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  1. We use the EcoSeb also and it is great! Highly recommend.
  2. Welcome and congratulations! We took delivery on Dec 19th and couldn’t be happier! It is everything we hoped it would be. Hope to see y’all in May!
  3. We went with the Penquin II A/C because of there being a built in drain line. The Atwood runs down the outside of the trailer and leaves streaks. We also went with the storage box rather than the microwave and made a great looking bar. We had no wood finishes in ours so we had them mail us the door and we had a cabinet shop paint it white like the fiberglass. We have removed the hanging bar in the closet as we feel that is a real waste of space. Who needs to “hang” camping clothes. We bought a shelf unit to hold a mini ice maker, toaster oven, drinking water and other beverages. Also took a back of the door shoe bag and trimmed it up to fit the closet door for small items. We picked up 12/19, love it! Have fun...
  4. No, Rumline. That is the problem, there are very wide stripes of red also. I tried to find a picture of the whole thing on the internet but all that are available is the one you sent. We haven’t opened it again and I haven’t wanted to as we are returning it, but if we can get some decent weather in the next few days, I will try and get you a picture. I believe Oliver is going to have some disappointed customers with this one. The color name charcoal grey, along with the picture is just not factually correct.
  5. Thanks so much. Big help, did Oliver do the install and is all the mechanicals the same?
  6. Need suggestions as to how best to handle an awning issue with our Ollie that we picked up on December 19th. We ordered it in the middle of August and selected the grey stripe Fiamma awning. When we picked up, it had the charcoal Carefree awning on it, when I asked about it Phil explained about the tragedy at Fiamma and said they had to move to Carefree. Well all that kind of took my breath away and I said no more at the time. Now, if the awning were Charcoal as it is called and not Charcoal and Deep red stripe as it is, it would be fine, but my graphics are golden yellow and grey so the deep red isn’t what I want. Oliver wants to satisfy me and I much appreciate that and they want me to tell them how to fix it. The Carefree 10 year warranty fabric only comes in the 3 colors as listed on the Oliver site, none of which go with my graphics. The other ones available in vinyl are all 1 year warranted. The only way to get a solid or tweed grey is to go with acrylic. Well my knowledge on either vinyl or acrylic is so limited, I am at a complete loss, thus I need advice. Anything you could offer would be much appreciated.
  7. Welcome! We picked our Ollie up December 19th and were in the same position as you are, it being our first experience in owning an rv. I am big on being organized and having the right things for the right places so I set about reading all I could and researching items on Amazon as their ratings tell you all you need to know about what the item is supposed to do or perform and in actuality, how it rated. We are really happy with how everything turned out for us. I will send you some detailed pictures later today to give you some idea how we approached the set up. It is a very exciting time for you, our retirement started in 2017 but we haven’t started our traveling yet because of some health issues we are getting out of the way that began with Jack breaking his leg in late November. Best of luck, we will look forward to following your journey!
  8. We picked our trailer up on 12/19. We opted for the storage cabinet rather than microwave. The plan was for a toaster oven but none that I wanted would fit so we made a bar out of it. I love it! Here is a picture.
  9. Check out the Champion 3100. Look at Amazon and Overstock and read the reviews. It is pretty quiet in our opinion and we like it. Have to admit we have only had it a couple months but I rely on reviews a lot and I did in this case. Good luck!
  10. We are looking at the Sangean MMR 38 on Amazon. Sorry I don't know how to add the link.
  11. Hey MrBig1, You know how time flies? Well it ain’t going to from now until April....we’re picking up December 5th, can’t wait!!!
  12. Hi Ray & Betty Jo, Welcome....we are picking up our Ollie December 5th. We will be pulling with a Mercedes GL450, our only vehicle, until and if it fails to perform, then we’ll see. This forum is amazing, you can find anything you want to know and if you can’t, just ask, I assure you someone will know. Hope to see you at the rally or...on the road.
  13. Hope you have seen the 2008 Elite that was just put on the forum. Welcome. We are picking our Oliver up on December 5th.
  14. Olliachts for Ollie Yachts We pick ours up December 5th. Yay!!!
  15. Welcome! So your drank the kool-aid too. Ours goes into production in October and we just can't wait! This is our first. After literally years of no, not that one, over and over again from pop-ups all the way to motorhomes, the Ollie was the first and only, of any type that we felt wouldn't mean "throwing money out the window". Maybe we'll see you in May or "on the road". Trish
  16. Debbie, As you know from my comments on your blog, we only ordered our Ollie, "Amazing Grace", a couple of weeks ago so we haven't towed yet but when I was researching vehicles (number 2 of travel trailer decisions), we were looking at used Toyota land crusiers and Mercedes GL450. These have lots of room, are very dependable and good for high mileage. We have had pick-ups which didn't make our list at all because for a female, if you aren't at least 5'10" (maybe more), you can't reach anything in it without a ladder so definitely not convenient. As fate would have it, our first day out browsing dealerships (I'd already checked out cargurus and autotrader to check out vehicles and get values), we happened upon a white (nice match) GL450 with no tags or for sale signs but decided to ask about it anyway. Well, a doctor had just traded it that day at this Toyota dealership for a car for his daughter. It had the tow package, looked like a new one, rode like a new one and when the price was right, we were sold. Now some would discourage one from purchasing a Mercedes because of maintenance/service costs (an oil change is like $200 at a dealership) but there are many import shops around to deal with rather than dealers, we have a good one. Bottom line...everything has pros and cons but you know that after all your research into this endeavor. The most important issue, I think, is being comfortable with the "handling" of whatever vehicle you choose and get it sooner than later so you aren't having to get use to towing a trailer at the same time as learning the feel of the tow vehicle. Well, that's all I got on the issue.....BTW, surprised you aren't picking up earlier than October as it looked practically finished 2 weeks ago.
  17. I agree with trumpetguy. An electric knife will cut through it in nothing flat. In fact, there is a YouTube video you can watch. You don't have to buy a twin either, you can buy them in cot size which are 30x75 and just cut radius corners. I intend getting a short queen 60x75 which you can find on Amazon and cutting it in half, then the radius corners. I'm not cheap but don't like throwing money away either. BTW, I really enjoy reading all the posts here. They are so informative and you guys go into detailed explanations that help the novice camper so much! Proud to say we are ordering our Ollie this Friday! So very excited to "get this show on the road".
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