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  1. Well, the idea was my husband Dave has a login & I have a login. Every so often we end up using each other’s. Yes, we are a couple and own Hull #55. Sorry for the confusion; will do better.
  2. Hi Steve,

    We just ran a 5 hour test of the Blue Sky unit, per Ryan’s instructions (flip breaker off for controller under the dinette, hook up 2 best batteries, turn on the 30 Amp switch next to the Blue Sky unit, read results on the IPN.)  The first half hour the IPN showed Max Bat Volts as 14.8.  Then it jumped to 15.1 volts and stayed there for the rest of the 5 hours we tested.  Ryan had told us that any reading 15 or above he would consider Blue Sky unit faulty. The batteries themselves stayed cool to the touch, except towards the end.  They were in the sun, in the pulled-out battery tray so some of the heat we felt was probably sun-warmed.  Even so, the air temp was 74, and the battery temp as measured by the IPN was 88F, or as measured with a Fluke thermometer it was between 92 and 120, depending on color (black/white) and orientation (sun/shade.)

    My brother is thinking it might be useful to also do a test with the shore power and solar together?

    But Based on what Ryan told us Monday, I would guess we are looking at a new Blue Sky controller, and deciding on what batteries to try next.  Would probably also rewire the PD Controller that you said is wired wrong, and have a solar panel off/on switch installed.  

     We will send Ryan an email with the results and hope to get his advice on Monday.  

    Would welcome any advice you might have for us!

    Thank you,

    Mary & Dave Gibson


  3. An update: We had a very helpful discussion with Steve Landrum while my brother, an electrically savvy engineer, was with us. They were able to conclude that the power converter under the dinette was performing appropriately. The next day Ryan confirmed that the settings used to program the Blue Sky were appropriate, so that is not the source of the problem either. Following that, Progress stalled because we are camping on the Olympic Peninsula, and have not had enough sun to do the test of the Blue Sky Controller that Ryan suggests. It will likely be next week before we are able to do that. Also, I had thought I had a photo of the battery wiring after the new batteries were installed, but it turns out I do not have photos, and cannot confirm that they were installed correctly. I believe they were installed correctly, but I have no way to check. As soon as there is more information, will post another update. Thanks everyone for your help with this. We are grateful that it is possible to continue our trip. Mary
  4. Thank you the suggestion. I’ve sent a message off to Ryan at Blue Sky, asking if he can confirm the programming. Meanwhile we are beginning to wonder if the Inverter/controller might be a candidate for the source of the problem. Last October, the technician we consulted when our previous batteries were failing identified that as the problem, and we called Oliver for a replacement and had it installed. This last month or so, we’ve noticed that the fan on the replaced unit has been running a lot, and that seemed odd; we never figured out what that might be from. Maybe the overheating has been underway for a while? Still working on the problem!
  5. Thank you for the additional thoughts. Invisible Glass; will get some.
  6. Well, my friends, unfortunately, there is a sad update to the story of our solar/battery problems. Yesterday, while camping we discovered the source of a smell we had noticed for a day or so. It was the new Brightway AGM batteries steaming and bulging and hot, hot, hot. (We are at a large festival, and near port-a-potty’s and food trucks). We have our current situation stabilized, thanks to my engineer brother who is camping nearby and a neighboring camper who knows some about solar systems. We are on shore power, and the batteries are disconnected, except for the cables carrying current to the batteries and carrying current to the loads; so we are able to use both the 120 volt and 12 volt system after some modifications, while we figure out what to do next. We are at a Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend WA, and there are lots of businesses here that install marine solar systems; however, we are a long way from home. I don’t understand what failed. Did the Blue Sky system allow the batteries to overcharge? Did I mis-program it? (I am a stickler for detail, and I believe I followed the instructions correctly, but maybe the 4 Brightway Batteries I bought somehow had different specs than the ones the instructions were created for? Anyway, it seems like it’s important to understand what made the system fail, so that we don’t make the same expensive mistake again. I am thinking to get in touch with Ryan at Blue Sky to see what advice he would have. Even though dealing with the problem would be easier from home, I worry that the skills necessary to deal with this may not be available there. My husband just reports that the batteries are cooled down now; the 2 in front are distorted, the 2 behind appear normal. I would assume that they are toast due to the temperatures experienced. There does not appear to be damage to the trailer’s battery compartment. Thinking about what might be next, as fire and toxic liquids on the ground have been averted. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  7. Well, thanks everyone for your great advice! The adhesive melted in the WD40 while I went for a walk, and I gently wiped the mess away when I got back. Neat to learn such an easy solution. You are the best! Mary
  8. Somehow while keeping the Ollie under a cover we got duct tape adhesive on a solar panel, and I'm wondering how to safely remove the adhesive. Would using GooBeGone be a reasonable choice? Thanks for the help!
  9. Our 2014 Ollie has a water connection in the back bumper for intake of antifreeze or water. In Jason's description of Sanitizing the Fresh Water System he calls it the rear winterization/boondock port. Am grateful for the support the folks on this Forum provide! My thanks to you and Mike!
  10. The directions from Oliver on sanitizing the fresh water system describe drawing a bleach solution in through the back bumper connection, and then connecting a fresh water hose to the fresh connection port to finish filling the tank. At the moment we have a Calmark cover on our Ollie, and the edges of the back bumper have protection secured in place to protect the cover from rips. To follow the above directions I would need to undo the cover, remove the protective corner pieces, and then proceed. What if instead, I pour the bleach down the fresh water hose, and connect it to the Fresh Water Connection and fill the tank with water, and do not use the back bumper at all in the sanitizing process? Maybe the pipe between the back bumper and fresh water tank needs bleach too, and it would not get any? Thanks for your help!
  11. Great you got this figured out! We had a similar puzzle with a CO alarm a couple of years back……It took us a while to solve it…..the problem turned out to be a hand pump of alcohol based hand cleaner that we sat on the table at night to clean hands after using the bathroom. Shortly after using the hand cleaner, the alarm would go off! We moved the hand cleaner to the bath room, and the alarm has been well-behaved since.
  12. Well, the 4 new Bright Way AGM batteries are installed, and the MPPT controller reprogrammed. Ryan at Blue Sky Energy clarified the questions that remained from Wanda’s helpful documentation. I wish I were better suited for this work. But great help from ScubaRx, SeaDawg, and Topgun2 made it possible to be successful. Thanks so much everyone.
  13. Thank you! Will put this on a list for when I am more resourceful.
  14. Yesterday 4 Bright Way AGM batteries arrived! And the technician will be here on Monday! Getting closer. Somehow I only have 4 of the nuts needed to secure the cables to the batteries, so will see if I can find 4 more today. Still thinking about one question, and would appreciate advice: I wonder if the bearings that the battery tray ride on should be treated in any way, before the battery tray is reinstalled? At the present, they are exactly as they were installed 8 years ago. After all the mishaps I've had this year (even more than I've shared!), I am apprehensive about doing anything. IMG_2395.MOV
  15. You all are the best! Thanks for the encouragement and help. It will be next week before there will be progress on the solar panel/battery issue. While we wait we find ourselves thinking it might be good to put in a cut off switch between the panels and controller; another part of us thinks it's enough to get things operating again. Many thanks!
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