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Get Worry Free Protection with an Extended Warranty on new and used Oliver Travel Trailers up to 5 years old through Epic Finance and American Guardian Warranty Services.


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Coast to Coast Including Canada

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USA Travel Care Pays For:

Required Parts, Labor, Fluids, and Applicable State Sales Tax for Each Authorized Repair
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Air Conditioning
Leveling System

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Platinum Plan Includes

  1. PLATINUM-EXCLUSIONARY COVERAGE: All repairs except those items listed under the - What This Agreement Does Not Cover section in the vehicle service
  2. WATER HEATER: Burner assembly, tank, thermostat, thermocouple, gas valve, heating elements, fittings and connections, control panel, electronic ignition assembly, wiring harness, switches, relays, and printed circuit
  3. FRESH WATER SYSTEM: Water pump, compressor, water tank(s), water lines, manifold and pipes, connections and fittings, faucets, and
  4. WASTE SYSTEM: Shower basin, toilet, sink(s), in-sink disposal and switch, holding tanks, gate valves, connections, pipes, and
  5. AIR CONDITIONING (ROOF MOUNTED/CENTRAL SYSTEM): 110 Volt or Central System: Compressor, evaporator, condenser, accumulator, expansion valve, receiver drier, high/low cutoff switches, pressure cycling switch, electronic module, printed circuit boards, blower/fan motor, ducts and registers, thermostat, control panel, switches, capacitors, relays, heat strips, heat pump, ceiling fan(s), and bathroom vent
  6. RANGE AND OVEN: Microwave oven, convection oven, power hood, range burner assembly, thermostat, thermocouple, burner valves, igniter/ignition assembly, printed circuit boards, fittings, lines, and
  7. P. GAS/PROPANE SYSTEM: Regulators, gas bottles (except valves and gauges), mounting brackets, pigtails, gas lines, fittings, and connections, leak detector, and automatic shut-off valve.
  8. HEATING SYSTEM: Furnace, igniter/ignition assembly, burner assembly, thermocouple, gas valve, lines, fittings and connections, thermostat, control panel, blower/fan motors, heat pump, heat strips, printed circuit boards, ducts, ductwork, and
  9. REFRIGERATOR AND FREEZER: Thermostat, thermocouple, 2 or 3-way cooling unit, burner assembly, igniter, control panel, switches, fittings and connections, printed circuit boards, latch, and door seal(s).
  10. FRAME: Metal frame, brackets, and Winch stand, frame landing gear, jack, and coupler. Lift crank assembly for pop-ups.
  11. BRAKE SYSTEM: Master cylinder, electric or hydraulic brake actuators, backing plates, and
  12. SUSPENSION SYSTEM: Axle(s), spindles, hub bearings, wheel bearings, coil springs, leaf springs, spring hangers, and rubberized suspension
  13. INTERIOR/EXTERIOR: Door handles, door hinges, storage compartment handles, hinges and Factory installed or factory approved dealer-installed manual awning crank assembly and torsion arms (excludes fabric covering or weather damage).
  14. AUDIO/VIDEO ENTERTAINMENT: Factory installed or factory approved dealer-installed stereo radio receiver, amplifier and speakers, compact disc, cassette player, and television (excluding high definition televisions sets).
  15. SEALS AND GASKETS: Includes seals and gaskets and sealing boots for the named components listed under the selected coverage level shown on the information page. Slide out – sealing boots, seals, and gaskets or weather seals, are covered for an aggregate limit of $500 over the term of the service agreement. This coverage excludes weather seals for doors and windows.
  16. TAX/FLUIDS/LUBRICANTS: We will reimburse as required for state and local taxes, necessary fluids, lubricants, and refrigerant to complete covered
  17. WEAR AND TEAR: A covered wear and tear breakdown will be deemed to occur when a component fails to perform its function as it was originally designed to work in normal service with required maintenance due to material failure or defects in workmanship and outside the manufacturer’s design tolerance

Optional Coverage

During the agreement term, subject to the selected optional coverage checked on the information page in the vehicle service contract, these additional components and conditions are covered:

MODIFIED DEDUCTIBLE: When indicated on the information page, the per occurrence deductible will be modified from $100 to the amount checked on the information page.

UNLIMITED TOWING: When indicated on the information page, we agree to increase the towing benefit due to covered breakdowns to no out-of-pocket expense per occurrence.

COMMERCIAL USE: When indicated on the information page, we agree to the following: commercial use coverage will apply if the vehicle is operated as part of a for-profit business or enterprise or, if the vehicle is used for daily, weekly, monthly rentals, and leases up to a maximum of 12 months. Rental or lease use requires that a single principal operator/renter/lessor/lessee is responsible for vehicle maintenance and regular servicing. We require proof of maintenance for the investigation and validation of a claim. Coverage excludes and no coverage is available if used for the following services: taxi, livery, shuttle, emergency services, delivery services, off-road use or hauling.

