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OK, so I admit to being rather technically challenged so bare with me. We are leaving in 6 weeks for our very first cross country trip with the Ollie. IN the past, we have not cared to watch TV. Not on a camping trip! But since we will be on the road for over two months, I suspect there will be times, when it's available since we usually camp in remote areas, we might want to use it. WE have one of those King Domes but no account with any service like Dish...and don't want one either. Isn't there another way to watch local channels when you are in a campground with such? What do I need to do to access that? Is there anything in the Oliver (08) that might be used for that? Outlets, etc?


If this is talked about somewhere else, please excuse and put me in the right direction. Thanks all, Karen

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We don't have the King Dome in ours because like you we didn't want to set up an account. A lot of campgrounds have regular cable hook ups. The cable outlet is on the outside near the back bumper. You just have to make sure it is hooked up to the TV. All the cables were already run in ours so it was easy to hook up to the TV. We like to rent movies now and then while camping also. Of course, technology is also changing and leaving me behind. Not sure about other states but in CA we have to have a black box for each TV so we can no longer just hook our TV's directly to the cable outlet so I'm not sure if that's an issue in campgrounds.


A two month trip sounds wonderful.



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We had directTV for a year, but didn't use it, so cancelled. We bought a small, flat antenna at Walmart that we keep in the big cupboard above the large dinette, and use that if we want to see the local news. There are a surprising number of antenna only channels here in our county. One plays movies all day. We can usually at least get the news wherever we are.


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The Wonder Egg had too much stuff placed on the roof to accommodate a dome, and I really don't watch much TV anyway, so no great loss. What I have done is purchased a flat, omnidirectional antenna from Best Buy (the non-boosted version to eliminate another draw on the electrical system) and an A/B switch. The TV is plugged into the A/B switch, as well as the leads to the flat antenna and the external connection. This setup allows me to easily chose between "Air" or "Cable" service, as desired. Like SeaDawg, I have the flat antenna in the large upper storage space in the rear of the Ollie.

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