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  1. I received the card on Monday. I was excited (yes, excited) to use it. So, I drove my Duramax to the Loves Truck stop 10 miles away. I did not have the Oliver in tow. I just wanted to test the fuel card. I followed the signs to the Truck Diesel. I pulled into an open lane. There was no RV lane. There was a FedEx semi to my right and another semi to my left. I swiped my card. The pump asked me a series of questions such as control number and pin. I received these numbers when I got my card in the mail. I then filled up. Also, I told the pump that I wanted receipt. Receipts would be picked up inside. The nozzle had no problem fitting in the Duramax fuel opening. I placed the pump nozzle on the lowest speed. I was apprehensive about increasing the flow rate higher. The lowest flow rate was fast enough. After fueling, I pulled away from the pumps and drove a short distance to the back of the Loves where I viewed other trucks parked. I walked in and there was a numbered shelf. I had fueled at pumped 18. The shelf was numbered 1-20. I took the receipt out of slot 18. It showed $47.00. Within 10 minutes, I had an email from TSD/EFS showing my cost of $41.30. This morning, I received a final receipt. The only addition was a .57 cent fee for processing. I just checked the app on price of Diesel at a couple of locations in Virginia. A Pilot in Harrisonburg, VA; diesel for users of card is listed at $2.55 and Richmond at a Loves $2.35. Hobo, I hope this answers your question. It sure beats paying the listed price.
  2. I made my first fuel stop today to try my new TSD/EFS fuel card. Using this card in the truck lanes at Truck Stops, it is suppose to save you money on diesel fuel NOT gasoline. Diesel fuel was listed for $2.82 per gallon. My bill for diesel listed on the pump after fueling was $47.00 for 16.613 gallons. I also purchased DEF at $2.79 per gallon ($9.71). After fueling, my cost per gallon was $2.48 per gallon saving .34 cents per gallon. My account was debited $41.30 saving $5.30 on diesel. No discount on DEF. It was easier than I thought. If your tow vehicle is a diesel, you may want to give a try. Sure, there are some pro/cons of using the card. However, paying $2.48 per diesel gallon was better then $2.82. Here is a link to the application https://www.tsdlogistics.com/fuel-card-application-rv/. If you want to place my name as a referral, I receive $25. If not, leave it blank and start saving money on diesel fuel.
  3. I am awaiting my card. It should arrive any day. My only complaint about driving a diesel as my tow vehicle is the price difference between gas and diesel. I hope the card arrives before I start my 6 week travel to warmer weather. I will report back my findings. Thanks Bill for posting this video!
  4. We upgraded the mattress after being on the road for 45 day. We then went on the road for 30 days with upgraded mattress purchased from Oliver. Slept terrible with standard mattress and sleep great with the upgraded mattress. We prefer a stiffer mattress and the upgraded fit the bill. Next, we need to upgrade the dinette cushions. By nature, I am a frugal person. It bothered me to spend the extra money o a upgraded mattress. However, it was well worth the additional cost.
  5. I watched it already. I was in hopes of finding someone on the Oliver forum that has first hand experience with it.
  6. I did a forum search but did not find any info about the TSD/EFS fuel card for those who drive a diesel tow vehicle. Is there anyone in the Oliver community who uses this card for reduce prices on purchasing diesel fuel?
  7. Oliver service once again was great. I did have a blown shock that was replaced, vent fan replaced and bathroom mirror was replaced. The mirror was flaking. I did pay to have wheel bearing repacked. I have been told that service will move to a another building as well possibly in the spring.
  8. Check my shocks today. One of them is blown. I hope to have it taken care of by Oliver when I take it down for service in 2 weeks. The other item in need of replacement is bathroom vent van. RV is still under warranty until December. I have hull number 412.
  9. Bill, It took me numerous attempts and the regulator gauge is now showing solid green. I kept lighting the stove to clear any possible air from the gas lines. The propane regulator indicator gauge would go green and then go to half green/red upon turning the stove burners off. I did this about 6 times. Somewhat baffled by this, I then turned on the hot water heater with propane switch heating the water. After approximately a half hour, the regulator indicator turned green and has remained green every since. Not sure if air can get in the hot water tank gas line or not. With that said, minor issue has been corrected. Thanks!
  10. Had a 30 pound propane tank filled today. I placed it back in the Oliver. I turned it on slowly and lighted the stove in the Oliver to bleed any air out of lines. The regulator gauge turned green. After turning the stove off, it went back to half green and half red. I retried and always got the same. The other tank shows solid green when I try it What have I done wrong? Why is it half green and half red?
  11. Bathroom vent van suddenly quit working today on 2018 Elite II. It is the 100th day camping and trailer is still under warranty. All other electrical circuits, lights, etc are working. Push button switch on bathroom vent seems like it has from day one of camping. Any recommendations? Thanks! Darryl
  12. WE really like our 2018 Duramax HD. On the trip to Western United States this year pulling the Oliver Legacy Elite 2, we averaged 14.1 mpg. We drove her pretty hard and she performed really well. I am now considering a Ranch Hand Front Bumper/Grill Guard PART NUMBER : FBC155BLR. Has any Duramx owners bought one as of yet or a like system? Thanks, Darryl
  13. We had a problem with water flow to the toilet. We happened to be on our way to Tennessee for some upgrades when it happened. The service guys found hard water deposits where the hose connects to the toilet preventing flow. We have been using a water softener since. We’ve been to some remote campgrounds that I’m sure had some pretty hard water. Mike and Carol, Which water softener do you utilize? Darryl
  14. <p style="text-align: left;">We departed from the Rally. Went home for a few days and started west. I made a small wager with my wife that we would see 3 Olliver's on thos trip besides ours. She said we would see 1. So far none. Here we are today at Cedar Pass Lodge Campground in the Badlands.</p>
  15. Overland recommends a Precision Instruments torque wrench, which is probably a very good one, but at $155 it seems quite expensive to me. I have not used my torque wrench for anything but the lug nuts on my car and trailer. I ordered it off of Amazon on Sunday and got it today. I used it on the lug nuts and bulldog this afternoon. Thanks for the recommendation! It was the most expensive tool that I have ever purchased but it should last my lifetime. It worked as advertised and it is nice to use really good tool(s).
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