CONVENIENCE PACKAGE (Included in Platinum): When indicated on the information page, we agree to cover the following: factory or approved dealer installed rear view camera and monitor, kitchen center. Ice maker, dishwasher, washer/dryer, trash compactor, monitor panel, factory installed thermometer, and compass. Carbon monoxide/smoke detectors, interior/exterior light fixtures (excluding lenses, bulbs and LEDs), light control switches, GFCI, and electrical outlets. Power converter and inverter. Retractable awning power motor, control switch, and power/manual crank worm gear mechanism (does not include rails, arms, track, frame). Power step motor, power step control module, control switches, and control panel. Leveling Jack: Motor(s), hydraulic/electric pump, actuators, jack assemblies, power cylinders, worm gear, gear sets, switches, and wiring harness. Slide Outs: Motor, hydraulic/ electric pump, actuators, power cylinders, worm gear and gear sets, control switches, and wiring harness.

AUDIO/VIDEO TECHNOLOGY (Included in Platinum): When indicated on the information page, we agree to cover the following: factory installed or factory approved dealer installed high definition television/monitor(s) and back-up monitor. Audio/video, and high definition disc player. Audio/video cabling and hubs. Home theater audio amplifier and speakers, satellite dish or antenna including rotator motors, signal amplifier, control panel, and switches, converter and in-motion satellite receiver. This coverage excludes internet access devices, phone systems, game systems, personal computers and their monitors, mp3 or similar portable music/video players and their monitors.

SERVICE CALL REIMBURSEMENT: In the event of a breakdown of the vehicle, you will be reimbursed for reasonable service call charges up to $100 per occurrence.

Additional Benefits

In the event of a covered breakdown, we will reimburse you for these additional benefits:

TOWING EXPENSE: If towing assistance becomes necessary due to a breakdown of a covered component, towing expenses not payable by insurance will be reimbursed to you for up to $300 per occurrence.

TRIP INTERRUPTION/TRAVEL EXPENSE: When your vehicle is disabled due to a covered breakdown more than 100 miles from your residence, we will reimburse you for up to 3 days for lodging and restaurant meal expenses to a maximum of $125 per day subject to the following conditions: (1) The breakdown causes a delay in route to your destination. (2) The date of the breakdown will be considered the first day of the 3-day maximum period. The expense must be incurred between the time of the breakdown and the time the repairs are complete, or by the end of the third calendar day subsequent to the breakdown date if the repairs are not completed, whichever occurs first. Receipts are required for reimbursement.

REDUCED DEDUCTIBLE AT THE SELLING DEALER: When you choose the selling dealer listed on the information page in the vehicle service contract to perform repairs to your vehicle, your deductible will be reduced by $50. This does not apply to a $0 deductible.

FOOD SPOILAGE: If the covered refrigerator or freezer breakdown results in a loss of perishable food or beverages (does not include alcoholic beverages), we will reimburse you up to $75. Receipts are required for reimbursement. This benefit is not available on agreements purchased in the state of California.

FUEL/L.P. GAS REPLACEMENT: When a breakdown of the covered fuel tank or L.P. Gas bottle results in the draining of fuel or L.P. Gas, we will reimburse you up to $50 per occurrence. Receipts are required for reimbursement.

MANUFACTURER WARRANTY DEDUCTIBLE REDUCTION: When a covered breakdown results in you having to pay a manufacturer required deductible, we will reimburse you up to $100. Receipts are required for reimbursement. This benefit is not available on agreements purchased in the state of California.

GUARANTEED PART REPLACEMENT: If a part covered by the agreement fails a second time during the term of the agreement, all the repair charges including the deductible obligation are paid by us.

EMERGENCY ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE: Coverage and limitations for roadside assistance up to $100 per occurrence except towing up to $300 per occurrence.

TOWING ASSISTANCE: When towing is necessary for a covered failure, the vehicle can be towed to the nearest service facility for up to $300 per occurrence.

BATTERY BOOST: If you incur a charging system or battery discharge for any reason, a jump-start will be applied to start the vehicle.

FLAT TIRE ASSISTANCE: In the event of a flat tire on the vehicle, service consists of removal of the flat tire and its replacement with the spare tire. If the vehicle has no inflated spare or, if it has 2 or more flat tires, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest service facility.

FUEL, OIL, FLUID, AND WATER DELIVERY SERVICE: An emergency supply of fuel, oil, fluid, and water will be delivered if you have an immediate need. You must pay for the fuel, oil, or other fluids upon delivery.

LOCK-OUT ASSISTANCE: If your keys are locked inside your vehicle, assistance will be provided in gaining entry to your vehicle.


Estimated Extended Warranty Pricing

Models that are 11 Months Old or Less

84 Months - $2599.00
72 Months - $2199.00
60 Months - $2099.00
48 Months- $1999.00

Models that are 11 Months Old Up to 5 Model Years Old

60 Months - $3299.00
48 Months - $2799.00
36 Months - $2699.00
24 Months- $2499.00

The pricing above is estimated. Fill out the form below for a quote and more information. Estimated pricing is for plans with a $100 deductible. Unlimited towing can be added for $100 for each plan.

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