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  1. Very impressed with Campchef stove run off the propane tanks---easy set up and with a 60K burner and Pizza Oven, you can get to 700 degrees for a crisp pizza margherita. Seems prudent to cook outdoors whenever possible with the Ollie. I suspect you could fry up a nice pile of perch or shellcrackers as well!
  2. Alamos, Sonora was a primo RV destination in the 80's--Copper canyon railway--colonial architecture--amazing food. all sitting in red-rock/Grand Canyon tropical splendor. Groups from AZ would caravan down. No idea how it is nowdays--there are still RV parks on TripAdvisor, perhaps one can car-ferry over from La Paz to avoid the dreaded Hermosillo/Los Mochis gauntlet. Nothing in AZ or Cali touches Alamos in scenic beauty or culture.
  3. I bought it as part of a kit--3M with paper templates. Really thin, but kept my bike rack from scuffing the frame (and made mud easier to deal with) .
  4. I used the same stuff on my mountain bike...it's a lot cheaper in bulk! Very forgiving to apply going around the curves of a bike frame. How much did you end up buying to do the front end of the Ollie?
  5. the single bike rack would be well within the load limit...glad the spouse rides a folding Ebike! Maybe a visit to “metalhead” is in my future if I need the extension. The “wing” is not an option. 100 lb at limit for the receiver pretty much rules out eBikes on the back.
  6. Nice looking rack...bicycle rack that it. I like that it has a model for the 1.25" hitch on the new Oliver and can be expanded to extra bikes should the need arise. Just can't bond with the aero-wing design..looks shakey. Most platform bike racks would need an adapter which is not optimal (esp at the cost). Sold.
  7. oh, I bought it as soon as I saw the price! Plan to store it in the aisle when traveling. It'll join the pile of accessories I'm collecting for Spring/pick-up date.
  8. price went back up...4 hours after you posted this!?
  9. I'm in the same quandary (with a OE2 gestating for March)...my current plan is a metal generatorbox over a Honda EU2020--trifuel and extended exhaust. If, for some reason, the drop in power with propane is a problem, I can haul gas. Probably the propane would be enough to dry out the cabin. My reasoning for the bolt-on box is security for the pricy generator and slight noise reduction (the company says 10%, but doesn't include the exhaust hose)...which will redirect the sound and exhaust away from the trailer. Running the hose 6-10 feet away from the AC air intake would meet what few recommendations I could find. It would be easy to attach the exhaust to the wall of the trailer with suction cups a la Gen-Turi--for festival/mass boondocking. Should charge my Battle-Born LiFePO4 batteries in no time. Altogether a lot cheaper than the roofmounted solar set-up, and you get to run the AC off grid.
  10. Tourniquet, hemostatic guaze, lots of 4X4s for packing ( GSW—welcome to NRA America ), 325 mg aspirin, usual first aid kit stuff.
  11. Interesting, uses a 1.25" receiver--an adaptor would introduce more wobble with the Thule..not good. It appears the "bike wing" is the preferred carrier, may be a warranty issue. We'll need to discuss with sales during our factory visit next month.
  12. Great looking fix for a trailer hitch mount, how thick is that gorgeous aluminum? love our hitch mount rack (thule) and we could unhook the trailer, move the rack to the pickup and off to the trailhead! BTW, our E2 goes into production in Early December--looks like we need to add another option...they seem to be piling up.
  13. ordered a shower mat. Nice to have something tangible while we wait for the Ollie’s Birth this Spring! Look’s well made and classy.
  14. I assume I can use Verizon as well, eh? Pretty excited about seeing your creative Mods up close and personal in October.
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