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  1. Congratulations Reed on feeling free!
  2. Thanks folks for the info. I'm gonna go with the canvas set. I thought they would come in handy protecting the tires from the sun. Here in the south that sun has no mercy.
  3. I'm just trying to help Reed. Not sure on this but Check the 20amp breaker for the charge wire as indicated in this image.
  4. Looking for some advice. Is it better to buy vinyl tire covers, which might crack with time and weather or canvas, which might be messy and a hassle when wet?
  5. Unbelievable view Mike! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Thanks for the heads up Reed! I've got a set of the Anderson's and will probably just use a small carpenter's level.
  7. I've heard several people who use propane during towing to keep the refrigerator going and yet others say it is dangerous. My question is if I use the inverter with the solar power can this combo work while towing to keep the refrig running without depleting the batteries? What method do you use while towing your rig? Thanks
  8. Locked in my reservation and my wife and I are excited about learning about our Oliver and meeting you folks!
  9. Thank you for the info Bill. I will do just that!
  10. Can someone please tell what is included with the Oliver during pick up? I ask so that I don't purchase things I don't need. Thank you geO!
  11. I just remembered I have one of those big berkey water tank I can bring along. I've never even used it.
  12. Good day folks. I'm still gathering things needed for my Oliver and was wanting to know which water filter does a good job of filtering and taste?
  13. I just got off the phone with Oliver and made the change order and will go with the 30lb tanks. i thought I had to carry them each time they needed refill. and my back is in awesome shape.
  14. Thanks Buzzy for the great information you provided and my you have many "happy camping" experiences!
  15. Great information folks! I'll add the TPMS to my shopping list.
  16. Being a complete newby I have another question. What is your advise on getting the 30lb propane tanks? IN my never rv'ed mind I was thinking it would be easier to get refills for the 20lb tank and not has much strain on my back. I've even thought of carrying an extra tank for reserve. Thank you!
  17. Such great info folks... I really appreciate the comments. I've never owned a travel trailer and so excuse my many questions that arise.
  18. Thank you all for some great insight. I think I will get one for that peace of mind and also real time data while towing!
  19. I'm wondering if any Oliver owners use a TPMS for monitoring all the tires while on the road?
  20. Great information folks. I seem to recall someone telling me during my plant tour not to use them for leveling. I could be wrong but needless to say I did buy a set of the AL's.
  21. I was wondering if any Oliver owners use the Anderson Levelers and if so how happy are you with them? I'm under the impression that the stabilization jacks are not for leveling on the Elite II?
  22. Awesome information folks!
  23. Greetings folks, I have a quick question. I'll be taking delivery of my Oliver in April and currently will be towing it with a 2006 f250 6.0 and was wondering with the 16" LT tires what are the safe speeds recommended for towing? Thank you!
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