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The Rising Trend of RV Living: Top Travel Trailer Blogs

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By: Oliver
August 19, 2023

The allure of RV living is the open roads, endless skies, and the joy of discovering new places.

A rising trend in the past few years is an increasing number of people trading their stick-built homes for life on wheels. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a full-time traveler, or simply curious about the RV lifestyle, there’s plenty to gain from delving into RV living through some of the top travel trailer blogs.

This nomadic lifestyle has been gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional fixed domestic cohabitation. People of all ages, including retirees who have long envisioned this form of living, millennials seeking the digital nomad lifestyle, or families wanting to explore the world’s natural beauty, are now embracing RV living.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the top RV travel trailer blogs that provide insights, tips, travel ideas, and more to help you navigate the exciting world of RV living.

Gone With The Wynns

Run by Jason and Nikki Wynn, who swapped their everyday life for an RV in 2010, this blog is filled with their fascinating adventures and challenges on the road. Their blog posts include tips on RV maintenance, environmental issues, and stunning wildlife photography.

Gone With The Wynns is more than just an RV blog; it’s a vivid account of a life well-traveled, brimming with engaging stories, practical tips, and captivating photography. Jason and Nikki Wynn share a candid portrayal of their RV lifestyle while taking the readers on an exhilarating journey. They address various topics that stretch beyond the usual RV maintenance tips. Readers can learn about sustainable living practices while on the road, eco-friendly products, and how to minimize their environmental footprint, reflecting the Wynns’ commitment to preserving the beautiful landscapes they explore. Further enriching the blog is the stunning wildlife photography in their posts, capturing the diverse creatures encountered during their travels. This blending of practical advice, environmental consciousness, and a genuine love for nature and wildlife sets Gone With The Wynns apart. Whether you’re an experienced RVer or just dreaming about hitting the road, their blog is an inspiring and informative guide.

RV Love

This blog is run by Marc and Julie Bennett, full-time RVers since 2014. They provide comprehensive guides on RV living, including choosing the right RV for your needs, finding free places to camp, and maintaining your RV.

RV Love embodies the essence of the RV lifestyle with a mix of personal experiences, practical guides, and community-building efforts. Marc and Julie Bennett, the seasoned RVers behind this blog, have crafted a comprehensive guide for anyone considering RV living. Their detailed and well-researched posts guide readers through choosing the right RV, from considering sizes and layouts to understanding the different types and assessing personal needs. The Bennetts also share their secrets for finding free and cheap campsites, a resource any RVer will appreciate. RV maintenance, a crucial aspect of RV life, is another topic they tackle efficiently, offering advice that can add years to your vehicle’s life and save you from costly repairs. RV Love’s approachable yet thorough style makes the blog a one-stop shop for budding and seasoned RV enthusiasts. Whether planning a short-term adventure or considering full-time RV living, Marc and Julie’s dedication to sharing their experiences and knowledge can ease your journey into the exciting world of RVing.

Keep Your Daydream – KYD

Marc and Tricia left their traditional life for a nomadic one on the road. Their blog covers everything from RV park reviews, advice on how to deal with life on the road, and inspiration for your next big adventure.

Marc and Tricia’s decision to leave their conventional lifestyle wasn’t made on a whim. It was a well-thought-out choice, fueled by an unquenchable thirst for travel, adventure, and exploration. They traded their static life for a dynamic one, swapping the four walls of their home for the infinite expanse of the open road. Their blog, Keep Your Daydream – KYD, reflects their adventurous spirit and unique lifestyle. It provides a wealth of information about living life on the road, from practicalities like comprehensive reviews of RV parks to inspirational content that motivates readers to consider embarking on their own adventures. Marc and Tricia’s narratives are woven with practical tips, relevant insights, and compelling storytelling, making their blog an absolute go-to resource for aspiring and veteran nomads.


Technomadia is run by Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard, a tech-savvy couple who started RVing in 2006. Their blog offers a wealth of information on using technology on the road, staying connected, solar power for RVs, and more.

