on your truck?

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9 hours ago, ScubaRx said:

Have you thought about just mounting a front hitch on your truck?

This was a game-changer for us when we were sliding our 8.5-foot wide SOB into our 10-foot wide opening.  After mounting the front hitch on the RAM the neighbors never heard the "backing up" screaming instructions, "I said the other left, you dip-sh**!" anymore!!!

However, with the 7-foot wide OTT, backing-in is a breeze now... NICE!

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