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  1. I've also bought the WS-3000 system with eight remote sensors. We've set it up around the house and it works very well. I hadn't realized that the console wasn't designed for wall mounting -- it has a base for standing on a flat surface. More importantly, the console is powered by a 110V adapter -- not by battery. The adapter outputs 5VDC and someone on this forum (I think) suggested that it could be replaced by an USB to Barrel Jack cable, thereby allowing the use of the Oliver's USB outlet instead. I'd like to do this but the cable I ordered has a Barrel Jack that's much too large and I can't seem to find a source for a suitable cable.
  2. Oliver Trailers had the incorrect manual uploaded -- they've now replaced it with the correct manual. It is in fact a Contoure Model RV-190S-CON.
  3. The 2019 LE II now has a microwave/convection oven option. We ordered that feature and were told that it would be a Contoure brand. We pick up on January 9... The Contoure Model number is assumed to be RV-187S-CON and the Amazon specs (here) claims a capacity of 1.2 cu.ft. -- but is listed as Currently unavailable. But Oliver University only has documentation for a FranklinChef model number FR-187S-CON (some data here) with a capacity of 1.0 cu.ft. -- but that site lists it as Discontinued. Quality ratings are not encouraging for either model. What gives? Support? (We like baking bread.)
  4. :-) Found on the outside of a milk crate we intend to use for basement storage:
  5. Following the milk crate suggestion for the basement above, is the attachment of some casters at all helpful? We're pickup up our TT in January: the casters raise the crate height by 2.75" and I'm not sure that it won't increase the difficulty of accessing crate contents via the optional inside hatch. We have an old boat hook to pull the crates out from the exterior.
  6. I know that the information is probably lurking somewhere on this website, but I can't find it. Thanks!
  7. I bought 13' of 39" wide hypervent back in September and paid $170 for the material. Cutting the material to fit the contours of our ordered twin beds took some time and effort. Oliver's quoted price for this feature is excellent value and would result in a more professional cutting job, I'm sure. However, preparing the material it occurred to me for the first time that this product depends on AIR FLOW and that its edges should be EXPOSED. I think this probably precludes tucking bedding over the edges or jutting it too tightly against the inside shell. If this is a problem, how do I keep the mattress away from the inside shell by, say, 1/4"? Also, be sure to recess the inside (passage) edge by 1/2" -- the cut edge is quite sharp and could easily scratch legs. Are any of these observations real issues or am I just overthinking the problem?
  8. They also make a black or silver anodized aluminum version: http://www.grinnovationsllc.com/trailersupplies/towingorganizeraluminium
  9. See here: http://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/portable-solar-panels/#post-60724
  10. Bill Gates' latest blog posting ( here ) is titled 'Why the world deserves a better toilet' and he shares an interesting video ( ) on the interim results obtained by his 2011 'Reinvent the Toilet Challenge'. It looks as if the blackwater vs composting choice is going to look quite quaint in the future...
  11. However, they will send you the new design for (I think) $100. Not only is that $100 worth it (to me) to avoid having to do your maintenance, but, the new design is also a bunch easier to hookup. When did Oliver TT start installing the Andersen with the 'new design' sleeve?
  12. Overland: If that PM is from me, I sent it from a smartphone app under the assumption that the server code serving phone app data might be different to the code serving browser data...
  13. The details can be read in this thread: http://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/multi-vehicle-bike-rack/#post-148750
  14. I have the new bike rack on order as part of our 2019 delivery in January. Does anyone know if the square tubing is 6061-T6's? The inside & outside dimensions? In other words, how much 'play' for sliding? When removing the bike rack, it seems that the pulling force on both sides must be absolutely perpendicular to the crossbar to avoid sticking -- perhaps inducing a rapid vibration of some kind while pulling would help?
  15. Yes, it is. My one daughter is taking her family on vacation to Cape Town in December. They'll visit Table Mountain and the Kirstenbosch Gardens. That's also where Sandy went to College (She grew up in Pretoria). Your visit was during the ascent of Madiba: I wish I could've been there at that time. We lived on the South Coast, just south of Durban. I was on the University of Natal campus in the sixties when Robert Kennedy visited and stood on the roof of a car while we all reached out in the crowd to get a handshake....
  16. Yep. You played a major role in our decision to write that check; but only in a positive sense -- it was of great benefit to have an experienced owner 'splaining stuff. Thank you!
  17. We're Sandy and Joe Williams from Dayton, Ohio and we're taking delivery of our Oliver Legacy II in January 2019 when temperatures dip into the low twenties. That should give you a good idea about our planning capabilities... We were fortunate enough to immigrate here from South Africa about 40 years ago with 4 small (1 to 9 years old) daughters. At that time we took our first and last trip in a rented RV to explore this beautiful country. The trip was pandemonium and chaotic -- it cured us of ever wanting to be in an RV again. That is, until we saw an Oliver about four months ago... We're going on 75 now and our daughters are middle-aged. Sandy still rides her horse and that is our only major encumbrance from taking very long trips -- we'll dip into the wild in three week spurts. The Lake Gunderson Rally will be our first such trip: we're all booked and full of anticipation.
  18. Has anyone taken delivery in January (average temperature 25F in Hohenwald) and traveled north? Did that create any special difficulties?
  19. I'd be grateful if anyone can offer some advice: If I purchased a two-bike rack that attaches via a receiver, is it possible to attach a receiver at the rear of the Oliver so that the bike rack would be usable on both the Oliver and the TV?
  20. We registered for the rally today. It was painless and Sandra Tesney was very helpful in also taking the registration fees. We were assigned a site but I 'm not sure whether the Olivers are going to be clustered in a specific area or spread out?
  21. John: That's good news! Thanks. I'm very grateful that you took the time to search and compile such a comprehensive response. I'll be sure to follow your advice. Now all that remains is to make this big decision :-)
  22. We are long retired and have no experience with owning a travel trailer. After much thought and a pleasant visit to see David and Jane Droll's Oliver, we are now considering an Oliver and Ford F150 shortbed (because a shortbed is the only vehicle that will fit into our garage). The vehicle has a backup assist feature which requires one to place a decal horizontally on the trailer tongue in order for the camera to calibrate and follow the trailer's movement. I think this precludes getting the basket for the generator, unless the sticker/decal can be placed vertically on the basket's front. Does anyone know if this would work?
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