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  1. I think a lot of people don't understand cross-contamination, or germs!
  2. Hull 1095 here-the flange on our toilet cracked on day 6 of using our Ollie. Waiting for replacement part to be delivered-I wonder how many Olivers are having this problem. Is it a recent problem or ongoing. When the cracked flange was removed it appears the bottom edge had been beveled - in order to get it in easier? A picture is below
  3. We ran it on DC during travel and AC at campground, will try propane during next travel. Might try frozen jug next trip,can drink the water as it melts! Seems it's going to continue being very hot for some time. Thanks
  4. We just returned from a trip in central Texas where it was 100* 3 days in a row. Fridge had been pre cooled to mid 30s when we left. Got to campground and temp had increased to 50s! We took the covers off the outside vents, placed a fan in front and deployed the awning. Not a lot of help so I made ice with our portable ice maker, put the ice in a bowl and put on top shelf of fridge. This helped the most. Next time we go camp in hot conditions I will put a big blue fake ice block in the fridge. And no we are not particularly crazy for camping in hot weather-we very recently got our Ollie so still excited about being able to use it no matter the weather.
  5. I'm so glad I checked the forum today-just returned from out 2nd trip and at the dump station the hose was full-so we will check the valve under the dinette. So many good ideas about tips at the dump station. Thanks all
  6. I thank my lucky stars to have been born in the USA (and Texas)
  7. OMG Bugasalt looks like sooo much fun! But I can imagine sitting outside the Ollie with the one that kinda looks like an assault gun-might draw some attention. I still want one
  8. All entrances to Yellowstone NP have been closed temporarily due to flooding. Hope none of y'all have plans/reservations soon, that would be so heartbreaking. go.nps.gov/220613
  9. Our salesman,who has access to more information than we do, says it is built but waiting on a chip in Dearborn. No definite ship date has been posted. Slowly going stir crazy in Katy Tx. I wish you luck with your truck-it's a crazy world we are living in.
  10. Yes it is an option not to have one but no money back on it. You need to think about how you will cook, do you use one frequently at home? If you have been camping already you might have an idea. On cold rainy days we have found microwave useful but we could probably live without one. We just got our LEII and find we have plenty of storage in the pantry. Also we had a Casita and I never cooked inside but the LEII has more room in kitchen so I will probably use the cooktop more.
  11. I was wondering if campgrounds are less crowded this year due to fuel prices or other factors? We have our Ollie but are still waiting for our Ford 150 hybrid to be delivered so we have not been camping since December. We will go camping when we get the truck-we joined Harvest Host and Boondockers welcome plus we should be able to boondock more than we had in the past. I'm going to try planning camp spots for certain destinations but filling in between by dry camping when we can. I'd love to hear your experiences with state park CG, COE etc...
  12. We can't wait for our f 150 hybrid to be delivered! We bought it because we wanted to use the onboard generator-7.2 KW for boondocking. Got our Ollie April 29, ordered week before Christmas. Ordered the truck first week of January-"oh it will take about 10-12 weeks to get here". It is built but waiting on a chip. Slowly going stir crazy not being able to camp-we sold our Casita mid december. Has anyone else used the onboard generator while boondocking? How was it?
  13. We have our reservations for Lady Bird park for the eclipse-Fredricksburg can be kind of crazy on any spring weekend traffic wise so hopefully we will come fully ready to stay in place at the park and just be ready to enjoy the park and meeting other RV people-esp Oliver people.
  14. We just picked up Elite II and have it inside storage with electric available. We are waiting on a f150 delivery that is delayed because of lack of a chip so don't know when we will be able to take it out again. It has wet cell batteries. When we had a casita with 1 wet cell it was put on a battery minder when not it use. My question is what is best way to deal with 4 wet cells. Routlaw mentioned turning off all parasitic battery drains-I'm not sure what ALL of them are. We live close to our storage and can check on Oliver frequently. Any advice appreciated.
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