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  1. It is metal. No condensation to speak of. We go to Florida for 6 weeks in February and March so I can't speak of condensation during those months . I think the close up photo makes it looks worse then what it appears. I have an appointment at the mother ship at the end of September. I told them about the yellow today. Pictures below are bathroom window and building.
  2. The sealant around my windows are turning yellow. The Oliver Elite II Hull 412 was delivered December 2018, The rear window is the worse. The RV is kept stored inside my building when not being used. Attached is picture of rear window.
  3. After 3 years, I have learned something again. The AC is still running on gennie. I would have eventually figured it out. I check fuses, breakers, turned water pump off and completely forgot about water heater. Thanks for being there ScubaRx and Overland!
  4. Scubarx,I just turned the water heater off. It seems that was the trick. The AC is now working. Been running for 3 minutes straight. So, I guess I never in consideration the water heater used that much juice. That may have been the answer. It is still running. I will update in a few.
  5. Progressive surg Surge Protector now on with generator running. Surge protector shuts power down when AC is turned on.
  6. I tried in both modes. It worked with AC off for a minute. I then turned AC on and it quit after 30 sec. Now the progressive surge won't come on at all no matter what mode generator is in.
  7. Currently camping at campground. Power went off at campground. Hooked up Honda generator like I have done a 100 times. I get power to Oliver for about 30 seconds and then power to A/C and Oliver shuts down. The Progressive Surge Protector shuts completelty off, no lights or error code showing. Surge protector is on during the initial 30 seconds, then shuts entirely off. What am I missing. What is causing the progressive surge protector to shut down? Yes, I have tried 2 different grounding plugs.
  8. They replaced the check valves. It was still under warranty though.
  9. I own 408. My check valve was bad. Sounds exactly like mine.
  10. I finished my 3589 mile trip on March 9, 2020. The highest price I paid for diesel was $2.31 and the cheapest was $1.71. In the majority of the cases, I was paying considerably less for diesel then the gasoline listed price. Loves by far is my number one choice. The typical price paid was usually between .60 to .75 cents below listed price. For example, today the Loves near my house where I fueled listed diesel at $2.48 and I paid $1.65 for diesel. Gas is listed for $1.78. This was a discount of .83 cents from the marquee price for diesel. I love this fuel card!
  11. Problem solved. The military campground has 2 cable hookups. One that is where the other power hookups are and another on a post 3 feet away. I was trying the hookup that apparently is the old one. It had been disconnected. A fellow camper showed me the somewhat hidden new cable hookup. Too darn many channels now and I have been reminded why I cut the cord years ago.
  12. My plan tomorrow was to hook it straight to the TV through an open window as part of troubleshoot process. Thereby, by passing conventional hookup. Yes, street side rear.
  13. After 2 years and 200 nights of camping in the our 2018 Oliver, I pulled into a campground for the first time with cable. I hooked the coax cable from the campground box to Oliver and another coax cable in the attic to the port on the winegard hookup in the attic. I performed a cable channel scan and received no channels. The little green light (antenna on/off) was off in the attic at the coax hookup. I then tried it with green light on. Still no channels. I then tried attaching the coax to the satellite port on outside of the Oliver. I did this in case it had been wired wrong. I got same result...no channels. Then, I ran a scan and got numerous channels via the antenna. I spoke with other campers and they state that the cable works great. I am assuming that my issue is operator error. Any advice on receiving the cable channels?
  14. Blue Spring State Park, Orange City, Florida
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