Technomadia is about embracing the digital nomad lifestyle while traveling in their Oliver camper. Chris and Cherie have successfully merged their passion for technology with a nomadic lifestyle creating a unique niche in the travel blogging world. They dive deep into how to make technology work for you while living and working on the road. Their expert advice ranges from setting up mobile internet, boosting cell signals for remote work, and implementing solar power systems in RVs. They also cover various other topics like choosing the right gadgets, navigating legal and logistical concerns, and even handling taxes while on the go. With insightful how-to guides, reviews of essential gear, and personal anecdotes, Technomadia is a must-read blog for anyone considering or already experiencing the RV lifestyle. The blog is precious for those who want to maintain a strong internet connection for work or leisure or for those who aim to live as sustainably as possible while on the road.

Do It Yourself RV (DIYRV)

Do It Yourself RV, commonly known as DIYRV, is a paradise for those who love to roll up their sleeves and take on projects themselves. The platform brims with step-by-step guides on everything from basic RV repairs, installing new appliances, to full-scale RV renovations.

best 7 travel trailers blogs rv owner should follow

DIYRV is not just about practical advice, it’s a community where you can share your experiences, learn from others, and get inspired to undertake your unique customization projects. The primary goal of the platform is to empower RV enthusiasts to take charge of their RV’s upkeep and enhancements, saving money in the process, and imparting a sense of personal satisfaction that comes with DIY. Whether you’re searching for ways to maximize your small living space, want to make your RV more eco-friendly, or are on the lookout for design hacks to make your RV feel more like home, DIYRV is a valuable resource. Moreover, the blog features before and after photos of real remodels that readers have undertaken, providing a wealth of inspiration for your own DIY projects.

Wheeling It

Run by Paul and Nina, this blog is well-known in the RV community. They extensively covered their 8 years of full-time RV life, providing in-depth campground reviews, budget information, and much more.

Paul and Nina’s Wheeling It blog is a rich and comprehensive online resource heralded in the RV community. Having experienced an 8-year-long full-time RV life, they share invaluable insights and experiences rarely found elsewhere. The detailed campground reviews featured on their blog are a boon for those charting their RV trails, enabling readers to decide where to stop, rest, and camp. Furthermore, they’re candid about their budgeting strategies, offering practical and accessible financial guidance for those seeking to embark on or sustain a full-time RV lifestyle. The wealth of information they provide, born from first-hand experience and genuine passion for RV living, makes Wheeling It a must-follow blog for newbies and seasoned RV nomads.

RV Lifestyle – Mike and Jennifer Wendland

The Wendlands have been active RVers since 2012, touring North America and sharing their experiences. The blog offers tips, travel ideas, resources, and guides on the RV lifestyle.

Since 2012, Mike and Jennifer Wendland have explored North America living the ultimate RV lifestyle. Their blog, RV Lifestyle, is an expansive chronicle of their journeys and experiences, becoming an invaluable resource for veteran RVers and newcomers alike. The Wendlands’ genuine passion for traveling and adaptability to a mobile way of living resonates throughout their blog, transforming them into virtual mentors for aspiring RV adventurers. Their practical tips, innovative travel ideas, and comprehensive guides provide readers with the knowledge and inspiration they need to successfully navigate the RV lifestyle. With their rich content, the Wendlands offer more than mere advice—they offer a window into the joys, challenges, and fulfillment of life on the road.

Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or just starting your journey, these travel trailer blogs will fuel your wanderlust, providing the crucial tips, guidance, and inspiration you need.

Each blog offers a distinct perspective, unified by a shared passion for the open road and the liberating lifestyle offered by RV living. These blogs are teeming with actionable advice, inspiring narratives, and valuable insights into the vibrant world of RV travel. So, whether you’re seeking practical tips, RV park reviews, or uplifting adventures, you can find it all in these blogs.

Now, fasten your seatbelts and embark on a journey of exploration and discovery in RV living!

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